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I’m Back with Backyard Flowers!

My back was feeling much better today.  I suppose I will look like quite the kvetch if I mention that I had a perfectly dreadful headache, but I will just mention it.  I do appreciate the way my body parts tag team.  Back yesterday, head today;  I guess I really internalized the lesson about taking turns in kindergarten.

But never mind that.  I promised some back yard flowers!

A close up view.

I mentioned yesterday how much I am loving forget-me-nots this year.  When I went to photo my backyard patch, I was delighted to see white ones in with the blue.  I didn’t know they came in white.  I am not very botanically knowledgeable.

This is where I thought they were not going to grow this year.

Here is the view under the rhododendron.  Earlier this spring a different flower was blooming there.  I am happy to welcome the forget-me-nots back.  As you probably noticed, I am letting the dandelions live.  I understand bees like them.  Also, it is a losing battle to try to get rid of them, so I figure I may as well embrace the yellow.

I did not choose the best angle.

The last time I looked at this, I thought it was all dead shoots from last year.  Yesterday, however,  I saw little leaves sprouting out.  Yay!  I’m afraid the picture did not turn out as clear as I had hoped, but I will have more photo ops as we go on.  You may also be disappointed that I cannot tell you exactly what it is.  We got the shoots from my sister Diane a few years ago.  We just refer to it as “that red thing from Diane.”

I hope to plant more things as the spring progresses.  Maybe I can blog more about plants and less about pain.


Power Lame Mower

Yes, it is another Lame Post Friday, my day of random observations and half-baked philosophy.  I seem to remember earlier this week threatening to philosophize (half-bakedly, of course) about how many of us hate to be reminded about things we ought to be doing (especially if we ought to be doing them without being reminded).  Well, I don’t feel like it.  If you would like to remind me that I ought to do what I say I am going to do, feel free.


I went for another run this afternoon after work.  I did not run as far.  I certainly did not run fast (I didn’t run fast yesterday either, but I believe I ran less slowly).  I composed a Running Commentary blog post in my head as I ran.  I’m not going to write it up now.  How many Running Commentaries do my readers want to read?  No, seriously, I’m asking, how many Running Commentary blog posts do you think are good?


After my short run, I attempted to mow the lawn.  I can’t get the power mower started so I used the non-power one I purchased for precisely that reason.  It does not work as well, but I did what I could with it. Then I did some stuff with a garden implement purchased by my husband.  It consists of a short double blade on a handle.  You can swing it back and forth and cut things down.  I attempted to do this with the tall dandelions which had eluded the mower.


I felt like I was doing battle.  The enemy was much smaller than me, but I was way outnumbered.  Swish, swipe, try that again.  Wait, there are some more.  Look behind me.  I’m surrounded!  At last many of them lay dead or wounded.  Oh dear, that is a terrible image.  I had no idea I was so blood-thirsty.  Oh, OK, I really did.


My beloved schnoodle, Tabby, is once again not feeling well.  I throw that in as a blatant bid for some sympathy.  Steven and I are worried about our sweet dog.  I hate to end on a down note, but that is really all I have today.  Hope you are having a non-lame Friday.