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Early or Late, Here I Go!

So posting at 4:30 a.m. on Friday (my time; I don’t know what my WordPress timestamp will do) makes this a real Non-Sequitur Thursday, doesn’t it?  Now if only I can think of anything to say on half a cup of coffee.  Maybe another sip or two is in order.

We are in the midst of a January thaw (colder temperatures on the way, according to my Local on the Ones that I hear in the background as I type this).  Do the changing temperatures have anything to do with the sick days I’ve been taking?  Blogger’s Sick Days, that is.  I’ve been going to work.  That means if I have some sort of contagious bug, I have been sharing my germs.  I say to my co-workers, don’t say I never gave you nothin’!  Just kidding.  I have been trying to keep to myself.  Anyways, I don’t think I am contagious.

So here I go talking about my health woes, which I realize is tiresome and boring to many.  Well, I intend to have some Mohawk Valley adventures this weekend, so I hope for better blog posts soon (probably not today, though; it is Lame Post Friday, after all).

One writing note:  I have been working on a new novel every day for thirteen days now (today is Day Fourteen).   I had decided to work on it every day for 100 days and see what good it did me.  So far, pretty good.  I even opened up my notebook and wrote some on it last night with a bad headache.  Isn’t that exciting?

Oh, one other writing note:  I have a murder mystery to finish.  I will definitely write more about that.  For one thing, I will want to publicize the event for the benefit of my local readers.

In the meantime, I have coffee to drink and a day to prepare for.  I hope to write another blog post later.  A late Happy Thursday and early Happy Friday to all.



I Don’t Feel Abominable, Just Tired

I just can’t get away from Tired Tuesday.  But what do you want from me?  I worked all day, got my boobs squished (see yesterday’s post), then shoveled my drive way.

Yes, winter returned to the Mohawk Valley today, and I guess it could have been worse.  Roads were pretty bad when I drove into work shortly before 6 a.m., although I know the plows had been around.  I enjoyed that weird personality quirk of mine that I laugh at bad weather.  I chuckled all the way from my car to the building, being careful not to slip on the slush. I just kept looking up and marveling at the sheer amount of snow coming down.  It did make me laugh.  Luckily it did not keep up at that great rate all day.

There was not a massive amount of white stuff on the driveway, and it was still coming down, but I got out to at least take off a layer.  I TOLD Steven not to come with me, because his back is bothering him, but he joined me anyways.  I guess most spouses don’t do what the other one tells them to do, do they?  I almost never do myself.

What I am really looking forward to now is that first cup of coffee tomorrow morning (again, see yesterday’s post).  I told all my friends at work that I would probably show up with a BIG smile on my face.  So that will be two days I show up at work smiling: laughing at the snow, then giddy over the coffee. Perhaps the giddiness will carry over and I will write a better blog post.

I think this is one of my co-workers.

I thought I would just throw in the Abominable Snowman for good measure.  I think he is kind of cute.


Mental Meanderings about the Mammary Glands

Today’s Monday Mental Meanderings is in the nature of a Public Service Announcement, with an added attraction for those of you who like to point and laugh at others’ discomfort (you know who you are).  Tomorrow, I go for a mammogram.

NO, I do not expect any of you are crass enough to be amused at the thought of my mammary glands being squished and photographed.  At least, I hope not.  The discomfort I was going to share for your amusement is that I have now gone over a week without coffee.  I cry a little even as I type it.

I don’t suppose non-coffee drinkers will understand, but I know some of you are raising your hands in horror at the thought.  In fact, a number of females have told me they were never advised to stay off caffeine.   When I made the appointment, the nurse told me I could drink decaf, and the reason for it is that the caffeine makes one’s breasts more sensitive.  I don’t remember a mammogram hurting that much to begin with, but it has been at least seven years since I’ve had one.

Ah, here is the Public Service Announcement part:  DON’T BE LIKE ME!  Get your cancer screening tests at the recommended intervals.

Back to the laughing at Cindy portion of the post.  I eased into things by having one small cup of coffee in the morning for two days. Then I had tea for two mornings.  I had some decaf filter bags a co-worker had given me.  Yes, there is still caffeine in decaf.  The lady told me I could drink decaf, so that was what I had for my usual mid-morning cuppa.  On the fourth day, I started having decaf from a filter bag for my first cup as well.  Oh, it does not taste as good.  It does not make me feel content to be out of bed and ready to face the day.  I suffer.

Almost every day, I have been tempted to just have a damn cup of joe.  All these other women have had mammograms and never been told to stay off coffee.  I don’t remember a mammogram hurting and even if it’s awful, it can’t last that long, can it?  I’m a tough girl!  I can take it!

Well, I can be tough enough to stay off coffee, too.  For one reason, I can be pretty stubborn once I have made up my mind to do something.  For another reason, once you have gone so far with something, you might just as well go all the way.

