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I’ve Got That Holiday Feeling

Yes, it’s Lame Post Friday.  As regular readers know, however many foolish posts I make during the week, I always feel free to enjoy Lame Post Friday.  I am sitting on my couch in Halloween pajama bottoms, bra off (don’t you DARE say TMI!), glass of wine beside me.  There is an episode of 20/20 on the television that I would like to crochet and watch, but blog posts must be made (at least mine, by me).  So where shall I start…

You can’t tell, but I really do have pretty good legs for a woman my age.

Since I had mentioned my Halloween pajama pants, I thought I’d grab my Tablet and take a quick picture.  As we all know, the Halloween season begins the day after Labor Day.  However, I like to celebrate the holiday all year long.  To that end, we leave a few favored decorations out.

He was a Christmas present from my dearest husband, Steven.

Steven bought me this lovely vampire at Aubuchon in Herkimer, now sadly closed.  He is holding a Christmas ball in one hand and a bag of skulls in the other (I purchased the skulls for another purpose; he’s holding them for me).  We also put the little stocking around his neck to make him even more appropriate as a Christmas decoration.  I wonder if we ought to add a couple of accessories for Thanksgiving, Easter and the Fourth of July.  Points to ponder.

The frog is her friend, not a former prince.

This is one of our loveliest witches.  We have quite a collection  If we put them all out this year, perhaps I could make a witchy blog post with pictures.  She did not come with the frog; he is part of Steven’s extensive collection of such amphibians.

It looks as if Scrooge grumpily thrust Marley in the back in order to dominate the photo.

Just to show you we are not complete Halloween maniacs, I include a picture of a couple of our year-round Christmas decorations.  This is a Buyer’s Choice Caroler of Jacob Marley, which I purchased for Steven in 1989, after he had played the part of Jacob Marley in a production of A Christmas Carol.  My, that WAS a long time ago!  I cannot remember who gave Steven the nutcracker of Scrooge, but I believe it was my mother.  That is a kaleidoscope in the foreground.  We have a pretty cluttered knick-knack shelf.



Merry Post-Christmas Letdown

So last week my excuse for foolish blog posts was that I was on vacation.  This week my excuse is I’m back at work and trying to get into the swing of things.  Does anybody have a problem with that?  You there, in the back?  You do?  Or were you just shooing a fly?  I thought so.

That by way of a silly introduction to a Post-Christmas Tired Tuesday post.  I returned to work today, still grateful for having had yesterday off.  Now I only had a four day week to get through!  It was not until I sat down here and started typing just now that I remembered:  in school on the first day back after Christmas vacation, everybody had on their new clothes they had just gotten for Christmas.  How fun was that?  Until I would realize I still wasn’t beautiful and popular, which I spent most of my childhood and adolescence hoping I would one day wake up to find myself.

Of course with school as well as with work, it did not take long to feel as if I had never left.  Vacation?  What vacation?  When is the next one?  I looked at the calendar and counted the full weeks till a three day weekend.  Far too many.  However, I do have a few discretionary days to take.  I may treat myself to a Monday off in February or March.  I will probably write a blog post about it.

All things considered, it was not a heinous first day back at work.  Some of the usual annoyances annoyed, but some of the usual amusements amused, and it was nice to see my work friends again.  I do like having friends.  I’m still not beautiful, but now enough people talk to me that I can at least pretend I’m popular.  Happy Tuesday everyone, and I hope you are all recovering from any post-holiday blahs you may have.


Neither Wordless Nor Wuss

I was all set to do a Wuss-out Wednesday  post when I remembered that some bloggers do a thing called  Wordless Wednesday.   Not that I am usually wordless, nor do I intend to be entirely Wordless now.  But I do have a couple of pictures to share.  So here are two views of me.



Do you even like my feet?


I was hoping for slippers for Christmas.  I quite frankly never pictured these, but I LOVE them.  You can’t imagine how cool it is to look down at your feet and see these big fluffy things.  Unless you have a pair too, in which case,  excellent!

The next was taken last night before Steven and I went out to eat.  I wanted to put on something cute and this is what I came up with .


Steven said, “Hubba, hubba!”


