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Scattered, then Snapped on Saturday

No, I didn’t suddenly snap and murder somebody, although that would have made quite the blog post, I suppose. How much internet access do they grant you in jail? I’m figuring if I murdered anybody I would get caught.  It’s all very well to trash talk that I know how to commit a murder, but in fact, any murderer I’ve written about has gotten caught.  But I digress.

This was hands-down a better Saturday than last one, because I didn’t have a headache.  I didn’t even have to take any medication to make it happen; I just got lucky.  Or blessed, I suppose.  However, I can’t say it was any better of a Saturday in the category of getting stuff done.  No, that, not so much.  But I shall attempt to make a blog post about what I did do, so I can get back to watching Snapped (you know, from the headline?).

Steven and I got up at the delightful time of 6:30 a.m.  That is SO much better than getting up at three! No, I’m not whining about getting up at 3 a.m.; I do it for a reason and I do not repine.  However, I LOVE getting to sleep in a little!  Even when I can’t exactly sleep (I am a long-time insomniac, but don’t worry about me).  I had no plan for the day, but I knew there were several things it would behoove me to get done.  Go to Melfe’s for work shoes, study my lines for Steel Magnolias, finish writing the various murder mysteries I have committed to, clean the house, do laundry, go running… the list went on and on.

I crossed out the first item mentioned by strategically postponing it till Wednesday, Steven’s next day off.  He wants to go to Melfe’s to see if they have any shoes that might be good for his work.  Having good shoes makes your work day SO much easier to get through!  After chatting on the phone with my Dad and Mom (that was not on the list, but it is something I almost always do on Saturday), I wrote a few postcards to the folks I usually write postcards to (that was not on my list, either, but it is something I usually do).

After Steven left for work, I felt kind of like a lump pondering what to do.  When Tabby was our dog, she loved to walk with me to the post office.  However, Spunky does not like to take long walks.  I took him for a short business meeting, after which he contentedly snoozed on the couch.  I went upstairs to take a shower.  After I was naked but before I was actually in the shower, I noticed what I had been noticing all week, that the bathroom really needed cleaning.  I have heard about women cleaning naked, to keep from messing up their clothes.  I tried it.  It was no problem, except when Spunky started barking and I wondered if someone was at the door.  I put on a bathrobe and ventured down.  False alarm.  I finished cleaning and showered.  Now what to do?

Finally I sat down and started working on my lines for Steel Magnolias.  I do the trick that was taught to me by my fourth grade church school teacher, Sister Mary Christina.  It was how she taught us the Act of Contrition (fourth grade is when you make your First Confession, or Reconciliation as I guess it is called now).  I include the trick for any possible benefit others may derive from it:  Take it one or two sentences at a time.  Say it out loud ten times, looking at it, say if five times not looking at it.  I still have to study the lines after that, but the trick really helps.

You know, it is kind of boring to say a line out loud over and over, not to mention hard on your throat when you have a little post-nasal drip, which I often do.  I persevered as best I could.  Finally I decided to take a break and walk to the post office.  I even thought of doing a Pedestrian Post and just writing about the walk, because I took a rather long way back and stretched it to almost a half hour.  I need the exercise and I really wasn’t up to running.  If only it were not face-hurting cold out, my life would have been perfect.

Back home, I studied my lines some more, spent some time looking at Facebook, read the newspapers I had been neglecting all week (this could be construed as a cleaning chore, since I put them in the recycling box when I had finished with them), waited for Steve to come home for lunch.  The only other remotely useful thing I did was go to the liquid store (as it is sometimes known) and purchase some white wine, a glass of which I am currently enjoying.  Oh, and I took Spunky for two more business meetings.  Good dog.

Ooh, look at me, over 800 words.  I wonder if anybody will read to the end?  If you did, thanks!  I hope I wasn’t boring.  And I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.  Peace out.


Rain, Not Lame, Run

Well, it is Friday, but I made a Friday Lame Post earlier this week, so I thought I would attempt a Running Commentary.  For one reason, it added to my motivation to run this morning.

I did not get out the door till about 7:30, but it was still pretty cold.  It had been raining in the night but seemed to have stopped.  My dog Spunky indicated that he wanted to go for a walk while I was bustling about getting ready, so I had a preview of the temperature.  Brr!  Spunky didn’t even make it to the end of the driveway.  Nevertheless, I had decided to run, I was going to run.