So now I am really, Really, REALLY looking forward to that first cup of coffee.  Alas, my appointment is at three tomorrow afternoon.  I fear if I immediately indulge, it will keep me up all night.  However, Wednesday morning will be a wonderful time for me.

And once again, to all my female readers:  Get your mammograms!


Thank You, Utica Roasting

While I was out and about on Saturday, one of my stops was at Utica Coffee Roasting Company.  Full disclosure:  I was looking for a distinctive local place I could potentially write about for Mohawk Valley Living magazine.  I think I found one and must get to writing that article, but for now I will content myself with a blog post.

I was on Genessee Street, which looks as if it goes right to the Roasting Company with very little effort on my part.  However, since that section of the street is one way in the wrong direction, I had to overshoot it and turn back.  This accomplished, I found a parking space and walked up to the place.

Saturday had turned into a beautiful, sunny day, and some people were sitting on tables outside the place.  I could see one seat at one empty table (the rest were all crowded around another table, as sometimes happens at these establishments).  Inside, I saw that one of the tall tables I so love was available.  I hoped it would still be available after I ordered.

I got plain, regular hot coffee instead of one of the many other choices available, and asked what kind of bagels they had.  At first the girl said they had Everything.

“My favorite!” I said.

“Oh, wait, it’s onion.  I’m sorry.”

“That’s OK,  I like onion.”  Onion bagels used to be my favorite, as a matter of fact, but I did not burden her with the information.

The tall table was still free.  Yes!  There were also seats free at the bar across the front window.  These had been fully occupied when I walked in.  I do like to sit at the window, so I may go for one of those seats at a future visit.

As I sat, sipping and eating, I looked around at the decor and other patrons.  I opened my notebook and began to write.  Ah, yes, to WRITE!  Regular readers may know I have been having a few problems with that lately.  It felt really good to sit there with words coming out of my pen for a change.  I can’t say that what I wrote was such a much, but that’s not the point.  I wrote.  I was happy.

Utica Coffee Roasting Company is located at 92 Genessee St., Utica NY, phone number 315- 624-9596.  You can also Like them on Facebook.


A Pause for Coffee

I interrupt my Wrist to Forehead Sunday for a brief shout-out to a VERY local business: The Locavore in Frankfort, NY.

There I was, on my way home from church in Chadwicks, during which my delightful year-old great-nephew declined to sit on my lap, pondering my actions for the rest of the day.  I felt sluggish and down (you know, Wrist to Forehead Sunday and all).  I thought a cup of coffee might perk me up. Then I remembered:  Higby Road takes me right into Frankfort. I could go to The Locavore for an awesome cup of coffee!

The Locavore has all kinds of locally made products. I considered purchasing soap, honey, cheese, meat and other stuff, but ultimately decided just to get coffee.

The proprietor of the establishment remembered me from previous visits but remarked he had not seen me in a while.  I said I never went anywhere, and he said that was a lousy excuse.  He was quite right, of course.  I told him about all my theatre commitments, which he was interested to hear.

After some debate I decided on… oh crap, I can’t remember the name of the coffee.  But it was YUMMY!  There are several different kinds of coffee, both iced and hot. I had the LocaMocha another time and loved it.

The Locavore only recently started opening on Sundays.  I asked what time they are open till, because Steven works till one.  I was thinking maybe we would make it a thing to go out for fancy coffee after work on a Sunday.  Then I could try all the coffees.

The Locavore is located at 159 E. Main St., Frankfort, NY, phone number 315-895-0325. You can Like them on Facebook.  I did.


Running through the Window

Does that give you a dramatic image of a triumphant crashing through glass?  I’m afraid it isn’t quite like that.  However, I ran today and thought a Sunday Running Commentary might make a nice post.

Regular readers know I have been having the damnedest time getting back into running, which is a little ridiculous considering how much I love to run.  Well, I’ve been busy with community theatre commitments (as you may have read my blog posts about), dealing with physical problems (long story, not very interesting), and my ever-present depression.

Lately I have been more comfortable talking about my depression.  Part of me cringes when I bring it up, though, because, I think about those nay-sayers (some of whom, I admit, live in my own head) who think it’s not a real thing.

“Put on your big girl panties!” they say (I talked about that heinous expression in yesterday’s post). Also,  “Snap out of it!”  “Quit feeling sorry for yourself.”  “Get over it!”  “Just do something.”

That last bit of advice is actually a good one.  It has been widely observed that doing something, almost anything, will often alleviate depression.  It is also a widely observed fact that those of us suffering from depression often feel we cannot manage anything further than staying in bed and pulling the covers further up over our heads (that is, our respective heads in our respective beds; if we were all in bed together, well, I leave that up to your imagination).

