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(Catchy Headline Here)

Oh dear, this is dreadful. I must leave soon to attend a charity event involving celebrity bartenders at happy hour (if I was really high speed, I would include a link about just what the event is) (and here we come to the ugly truth about me). I think it would be a good idea to make my blog post now and have done with it. I’ve done this sort of thing before with differing amounts of success (again, not high speed enough to include links).

On the brighter side, this is Non-Sequitur Thursday. All I really have to do is come up with a catchy headline and rattle on for a few paragraphs, which we all know I am well able to do. It’s the catchy headline part that is often the problem.

When I worked at a newspaper, roughly a hundred years ago, I used to see employment ads in some of the professional magazines my boss got. They were always looking for editors who could write headlines that sang. I knew mine were pretty tuneless, and I didn’t want to leave the North Country at that point anyways, so I never applied for any of them. But I always wondered about that, because, you know, most of the headlines I see are… not so singy.

At least we have something to look forward to: a kicky post about my experiences going to happy hour for a good cause. Maybe I can come up with a better headline for that one.