Full disclosure  I purchased the shirt in the late 1980s, when I worked at JC Penney in Potsdam, NY.  I rediscovered them during Leading Ladies (remember?  the show I directed for Ilion Little Theatre), when I wanted to dress fabulously each night to make the curtain speech.  I added the Christmas vest and jewelry last night.

I confess, I thought I looked pretty fine.  So fine, in fact I was the one to say,  “Hey, Steve, take a picture!”

Oh dear, now I’m looking at the picture and seeing my pile of footwear at the bottom of the stairs.  Then again, maybe most people didn’t notice them till I foolishly pointed them out.  Oh well,  these things happen.


But I’m NOT Whining!

I am in the middle of cooking dinner, so I could do a cooking post.  Or I could stick with my usual Monday Mental Meanderings.  I have come to realize that mental meanderings are easier than middle-aged musings.  “Musings” seems to imply that there is a point or at least a theme or something.  “Meanderings,” I feel, can just want wander all over the place.

So it is the day after Christmas.  At least I did not have to return to work.  I hate working with a post-Christmas letdown.  Don’t worry; I’m not going to sit here and whine about my post-Christmas letdown for 200 or so words (I don’t imagine I can manage 300 or more words today).  I will attempt to not whine at all, but I have observed that some  people will accuse you of whining no matter what.  I suppose to complain about that injustice will also be construed as whining.  File that under the heading I Just Can’t Win.

Christmas being over does bring a sense of relief.  No more presents to buy, make, wrap.  Of course I did not celebrate the season as properly and thoroughly as I had hoped and planned, but it is too late to worry about that now.  It’s on to working on all the projects I’ve been neglecting for Christmas!  I have writing, cleaning and organizing to tackle.  And if I accomplish any of it, you’ll read about it here!

As for right now, I am over two hundred words.  I am not going to try for three, because I’m afraid I might start whining about something.  Hope you’re having a delightful Monday.


Flush La La La La

So I said to the clerk at Rite Aid, “Merry Christmas to you, you have to work. Merry Christmas to me, I have a clogged toilet.”

And I just realized that this would be an excellent reason for a Wrist to Forehead Sunday.  But it is not.  Once again, my perverse sense of humor comes to my rescue and I think this is awfully funny.  My husband, Steven, is less amused, but you’ll have that in a marriage.

Our toilet has been a cause of minor concern to me for some time now.  Only minor, though, because it won’t go down, we plunge it, it goes down, everything is fine till next time.  Imagine my consternation, then, when I began to plunge it this morning and it KEPT GOING UP!  I hollered to Steven, “I’m having a little problem here,” and plunged frantically.  It stopped going up before flooding the bathroom.  Some water splashed on the floor, largely whooshed out of the toilet from my frantic plunging.

We took turns plunging for what seemed like a long time.  I kept insisting the water was going down by minute amounts, which Steven could not see.  I wondered if I was kidding myself and the agitation caused by the plunging was creating the illusion.  No, it WAS going down. It really, truly was.  At last it was down to a normal level, or perhaps a little lower.  We were frightened to flush it again.  Who knows what could happen?

I remembered a time staying at a cabin in Georgia (it had all the comforts), and the toilet got clogged.  My sister Victoria plunged and plunged it in the night (these things never happen at convenient times, do they?), and I called management as soon as they were open.  They sent over a couple of ladies who poured a whole bottle of Liquid Plumber down the toilet and that was it.  Surprisingly enough, it worked.  I volunteered to go to Rite Aid for supplies, since Steven remembered they would be open.

I got store brand and read the directions on the back.  They recommended pouring half the bottle down a clogged drain, one third of the bottle for a slow drain.  We went with half and set the timer on my watch for 30 minutes, also recommended by the back of the bottle.  That was enough time for both of us to take showers and dress (my cute outfit would have been worthy of a blog post if I wasn’t writing about this).

Steven asked me to remind him which way to turn the knob to turn the water off, if it started to overflow again.  I quoted him the immortal poetry of “righty tighty, lefty loosey.”  We held our breath and flushed.  Then plunged. Alas!  Once the water had finally gone down again, I poured in the rest of the bottle and reset the timer.  By now Steven had to use the toilet again.  I suggested he go to Rite Aid and use theirs, purchasing another bottle of drain stuff, just in case.