Another reason I wanted to run was that I could run by Ramar Liquor. No, not to buy booze!  (Not but what a glass of wine would taste pretty good right now, but I digress.)  Anyone who read yesterday’s post may remember that the business unfortunately burned down.  Does this make me a rubber-necking busybody or a concerned customer?  No matter, it was motivation to get out the door so I went.

Ramar’s is located on Caroline Street, which I often run on anyways.  I don’t usually run as far down as Ramar’s, but today I planned to.  It is only a block further from where I usually turn.  The sidewalks were wet but not slippery.  They were mostly bare with a few patches of snow.  Oh dear.  I did not want another wet sock run.  I went around snow and puddles as best I could.  The cold was not too dreadful.  Only my face was really uncomfortable.  My legs were pumping along with no problem, and my breathing wasn’t too bad either.

Caution tape surrounded the sad burned-out liquor store, but the sidewalk was not blocked off.  A few men were standing outside, including one I knew by sight as one of the owners.  As I ran by, I caught his eye and said good morning.

“I was so sorry to hear about this,”  I said.

“Thank you,” he answered.

I was glad I had been able to express some sympathy, although I suppose it didn’t really help much.  I still had the greater part of my run to get through, so of course I kept going.

It started to rain again.  First a few drops that I could pretend to myself were merely blowing off the trees, then a more steady rain.  However, it was not a downpour and I was able to keep going.  I did not feel too tired till almost the end of the run, so I felt pretty good about that.  I didn’t even mind the rain too much, although it did gather on my glasses and obscure my vision a bit.

I ended up running 30 minutes, which was perhaps less than I ought to have done (my last longest run was 38), especially considering I am hoping to run a 5K.  Then again, I can’t quite remember when and where the 5K is, so perhaps my ambitions are for naught.  In any case, I ran today.  I burned a few calories, enhanced my health, and wrote a (hopefully non-lame) blog post.  We’ll call that a win.  Happy Friday, everyone.


And to Think, I Almost Didn’t Run

How about a running commentary to break things up? I have not done one of those in a while, for the simple reason that I have not been running.  I started again this weekend with two runs on the mini-tramp while taking in a silent movie.  I think I mentioned that in my Wrist to Forehead Sunday post.  I cravenly did not run Monday or Tuesday, so I knew it would be a very good idea to run today.  I also knew I would be very clever about taking myself out of it.

As my work day wore on, I pondered what to do when I got home.  Run?  Clean house?  Not go home but to the store to buy my great-nephew a birthday present (he turns two this week)?  I was feeling increasingly downhearted, for many reasons that do not bear repeating.  I was also feeling rather bloated, because I am back to eating normally, which, for me, means too much.  Obviously running was the right thing to do.

It was not precipitating as I left work, as it had been yesterday (when I did not run).  It seemed cold, but that is no deterrent.  I have leggings and long sleeves.  As soon as I got in the house, Spunky wanted to go for a walk.  He only wanted to go to the end of the street and back.  I thought it felt chilly.  My thermostat said it as 51, well within shorts and short sleeve range for me.  I didn’t think it felt 50, but who am I to argue?  I put on shorts and short sleeves.  Getting a hot flash while I was changing made me feel a little better about the cold, although it made putting on the sports bras a little more awkward (sorry if that was oversharing).

I set out.  Normally when I run for the first time after a break, I run up to German Street, turn left, run to Caroline, then down Caroline, up Margaret, down Henry only as far as I need to to complete the time I want to run.  I decided to turn right today, just for something different.  Then I almost changed my mind, because some kids were walking home from school in that direction. They were on the opposite side of German from me, but I felt self-conscious.  Then I told myself to stop being silly; those kids were probably not paying the least attention to me and who cares if they were?  I turned right.

The cool air felt good.  It really wasn’t cold; I could tell my hands were not going to stiffen up as can happen when it gets below 40.  My ears got cold after a while, but I just moved my headband over them.  This was great.  More to the point, my body was having no problem with the run.  My legs and arms pumped along steadily, my breathing was no problem.  I could handle this!

I turned down Main Street, because that street can be a little difficult to cross because of traffic.  Instead of going all the way down Main, I turned at Church and followed that all the way to the end.  I felt pretty pleased with myself:  instead of going up and down, I was going back and forth.  As I ran, I admired houses, envying screened in porches and noticing who had and had not raked their lawns (not judging, just noticing).  Many houses had harvest decorations: scarecrows, pumpkins, corn.  I saw a few jack-o-lanterns left over from Halloween.   They get really scary looking when they start to rot;  their mouths gape open and the insides are all black with mold. Ew!