What I have found for myself is that it does NOT work to just force myself to do something.  Grit-teeth determination only gives me a sore jaw.  Beating myself up only makes me feel worse (although I am really good at it, so that ought to give a boost to my self-esteem).  I have to sort of back into these things.  For example, I can’t say to myself, “I HAVE to run.  I MUST run. I OUGHT TO run.  I SHOULD run.”  I sit home and stew over these exhortations.  However, if  I say, “It would be a good idea if I ran,”  I often find myself in my running gear and going.

I ran on Wednesday using these tactics.  I felt so good about myself.  I wrote a blog post about it on Thursday, which never got typed in and published due to computer glitches (perhaps you read my Non-Sequitur Thursday post about that) (I suppose I could publish it next week, suitably introduced).  Then I did not run Thursday, Friday or Saturday, and felt predictably disgusted with myself over it.

Oh the vicious cycle:  too depressed to run, not running making me even more depressed.  Then I logged onto WordPress to see a picture of muscular running legs on Return of the Modern Philosopher, a blogger I often read.  I scrolled down and read some other blogs.  I could not bear to read about someone else’s running triumphs.  I read some earlier posts instead, making comments as I like to do.

Of course in one of his posts, the Philosopher talked about running.  I made some silly comment, he replied. I logged on and off WordPress as the day wore on, to be confronted by those legs again and again.  Hmmm…

This morning I slept in, decided that I would walk today and ease back into running.  I got up, made coffee, got on the computer.  Now, I did not make coffee yesterday.  I am on my own for the weekend, because my nice husband, who makes the coffee I like best, is visiting his family.  I had tea.  Later in the day I heated up some day-old coffee that was still in the pot (I know, some of you are saying, “EW!” while others are nodding, “Yeah, I’ve done that.”).  This morning I wanted some fresh-brewed goodness.

Logging back into WordPress, I made a few more comments and replies, saw those legs again, drank my coffee and pondered my fate.  Finally I looked up and said, “Oh, I’m going to go running now.”

This is unusual for me.  Normally I run as soon as I get out of bed or home from work or not at all.  Those are my three choices.  I guess sometimes I go at other times, though, and today was one of them.

I did not get any of them there endorphins I hear so much about, BUT I felt terrific from the moment I started till the moment I finished.  I was just so proud of myself that I got out there and did it.  Why in the world did I wait so long?  Perhaps the euphoria was the result of my first real cup of coffee in two days.  I don’t care.  I’ll take my good moods however I can get them.

I pondered the vicious cycle I mentioned earlier, and I realized something.  In the prison of depression (just to choose a really dramatic metaphor), I can’t break through the ever-thickening walls.  I can’t beat up the guards to break free (the guards being those nay-sayers that live in my head, I guess).  But every so often, a small window opens, and I can sneak through that window.

So remember that, any of you who suffer from depression or just a little blue mood, and I shall try to remember it myself:  watch for the window.  When one opens, sneak through it out into the sunshine and fresh air.  I hope to see you there.


Led by a Nose to The Locavore

In a recent post, I mentioned stopping at The Locavore in Frankfort, NY, where I discovered some yummy horseradish and garlic pickles.  Naturally I introduced my husband, Steven, to the place at the earliest opportunity.  Today, in lieu of my usual Wrist to Forehead Sunday, I shall give the establishment a brief shout-out.

The small retail store is located at 159 E. Main St. in Frankfort.  Steven and I easily found a parking space and walked in to enjoy a marvelous aroma.

“It smells like a co-op,” I said, unable to pinpoint exactly what I was smelling but liking it quite a bit.

One reason for the olfactory delight was the Sallye Ander Soaps.  We also noticed items from the Lake George Olive Oil Company and the Saucey Sauce Co.,  a Brooklyn company.  Saratoga Crackers we have seen and eaten before, but Stony Brook Whole Hearted Foods is a brand I must try.  I was pleased to see  Finster Honey from Frankfort, NY, and interested to see grass fed beef and bison.

After having a lovely conversation with Jimmy, the proprietor, I suggested we get a cup of coffee and sit at the table in front of the store to drink it.  There are also a couple of tables inside the store.  The coffee is made from their house beans,which are also available for sale.

“If you like the coffee, we can get some beans,” I said to Steven.  “You can use your coffee grinder.”  Many years ago some friends gave Steven a coffee grinder, but we rarely have occasion to use it.  Jimmy told us he could also grind the coffee for us.  That will be handy if we purchase any beans as gifts for our coffee-loving friends.

Steven got regular coffee (quite delicious since made with their own house beans), but I thought I should get something more distinctive.  After hesitating between iced and hot, I chose Locamocha,  coffee with dark chocolate.  I got it black, without sugar, which is how I usually take my coffee.   Ooh, was it ever good.

I think I have a new favorite store.  My only problem is that I can’t afford to purchase everything in their inventory at once.

For more information about The Locavore you can call 315-895-0325 or you can Like them on Facebook.  They are on Twitter too, but I don’t know from all these social media  things.