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Market, Motors and Memory

I went to the Clinton Farmer’s Market today.  What a crowd scene!  I brought my Tablet to take some pictures, but the only real photo op was a display of some vintage cars. The cars reminded me of a previous experience,  so this may turn into a Throw Back Thursday post.

My companions at the market included my sister Cheryl and great-nephew Sheppie.  We were the three who walked across the street to see the cars.  I love classic cars.

I would love to tool down the road in this!

A fellow there showed us the engines of a couple of the cars and explained some of the mechanics involved.  These were Franklin cars, which were apparently the best made at the time.

Cheryl and Sheppie.

The cars reminded me of a time I dressed in 1920’s garb and posed near an old automobile.

This is not exactly like the car in my memory.

I was unable to show my pictures of the other car at the time, but I can show them to my readers now.

Hmmm… not really like it at all.

Here is the car I remembered.   It was parked in front of one of the Rutger Mansions in Utica, NY, for a fundraiser for the Landmarks Society of Greater Utica.  But that isn’t the picture I really wanted to show.

I rarely ignore a chance to flash a little leg.

Yes, this is me, impersonating a society lush from the 1920’s.

My husband Steven and friends Kim and Wayne.

This picture was actually taken a year later than the previous one, but it us the same car.

I guess this also can count as a Non-Sequitur Thursday post,  since I veered from farmers market to memories.  Who says I can’t multitask?


Spunky Start to Scattered Saturday

How about a Scattered Saturday instead of a Slacker Saturday.  I think I could manage a brief re-cap of today’s activities.  I have quite a headache currently, sorry to complain, and I really just feel like sitting here and chilling.  However, I like to make a blog post every day, and I do not want to put off making today’s any longer.  I know, I know, enough with the excuses, get on with the post.  OK, I will.

Our dog Spunky barked at 5:01 this morning.  I looked at the clock.  For once I let Steven keep sleeping a little longer and got up to take Spunky for his first business meeting of the day.  I got dressed in running clothes, so I could go for my run right after.  I have run eight days in a row.  That may be a record for me.  A little later I wrote some postcards and walked to the post office with Spunky.  Spunky doesn’t seem to like long walks, but he can make it to the post office and back.

By noon I was headed to my sister Cheryl’s house for more adventures.  My sister Vicki was in town, along with her husband and offspring, and Vicki had not yet been to the So Sweet Candy Cafe, which is owned by her great childhood friend, Margaret.  I, of course, am always up for another visit to a candy shop.  I purchased a few treats while I was there.  Vicki and Margaret had a nice if brief visit.

After leaving the So Sweet, we walked down Varick Street to the Mohawk Valley Winery.  We tasted some wine and, yes, I purchased a bottle.  We were disappointed to find out we needed to make an appointment to tour the Adirondack Distilling Company.  I said we must make an appointment for next time.

Next we drove to Clinton and went into a number of wonderful little shops.  My only purchase was at the Adirondack Cheese Company, but I will certainly return to the other stores when I have a little more cash to spend.

Perhaps as the week goes on, I can write longer blog posts about some of my Scattered Saturday activities.  For now, I’m going to nurse my stupid head and hang out with my nice dog.  I hope you’re all having a lovely Saturday.


And That’s Just Three Places!

I had heard that Clinton, NY boasted many fun, quirky places to shop.  It is quite true.  Cheryl, Penny and I hit a few of them on our day of adventures last Saturday.

We started at Adirondack Cheese Store.  They had a lot more good things to eat than cheese — fancy mustards, chutney and all kinds of candy.  Additionally, they carry many fun, gifty items.  Penny was especially interested in the jigsaw puzzles, but she also pointed out a pot holder that read, “You are what you drink.”

“Just call me Char,” I said.

“You can call me Pinot,” she answered.

Cheryl said we could call her water (party pooper!).  I said we could make it H (you know, H2O?).

From the cheese store, we went to Dawn Marie’s Treasures, a boutiquey consignment store with all kinds of fun things.  As we walked by a row of neck ties near the entrance I regretted that Steven doesn’t have a job that requires he wear one.  I do so love a man in a tie.  We admired all kinds of jewelry and clothing, but I did not see anything I just had to have.

Our final stop in Clinton was Artisans’ Corner.  I was immediately taken by some bird houses with license plates for roofs on display outside.  I love art that recycles!  Inside there was art, clothing, jewelry and more.  We admired photography and paintings by several artists.  I was tempted by a display of hats.  Another section featured soup and bread mixes, some in distinctive containers.

We spent a long time wandering around Artisans’ Corner.  I picked up a lot of business cards, thinking I could highlight the individual artists.  I may do that in future posts.  Today I hope a brief overview will suffice.

I may have mentioned in a previous post that this was my first visit to Clinton.  It certainly will not be my last.  In fact, I have to wonder what took me so long.