I ended up running 27 minutes, which I thought was pretty good.  I did 30 minutes on each of my mini-tramp runs over the weekend, and I usually do not run as far during the week.  I have it in mind to run a 5K in December, and I think I will be just ready for it.  I’ll probably write a blog post about it.


Slacker Sick Day

I did not have Lame Post Friday this week, because I wanted to use my Hollywood photographs (are they still called photographs when you do it with a Tablet?) while the display was still, you know, on display, even if just for one more day.  Therefore, I will feel free to have a Slacker Saturday, because slacker is actually a kind term for how I’ve been today.  Don’t judge.

Oh, all right, judge if you want to.  I don’t care.

It’s a cold this time.  I thought I was getting it last weekend and thought it would be gone by now.  I hold onto the hope that it will be gone by Monday.  I suppose it is no great matter.  I’ll still go to work on overtime.  I realized something about myself a long time ago:  I can put up with almost any amount of suck for just about as long as I make up my mind to.  I guess that is not strictly true, since sometimes I find myself quite unable to make up my mind to, but the thought has gotten me through a lot of bad runs and tough times.  You know how I like to pretend I’m bad-ass.

Where was I?  Ah yes, trying to write some semblance of a blog post.  I certainly did not go running this morning.  In fact, after Steven went to work I took a nice nap.  I spent part of the afternoon watching an old horror movie in hopes I could get a blog post out of it (possible preview of coming attractions).  While I watched and crocheted, I had chicken boiling on the stove.  I feel sure chicken soup will help relieve my current discomfort.

And just so you know I am not completely useless, after I put the chicken on and before I started the movie, I washed the dishes.  After the movie and before chopping onions and crushing garlic for the soup, I put the dishes away.  Steven will be so pleased when he gets home.  I feel a little pleased myself.

Now I see I am over 300 words.  I call that respectable. I am going to hit Publish then go make myself a nice cup of tea with lemon and honey.  Oh the joy of sipping hot liquid when suffering from a cold.  I hope you are all having a lovely weekend, and I hope to see you tomorrow on Wrist to Forehead Sunday.


A Run in the Rain

After a perfectly good run last Sunday, I took five days off.  In my defense, I’m in a play.  I know, excuses, excuses.  I would remind you that few of us accomplish all that we could or would.  It is no reason not to continue to strive to accomplish what we can.  With that in mind, I ran this morning.

I did not feel the least bit inclined to, but I knew it would be a good idea.  For one reason, I was feeling down, down, down.  I thought a little physical exercise might perk me up.  I told Steven I was going to run while he was in the shower.  I wondered whether to go with  shorts or leggings.  It was in the mid-40s, a grey area for me.  The sky was pretty grey, too; it had been pouring rain since Friday.  However, I thought it had stopped raining and the drops I heard on the back porch roof (it is really only a slight overhang) were blowing off the trees.

In the midst of a hot flash (which on some days are not a bad thing), I put on shorts and short sleeves.  When I got downstairs, Spunky clearly indicated a desire to go out.  He is an unusual dog. He does not seem to want a business meeting as soon as Steven and I are up.  When I opened the door I saw I was mistaken about the rain, and the appropriateness of my garb.  Spunky only wanted to go to the end of the driveway and back.

Now, I generally do not run in the rain.  I let myself off the hook or I run in place on the mini-tramp, sometimes watching a silent movie.  I have two silent horror movies on DVD I would like to watch this holiday season (you realize which holiday I refer to, yes?).  However, to me, mini-tramp and movie running is for the afternoon.  It felt wrong.  I put on leggings and long sleeves and attempted a run in the rain.

And it did not go too badly.  My face got cold, which I did not care for.  I could and did pull my sleeves over my hands, which helped them a little.  Still, they got stiff.  When I got home, I remembered something to add to the grocery list and had to hand it to Steven to jot down for me.  That is such an uncomfortable feeling for me, not being able to write.  I’m sure my fellow writers understand.

But, as I say, the run was OK.  It was not too far into it that I realized my legs were doing all right.  They pumped along quietly, not complaining or even getting particularly tired.  I did not exactly get a dose of endorphins or even the triumphant feeling of  “THIS is why I run!”  But I started to feel pretty damn good.  I even petted a dog.  As I ran through Meyers Park, I saw Rocky, a neighborhood dog I know, with his person walking towards me.  She shortened the leash a little, but Rocky has become very well-behaved in these situations.  As I petted him, she told me I was brave for running in the rain and cold.

