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I Dither

As I contemplate the upcoming weekend, I feel fairly certain of making the wrong decision.

Last year I participated in the Superhero Sprint sponsored by Herkimer Now. I was a supervillianess, The Evil Woman CinCin, arch nemesis of The Tabbiest, which is, of course, the super alter ego of my beloved schnoodle, Tabby. This year’s Sprint is this weekend.

Also happening this weekend is the Sitrin Stars and Stripes Run/Walk to raise money for Sitrin’s Military Rehabilitation Program. I had said I would walk with my friend Sherry from Curves. Sherry is a real Curves success story. She has lost a tremendous amount of weight and really turned her health around. Her doctor raves about all the improvements she has made.

One of the goals Sherry set for herself when she started at Curves was to walk a charity walk. One reason she picked this one is to walk for her Uncle Leo, a veteran. She has gotten a whole team together.

I had originally hoped to participate in both events, thinking the Superhero Sprint would be in the afternoon, as it was last year. But no, both events are in the morning.

And so I dither (I know, always go with your strengths). I lean toward the Sitrin Walk, in the first place because I told my friend long ago I would walk a charity walk with her.

Also, how can I put this, it is more the middle-aged lady thing to do. Of course, not everybody on Sherry’s team is a middle-aged lady. However, I believe the average age skews higher than the Superhero Sprint. The Superhero Sprint, to be honest, is really more for little kids and their families. Of course, Tabby substitutes as a kid for me, but you see what I mean.

Also on the negative side for The Sprint is that I have no idea where my Evil Woman CinCin outfit is. It is not something I had other occasions to wear.

On the positive side for The Sprint, it is local. Tabby and I can walk to the starting line. I’m not even sure where SUNYIT is (I think it’s at SUNYIT).

I was lamenting my dilemma at work, but the only advice my co-worker gave me was to do what I wanted to do. That was no help, because at this point, what I really want to do is stay home and work in my yard. And go running. Not to mention at least three rummage sales in the area. Oh dear.

I’m thinking whatever I decide to do, I’ll probably be able to get a blog post out of it.

For more information on the walk, here is Sherry’s website: For more information on the Superhero Sprint, you can visit Herkimer Now’s Facebook page.

Not Exactly a Running Start

I intend to go back to running after this play (which shall here remain nameless) is over. Then we’ll have some Running Commentary on a Saturday, I hope. In the meantime, here’s a post about my morning thus far.

One advantage of overtime in my job is I have to get up at 3:30 a.m. While this in and of itself may not be seen as an advantage, I feel the benefits on my day off, when I get up at 5 a.m. feeling rested and refreshed and still have plenty of day ahead of me. And, boy, do I need it today!

I won’t list all the crap I am hoping to fit in today (we’ll save that for Wrist to Forehead Sunday), but I’m feeling the pressure time-wise. Nevertheless, as I skipped Curves a couple of times this week to feel less pressure, a phrase remembered from a time management book keeps running through my head: If you are too busy to exercise, you are too busy. Period. (And here’s a topic for a future post: We like to add “Period” after a sentence for emphasis, but then we go on talking about the subject for another six or eight sentences.)

So I went to Curves at seven, when they opened. I confess, if they would have opened at nine, I would have considered myself off the hook and not felt bad about it. As it happened, I did my work out, made a couple of silly remarks along the way, and left feeling that after-workout buzz that I don’t always get.

Oh dear, I just realized I’m almost three hundred words into the post and I haven’t even gotten to the walk that I had originally intended to write about. What’s that all about? I can just hear one of you saying in that condescending voice I hate, “This is why we edit, Cindy.” Oh be quiet, I don’t have time to edit! At least I exercised! Exercise is much more important than editing (yet another statement that some will find open to debate, but I don’t have time for that either).

Full disclosure: I edited a little. I originally included in the first paragraph the statement that this would be a Pedestrian Post. I changed it. Now the previous paragraph is less germane. Would this be a good reason NOT to edit? Discuss.

