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Rest in Peace, My Friend

My heart hurts.  I try to keep this blog all positive and happy and silly, but shit happens, and sometimes I just need the space to say, “This really sucks.”

I feel I should say something more profound or more articulate or at least less vulgar, but there it is.  Life is sad and sometimes we feel sad and there are not a whole lot of ways to say it.

A dear friend lost her battle with cancer yesterday.  My husband Steven found out via Facebook.  Say what you want about Facebook, but I am grateful to it for letting me find these things out sooner rather than later.  You see, we have not been in close touch with this friend in some years now.  We used to hang out with Kathy, her husband and a few others a lot in the late ’80s and early ’90s when we all lived up North.  When Kathy and her husband moved south, we kept in sporadic touch and more recently re-connected on Facebook.

It cannot be denied that her passing sucks way more for others than for me.  Indeed, part of my sadness is for her husband, children, sister, parents, other family members and friends she saw on a regular basis.  Many of them are posting thoughts and pictures on Facebook.  It is wonderful if heartbreaking to see the pictures of Kathy smiling, happy, full of life.  That is how we will remember her: her great spirit, her large heart.

So this is the best I can do for a blog post today.  It is Halloween and soon I must greet the trick-or-treaters.  No doubt they will put a smile on my face.  And I will smile as I remember my friend.  She is probably up there singing with a heavenly choir now.  Peace, Kathy.