“I needed it,” I explained.  “I needed it.”  It bore repeating.

My run was only 25 minutes, much shorter than Sunday’s 41, but I thought it was pretty good for a rainy cold morning after five days off.  Full disclosure:  I did not accomplish a whole lot else during the course of the day and I almost took a blogger’s sick day instead of writing this Running Commentary.  Again, in my defense, I’m in a play.   I hope to see you all tomorrow on Wrist to Forehead Sunday.

What Was I Laughing At?

I ran on Sunday mostly because I thought it would make a good blog post. Then I didn’t write the blog post, and isn’t that typical of me?  Well, I will try to write about my run now rather than drag us all (further) down with another Tired Tuesday post.

On Sunday, local readers will recall, the weather sucked.  Unfortunately I did not realize this when I made up my mind to run.  I knew it was supposed to be cold but felt I could handle it.  I had to bring Steven to work, so I got dressed in my running clothes to do that.  Steven went out to brush off the vehicles, since it had snowed in the night.  When I went out to help him, I discovered it was still snowing.

At first I saw no reason to change my plans.  After all, what are a few flakes among friends (no, not itches and flakes; that could be dandruff).  By the time I was actually driving Steven to his place of employment, what had been a few flakes had turned into a wall of white.  Regular readers may remember my odd personality quirk that bad weather makes me laugh.  I cackled all the way to Steven’s work.

“I am totally going running in this,” I said.  “It will make a great blog post.”

I did briefly consider abandoning the notion and running in place indoors on my Mom’s mini-tramp (she said she doesn’t need it back).  But I was already dressed in my warmest running pants, and I had located my toque and mittens (they are actually my sister Diane’s mittens; she may want them back).  Anyways, the snow was likely to stop soon; you know what they say about the weather and waiting five minutes.  Making the bargain with myself that I would turn back if the sidewalks were slippery, I set out.

The sidewalks were not slippery.  The snow did not stop.  I was grateful for the mittens and the warm pants.  I only wished I had something protecting my face.  That got cold, and since I had the mittens on, I couldn’t even put my palms on my cheeks and do Edvard Munch’s “The Scream,” which kind of helps, temporarily.  It was not until I finished my run and was walking my cool-down (the irony is not lost on me) that I realized the snow was actually accumulating on my face.  If I had a smart phone, I could have taken a selfie and wouldn’t that have added something to the blog.

The run itself was not that bad.  I have not been running much lately so I am trying to be better about it.  And maybe next time I can write a better blog post about it.  Happy Tuesday, everyone.


Not Too Whiny of a Running Commentary, I Hope

I would like to think Saturday Running Commentary is back.  However, I can’t be sure.  At least I ran this morning and I will try to write about it.

We had gotten up early for a Saturday, because I have this nagging cough that wouldn’t let me sleep (yes, more whining about my health woes, don’t judge).  Going running wasn’t even on my radar, but coffee was.  Two cups. AAaaahhhh.  I love coffee.  I also needed a shower.  Well, I didn’t want to shower and then run. One runs then showers.  So I decided to run.

By now I had been up for almost two hours.  I was quite hungry.  At this point, I would usually eat something and delay my run.  However, I had read that if you run before eating in the morning, your body will burn stored fat, not the healthy breakfast you just ate.  What a concept! I have PLENTY of stored body fat.  This was going to be great.

It has been so warm these last few days, I thought, I could probably run in shorts and short sleeves.  Um, no, my thermostat said the outdoor temperature was 30 degrees.  Leggings and long sleeves, definitely.  And my toque, of course.  After I started I wished I had searched out the extra warm running pants my sister Victoria gave me as well as a pair of gloves.  No matter.  I wasn’t going to run long.

It was 7:22 by my watch when I started out.  On a Saturday, that is still early enough for sparse traffic.  Excellent.  I could cross German Street.  I wanted to run down the path over what used to be a hydraulic canal, which begins a block beyond that sometimes difficult to cross street.  The sun was bright but still low enough in the sky that I was often in the shade of houses.  I could feel the warmth sometimes.  Ah, better.  Then not so much.  Damn.  Then I felt some breeze.  I KNOW that was not from me running fast.

After a while I could feel the wind penetrating my toque.  That was unusual, and chilly on my sweaty head.  My hands were soon stiff with cold.  No notations in the Running Journal till after my shower.  I have been quite remiss about making notes in my Running Journal.  I’ve been jotting down the date and time run on odd pieces of paper, meaning to transfer the information and, well, I just haven’t.  And now I can’t find all the odd pieces of paper. Finally I made a note in the Running Journal to that effect and once again started over.  I know, what a recurring theme for my running.  I say, at least  I DO begin again, eventually.