I Get So Proud of Myself

I went all day without being able to think of a single blog topic. I was seriously thinking of reinstating Wuss Out Wednesday, a feature I toyed with last Halloween. Then after work I went to Curves to exercise, and I will attempt to entertain with what transpired.

In case you didn’t know, Curves is circuit training. You go around a circle twice, exercising on the various machines and running in place on pads in between. At least, you don’t have to run in place. You can march in place, or do aerobics, anything to keep your heart rate up. I’ve seen some ladies shadow box. I usually dance. I like to do the twist. I figure it worked for Chubby Checkers, it’ll work for me.

At each machine, there is a little box into which you insert this computer tag they give you. It is set to you and records your workout. The little box flashes green if you’re doing good, orange if not. Monday I was unable to make the orange go away entirely on some of those machines. So today I wore an bright orange shirt, as a kind of a “Fine! Be that way!” to my body.

At Curves, I tend to be kind of a comic relief. I sing along to the songs I know. I make remarks about some of the lyrics (for example, have you ever noticed that Madonna’s “Open Your Heart To Me” is a total stalker song?). I sometimes dance in a very silly fashion. And when I get no orange or make the orange go away on a machine, when I’m done on that machine, I shake my fist at it and say, “Got you that time, you bastard!” I shook my fist a lot today.

After the workout (and stretching — LOVE the stretching!), you can put your tag into the computer and view your results. One of the results screen shows two views of a body (generic, not your own) with green or yellow dots on the various muscle groups. I keep getting yellow dots. Grrr! Today I got all green!

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” I jumped around and pumped my fist in the air. “I get so proud of myself,” I explained sheepishly.

And that is my story for today. I don’t know if Curves commentary is as interesting as running commentary, but this is all I got. I don’t know what I’ll come up with for tomorrow, but remember it’ll be Non-Sequitur Thursday. Hope to see you then.

Curvy Me

I believe I’ve mentioned in passing that I work out at Curves in Herkimer, NY. I thought it was time I wrote a post about it.

My friends Kelly and Phyllis had been going to Curves for some time. I had noticed they both looked pretty terrific (actually they looked pretty terrific to start with, but you know what I mean). When Phyllis started telling me how many inches she had lost, my interest was caught.

I’ve lost weight through running and the South Beach Diet, but my figure is still not where I’d like it to be (I know, looks aren’t everything, yeah, yeah, yeah). Also, I felt I needed to work other muscles that those used in running. Doing push-ups and sit-ups on my own was not cutting it, especially since I was not exactly maintaining consistency with that program.

So now I go to Curves Monday, Wednesday and Friday after work. It’s an intense workout that lasts about a half hour and seems to utilize every possible muscle (although my knowledge of anatomy is imperfect).

You badge in with a little card that looks like those membership cards all the stores give you these days. Then as you go around the circuit, you put the card in each machine so it can track your progress. There is a little light that shows green for good and orange for not so good. Oh, I hate to see that orange! In between each machine is a pallet that you jog or march or dance on till the lady interrupts the music to tell you to change stations.

Oh yes, the music. They play quite a mixture of music, all of it set to the same beat. I make myself obnoxious by singing along to the songs I know. At least, I don’t know if anybody finds it really obnoxious. I think some folks are amused. Hey, anything to keep myself motivated.

The best thing about Curves is the people that go there. Everybody is supportive and encouraging. We yell remarks or jokes across the room and definitely let others know when they are looking good.

Curves also offers coaching, diet tips and more. Phyllis, Kelly and I may check out the Zumba class one day (that will surely rate a post). I purchased some excellent Curves socks to wear when I work out, and I will probably get a new sports bra or two as well. Perhaps a pedometer, to see how many steps I get in at work every day.

Curves in Herkimer is located at 300 Prospect St., phone 315-866-3100. They are open Monday through Thursday 5:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., Friday 5:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., and Saturday 7 a.m. to noon. For more information, visit their website at or you can like their Facebook page. See you on the circuit!