During all this, I had phoned my parents a few times, letting them know something of our tribulations.  You see, we where expected at their house for breakfast and presents.  I wondered if that would happen.  I said that if the second half bottle of stuff didn’t work, we would pour in the entire contents of the second bottle and flee the premises.  The bottle had suggested leaving the stuff in overnight for especially stubborn clogs.

After plunging the toilet AGAIN, we did just that.  We had a lovely Christmas.  We were too late for breakfast (I ate something at home, then had a snack at Mom and Dad’s house), but we opened some presents.  Then we went to my sister Cheryl’s house for a Christmas feast.  She really outdid herself, offering an excellent repast.  We opened some more presents, had an especially yummy dessert, then Steven and I took off, in case we needed to plunge and purchase more drain unclogger.

We flushed with high hopes, then plunged in despair. However, I noticed it plunged much more quickly this time.  We flushed and plunged again.  I suggested we keep flushing and plunging, since I really did not want to show my face at Rite Aid again.  It worked!

Is anybody surprised that I just got 700 words out of a clogged toiled (someone will say, “700 of your words?  No wonder the damn thing was clogged!”) (you know who you are).  Merry Christmas!


Crime for Christmas

Thank God for Snapped on Oxygen!  There I was, listening to Christmas music while trying to get presents together, and all of a sudden I just couldn’t take the Christmas!  I wanted murder!  Oh dear, that didn’t sound very good, did it?  I was going to post this as my Facebook status when I thought it might do for a blog post.  Perhaps it is too macabre and unseasonal a thought for either venue.

So this was going to be a Scattered Saturday post, or perhaps a brief shout-out to Heidelberg Bakery, where I went first thing this morning. It’s just going to be one of those Posts About Why I Can’t Write a Post Today.   I think my post-Christmas letdown came early, so folks who are still high on the fa-la-la might want to skip this one.

Christmas Eve used to be my favorite day of the year.  I realized today that this is no longer the case.  And, you know what?  As soon as I typed those last two sentences, I no longer wanted to kvetch.  Why should I rain on everybody else’s holidays?  That’s more of a job for Ben’s Bitter Blog.  I wouldn’t like to horn in on his territory, although there might yet be room in the bitter pond, even with the incredible number already there.

The fact is, writing is working its usual magic.  Putting words on the keyboard (paper works, too) is putting me in a better mood.  I DO love Christmas!  And I love Christmas Eve! And I love watching true crime shows!  I’m going to write a murder mystery that takes place at Christmas-time.  In the meantime, Merry Christmas to all my readers, or Happy Hanukkah, or Happy Saturday.  I hope your December 24 is grand.

(Although I guess my WordPress site is going to say this was posted on the 25th.  I am always off kilter.)


Last Minute Lame

Earlier today I posted on Facebook, “Let’s face it:  If it weren’t for the last minute, I’d never get anything done.”  I got more Likes on my earlier post of “Merry Christmas Eve Eve.”  I thought a friend of my sister’s had come up with Christmas Eve Eve back in the 1970s.  Imagine my surprise to see many people and businesses saying it today.  I guess it is the sort of thing anyone might logically come up with.  I may even have thought of it myself, if I hadn’t have heard Margaret say it first.

Anyways, welcome to Lame Post Friday.  I spent a good part of today running around trying to get my Christmas shopping done.  Is there a word that means, like, unorganized but really REALLY unorganized?  That’s me.  And I’m even worse lately.  I’m going to blame middle age and menopause (although this time of year those hot flashes can really come in handy).  I don’t know what my excuse has been up till now, but there is no point in dwelling on the past.

Every Christmas, it is the same thing:  big plans followed by deciding to be content with whatever I manage to get done.  It’s really not a bad way to celebrate the season.  As long as I get to spend some time with family and friends, see some Christmas decorations (I’m especially living for lights on people’s houses this year), hear some Christmas music (I recently discovered Pentatonix; great Christmas CD!), do a little something for somebody else, and maybe drink a little wine, I am reasonably content.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, my favorite day of the year.  Oh dear, now the pressure is on to enjoy it!  What’s that all about?  Can’t I just enjoy something? That’s too deep of a question to get into now.  I think I’ll have a little wine.  Merry Christmas Eve Eve, everyone.