It wasn’t such a bad run. I started feeling tired a little more than halfway through but not too desperate to stop.  My breathing wasn’t bad, although there was no chance of doing the “in through your nose” thing.  Still, that is usually the case with me, so I tried not to let it bother me.  My throat was not best pleased with me, of course.  I did mention that nagging cough, didn’t I?

So I ended up running 25 minutes and walking for 10, the same amount I did earlier in the week.  It has perhaps been too many days between my runs, but, well, not to whine more about my health problems, but… you know.

As I was running I made the decision NOT to run this year’s Boilermaker 15K.  I do want to run more and continue to get back into shape.  I subscribe to the saying, “If you are too busy to exercise, you are too busy PERIOD.”  However, it is one thing to get exercise and quite another to train for a challenging 15K road race.  I can still get plenty of Running Commentary blog posts.  As always, I hope you’ll stay tuned.


Not Too Cold for Saturday Running Commentary

How about the return of Saturday Running Commentary?  I ran this morning.  I think I can comment on it.

I knew it would be colder today, after a week or two of lovely 40s and 50s.  For one reason, it was colder already yesterday after work.  I was running Christmas errands in my inadequate work outfit of summer BDUs, short-sleeved t-shirt and regular weight sweatshirt (there are reasons why that is my work outfit, so stop shaking your head in that superior fashion) (you know who you are).  This morning I looked at my thermostat, saw 30 degrees, and dressed accordingly.

For my birthday, one of my sisters gave me an extra warm pair of running pants.  I thought I would give them a try.  I found a long-sleeved Army t-shirt, added a hooded sweatshirt for good measure, put on winter running socks and my toque (um, as well as sneakers and sports bras, but they weren’t winter weight) and I was off.

Those pants are the bomb!  My legs weren’t cold at all!  My upper body was pretty OK with long sleeves and a sweatshirt, and my head and ears were OK in the toque.  This was going to work.  I felt rather jaunty.  Maybe I would run up the hill to HCCC (more properly known as Herkimer College these days).  The sun was up but traffic was still sparse.  I crossed German Street with no problem and headed towards the college.

Then I thought, I have a lot to do today.  I’ll run the hill by Valley Health and save the hill to the college for Sunday.  My plan set, I continued on.

And felt increasingly less jaunty as I went.  I did not really run enough this week.  Sunday, Wednesday and now today.  In my defense… oh, it doesn’t matter what my defense is, the fact is this was the hardest run I have had in a while.  My legs were distinctly unhappy with me.  No matter, I thought, just keep going.  As long as I ran at all, that was a good thing.  I could run 20 minutes and still benefit by it.  Maybe 25. I ran 25 on Wednesday, didn’t I?  Then I remembered it was 27.  Could I do 27?  Don’t think too far ahead, I told myself, just keep going.

I have previously noticed the gentle upslope of German Street.  Today it did not seem so benign.  Had it gotten steeper?  I tried not to think about it.  The hill by Valley Health was not much fun, and I had completely forgotten how the uphill trend continues after you turn the corner.  Quit complaining, I told myself.  It’ll be all downhill soon.  Except for the end of Graham Street, if I run there. Never mind.  Just keep going.

I waited in vain for the I Can Rock This stage of the run.  Still, one benefits from a Perseverance Run, as I like to call them.  I’m sure there are psychological benefits as well.  There would probably be even more psychological benefits if I didn’t spend so much of the run bellyaching about it, but as I observed in yesterday’s post, I can’t always do the right thing.

The cold was bothering my face, but there wasn’t much I could do about that.  At one point I put my hands on my cheeks in the Home Alone pose.  That helped, but it was awkward to run that way.  I probably looked less like Macauley Culkin than that painting people often use for wallpaper on their computers, I think it’s called The Scream.  One thing I appreciated about wearing a sweatshirt was that I could carry tissues in the pockets.  My nose was running better than my legs, as you might imagine.

Eventually I felt I had warmed up enough to take off the sweatshirt.  I tied it around my waist by the sleeves and immediately felt cold.  After a block or so, I thought, “Silly! Put your sweatshirt back on!”  So I did.

