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Wordless Shout-Out?

So I’m Tablet posting today, and I think I’ll pep things up with a few pictures and try for a Wordless Wednesday.   I wonder if there’s anything on the Tablet that’s any good.

Kim in black dress number fifty-one.

When in doubt,  go with the beautiful blonde. This is the picture of my dear friend Kim at Renewed and Rescued, the consignment shop in Herkimer I wrote about for Mohawk Valley Living.  The dress may or may not be exactly the fifty-first in Kim`s wardrobe, but close enough. As I related in my article,  I saw the dress, knew Kim would like it , brought Kim to the shop, and found that I was right.

I love the lights.

Here is another picture of the shop.  I really must do a whole post about them. For now, a couple of pictures must suffice.  For one reason, I HATE typing one letter at a time with the stylus.

Another part of the shop.

The store offers upscale clothes as well as vintage and locally made jewelry.  I purchased earrings and a bracelet.  In addition to the dress, Kim found a pair of shoes .

Renewed and Rescued is located at 142 North Main St., Herkimer, NY, phone number 313-628-1506.

As I said earlier,  I hope to do a better post at a later date.   In the meantime,  Happy Wednesday,  everyone.



Going Green for the Purple Dress

I’m on a mission for style. I mentioned purchasing tickets for next week’s Wine and Beer Tasting sponsored by the Herkimer and Mohawk Police Departments to benefit K-9 Ape memorial and the Special Response Team officers and team members who responded to the tragic events of March 13-14, 2013. Naturally I am concerned about what to wear.

I have a fabulous purple dress I have never worn. It is my sister’s fault that I have it. We went to Dress Barn almost three years ago (eek! has it been three years?) to get me a good dress for her daughter’s wedding. I had not purchased clothes since my major weight loss, so it was quite fun (I wonder if I wrote a blog post about it? I’ll have to check). I got a little carried away and bought two dresses. I wore one dress once, to the wedding, of course. Both have been hanging in my closet since.

Could it be that I need to get out more?

Both dresses are sleeveless. Early March is probably not the best time of year to go sleeveless in the Mohawk Valley. However, I thought that with a jacket or a shawl, the purple dress just might do for next week’s event.

To that end, I began my search at the Salvation Army, sometimes known as Salvation Armani, in Ilion, NY. I found not one shawl and I stared at many jackets, quite unable to picture any of them with the dress in question.

I have a few other possibilities. In Herkimer, there is the HARC Goodwill store and a consignment store whose name escapes me. There is the New 2 You consignment store in Ilion, if it’s still open, as well as Cornerstone Consignments (I think that’s what it’s called), which I’m pretty sure is still open. Oh, and a consignment store in Frankfort whose name also escapes me. Will I have time to check out all these possibilities?

Side note: I wrote the above paragraph on my lunch break at work, fully intending to find out the names of the unknown consignment stores before typing in and publishing this. However, I was unable to do this due to a dreadful headache which I quite thought would be gone by now. Therefore, in the spirit of Lame Post Friday (which is today), I let the paragraph stand and hope to supply the information in a later post.

In addition to the sources mentioned, I THINK a dear friend of mine MIGHT have a shawl I could borrow. I’ll have to ask.

Retail minded readers may be asking, why don’t I just go to the mall or any number of respectable first-run clothing stores in the area? Well, I’m trying to be frugal. Since the dress (purchased new) has hung in my closet unworn for three years, I’m not sure how many clothing investments it is really practical for me to make. Besides, reduce, reuse, recycle. The dress is purple, but I always like to go green.