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I’m Almost Bald!

Actually, I’m not.  I have the exact same amount of hair I had yesterday, plus a day’s growth, which is not a large amount.  But I will be bald the day after tomorrow, March 14, and that is almost here.

As regular readers may recall, I am participating in a St. Baldrick’s fundraiser for children’s cancer research.  I ask people for donations.  I get my head shaved.  Personally, I find asking people for money the more daunting part of the equation.  However,  one must persevere for a good cause.

I did not do as well as previous years in my fundraising endeavors.  Still, I managed to get what I hope is a respectable amount.  People are very generous.  I have perhaps not been as proactive in asking for donations as I was in the past.  Then too, there are many fundraisers going on these days.  Nobody can give to EVERYTHING.

This is how much hair I had last month.

I also have less hair than I have had before previous shavings.  I don’t imagine that matters a great deal (ooh, here’s a Freudian typo for you: at first I put “murder” instead of “matter”).  My shave will never be as dramatic as some of those young girls with gorgeous tresses who also donate to one of those wig charities.  We all do what we can.

Here I am bald!

This was a few years ago, so I will probably look a little different.  I hope to post a picture, so you can compare/contrast.

If any of my lovely readers would like to make a secure online donation, please click on the link below.


Donation, Decongestant, and DVDs, It’s Scattered Saturday

I almost forgot to make my blog post today. Isn’t that terrible?  Well, I will attempt a Scattered Saturday post.

It was COLD this morning!  Zero degrees, according to my thermostat.  I felt rather ill-used, since the weather reports had said it would warm up some today.  Still, I had a good reason to leave the house by ten this morning, so I did.  My car told me it was 5 degrees by then, which I was not happy about, but at least it was above zero.

My errand was a charitable one:  the Joe “D’Con” DeJohn Poker Run was happening in Frankfort, NY.  It is a snowmobile run followed by a spaghetti dinner with Chinese auction.  That is where I come in.  Last year I donated an afghan for the auction.  I had mentioned on a Facebook post I wanted to do that again, but I did not have my act together enough to call and arrange to do so before the fact (what, me not have my act together?  SAY IT AIN’T SO!!!).  I saw they had registration at The Brass Tack at 10 a.m., so figured I could drop the afghan off then.  I figured they would still take it

They not only still took it, they were expecting it!  They had seen the Facebook comment and thought I would drop it off. The people I saw were quite happy when I did.  There was never a better reason for going out in the freezing cold on a Saturday morning!

There was less reason for staying out in the cold.  I managed to stop at the drug store to get some decongestant that I wanted to take and stop by the post office to mail a few post cards, but then I went home to some warmth.  I did not stay more than a couple hours, however.  After a nap with my heated face mask (which I believe I have mentioned here before) and some food, I saw the temperature had reached double digits, so  ventured back out.

My goal this time was Basloe Library in Herkimer, NY (where I live, as regular readers will recall).  Steven had expressed a desire to see For Your Consideration, one of the Christopher Guest mockumentaries.   We have seen it once before and did not like it as well as, for example, Best in Show or A Mighty Wind, but lately both of us have though of giving it another view.  While looking at the DVDs, I thought of the Kenneth Branagh Murder on the Orient Express.  We have wanted to see that since before it hit theatres! I was delighted to find it.  I also grabbed a couple of Agatha Christie books and a biography of Rasputin (don’t ask me why; it just caught my eye as I went by).

After watching Murder on the Orient Express, we popped in our DVD of Deathtrap, and I am missing The Bad Seed as I type this.  It has been an enjoyable Saturday so far.  Not as lazy as last Saturday, not as ambitious as some.  I look forward to seeing what next Saturday will bring.  Or even tomorrow.  As always, I hope you will stay tuned.