It was about 27 minutes into the run (I checked) that my legs began to feel a little bit better about it.  I suppose I must blame the cold.  I usually don’t warm up before my runs, because I figure I run slow enough that it can count as my warm up.  I think in the future on these colder days I’ll do some running in place and stretches before I brave the outdoors.  I imagine that is what real runners do.

As you may have guessed by the 27 minute remark, I put in a pretty good run.  I ended up doing 36 minutes, which is how long I ran last Sunday.  I shall take the liberty of feeling pleased about that.  I shall also feel pleased about completing my blog post for the day.  I’ve been getting a few other things done as well, so perhaps I’ll have a better post tomorrow than my usual Wrist to Forehead Sunday.  As the great Fats Waller said, One never knows, do one?


In My Defense, It’s Cold!

Here’s a new feature: Saturday Misadventures. It is for those numerous Saturdays when I do not have Saturday Running Commentary but instead type down a few paragraphs of what I did instead of write a good blog post.

When we got up this morning it was one degree out according to our thermostat. I don’t know where it gets this information; the thermostat came with the new furnace. I would get one of those jobs with the big numbers to hang on the garage like my parents have, but I don’t have a window handy for looking out at the garage. If I’m going to open the door anyways, what do I need a thermometer for?

Come to think of it, I did open the door, to get the newspaper (LOVE my newspaper deliverers!). Yikes! I made sure to replace the doodads under our door meant to keep the draft out (with indifferent success). Still, it was above zero. What could I possibly complain about? Got you there: I am not complaining, I am OBSERVING!

I wrote some postcards, but a walk to the post office was clearly ineligible. I know my dog would eagerly jump and bark if I picked up the leash, but I do not want a frostbitten little pooch. I’ve been limiting her outdoor activity to short business meetings in the back yard.

Still, I could not stay home under the blankets as was my inclination. I had to put air in one tire and I had to gas up. And I had to leave my vehicle in the street, because I leave for the theatre after Steven gets home tonight. I’m in a play, remember (see yesterday’s post, among others). As the temperature rose to 2 degrees, my hopes rose proportionately.

As it turns out, for no good reason. I did not do anything blogworthy. And my brain is too frozen to remember any of the blogworthy things I did previously but have not written about yet. I feel properly ashamed of myself, but I must not repine. I have a show to put on later.

Hope to see you on Wrist to Forehead Sunday.

My Face Didn’t Crack

I thought instead of Non-Sequitur Thursday I could do a Pedestrian Post. For one reason, I had not walked my beloved dog Tabby all week because of the frigid temperatures. I know I do a lot of Pedestrian Posts, but I was hoping an update on Herkimer in mid-January would be acceptable.

The weather cooperated. It was warmer and sunny. I find it ironic that I say warmer rather than warm, because it was not warm. It was less cold. So you see, warmer can mean both more warm and less warm. Just a little digression on the vagaries of the English language.

Tabby was very happy to see me when I got home, as usual. I tried not to let her catch me changing my shoes, because she always takes that as a sign that a walk is imminent. Unfortunately, she found me. OK, I wasn’t very well hidden. I wanted to get on with things. I managed to get her into her harness and we set out.

My thermostat in the house said it was 26 degrees outside. That sounded SO much better than teens and single digits. It wasn’t till we had started walking that I remembered that it is still below freezing. No matter. The sun was shining. We could rock this.

Tabby spent the first two blocks or so pulling me along at a rapid pace. I was pleased to see the sidewalk plow had been by. It still leaves some snow on the sidewalk, which is perfectly OK with me. It takes more effort to walk through snow. I can burn more calories. I soon realized why my legs have been feeling quite awful these last couple of days. It is because I need to walk as much as Tabby does. I crunched along as happily as she.

Soon she began stopping to sniff. It takes her longer to sniff in the winter, I think because the snow obstructs her sense of smell. I looked around the neighborhood as she sniffed. It looked a little boring with no Christmas decorations, but the sunshine cheered things up somewhat.

I saw a sign advertising an apartment for rent. $450 a month plus utilities. Only the plus sign was kind of screwy, so I thought at first it said $450 a month divided by utilities. Or perhaps it was a really awkward way of saying you split the utilities. These are the things I think about when I walk.

Despite her early enthusiasm, Tabby only wanted to go for a short walk. That was OK with me. I had neglected to put on a scarf and as I observed earlier, 26 degrees is still below freezing. You know that expression, “If she smiled her face will crack”? I began to feel that way.

Still, I felt elated that we had at last walked. I hope for warmer temperatures soon so that we may take longer excursions. Perhaps if we walk longer, something blogworthy will happen.