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Could Be Why I’m Tired

So I missed posting again yesterday. In my defense, I had a lot to do. When I was battling the ice on my windshield (how was there suck a big chuck? what the hell, nature?), I broke a windshield wiper. Crap! At first I thought I could snap it back on, but it is still dark when I leave for work, and I couldn’t see what I was doing. All I managed was to break a piece off. Typical me! I could not get the piece back on either the wiper or the arm. Grrr!

I went into the house for some light, and Steven went to put on pants and shoes to come help me. With great if misplaced effort, I wrestled the piece back onto the wiper blade. Now I was in business! Unfortunately, when I got back outside, I still could not get the wiper back on the arm. Fortunately, it was the passenger side.

By this time, Steven had made it outside. However, I had determined the cause hopeless and said I would drive to work with one wiper.

“It isn’t precipitating,” I pointed out. “I’ll get a new wiper on the way home.”

Steven was helpful, however, because he moved the trash and recycling containers, which were at the end of the driveway, because of snowbanks from Monday’s storm. He also undertook to move them back after I was gone. This was nice, because otherwise I would have had to leave my car in the street and move them back myself, unless I forgot all about them and backed into them (would I do a thing like that? Um, yes, I would and have).

I did encounter some precipitation on the way to work, but my driver side wiper sufficed. After work I stopped at AutoZone in Herkimer, NY (where I live). I don’t usually plug chain stores, but the young man that helped me was so nice! He recommended the all-weather blade that he uses (not the most expensive one), put it on my car for me, and used his bare hands to clean out some of the ice that was collecting under the edge of the hood. Sweet!

In addition to these adventures (which I see have taken me over 300 words to describe, Score!), I also had rehearsal. Before rehearsal I had to stop and purchase yarn for crochet and knitting purposes. You see, my part in the play is small; I must keep myself occupied or I will get in trouble (me, get in trouble? Say it ain’t so!). I guess I’ll just bill this as a Tired Tuesday post, hope my readers will overlook it being late, and drive on (Freudian typo: I put “dive on” instead of “drive on.” Guess I’ll dive into Wednesday!).

Cool Cruise-In

I like pets and I like old cars. What could be better than a Cruise-In to benefit 4PetSake, the local pet food pantry. Actually, it was free to look at the cars. They were selling hot dogs to benefit 4PetSake. I like hot dogs, too.

The event took place in the parking lot in front of the Mohawk Antiques Mall on July 30. This was actually the rain date, as it had originally been scheduled for the 23rd but been rained out. The 30th was beautiful all day. Some clouds were gathering by five, when the event started, but nothing too threatening. We arrived shortly after five (I was typing in that day’s blog post) and parked behind the antiques mall.

After a quick glance at the cars we headed for the food. Four bucks for two hot dogs and two root beer floats. What a deal! Popcorn and chips were also available, as were t-shirts that said, “I’m into S&N: Spaying and Neutering.” I do want one of the t-shirts but did not want to leave myself short of cash. Perhaps Steven will surprise me with one. Maybe for my birthday.

I asked for the most burnt hot dog. It was delicious. We sat at one of the picnic tables to eat. That gave us a great view of the 1929 fire engine belonging to Mohawk Fire Department. It was cool.

A DJ was spinning tunes from the ’50s and ’60s. I had a hard time to keep from dancing. Oh well, maybe I did a step or two, a little hip swing as we walked around looking at the cars.

I particularly admired a Mustang convertible from the ’60s. I only know it was from the ’60s because it resembled one my dad restored, which was 1965. I confess I don’t know much about years and models. I just like to look. Other cars were showing up, including one with fins that pulled in just as we were leaving. I love the fins.

We left before the hot dog eating contest, because I do not care for eating contests. I think they’re disgusting to watch and it is no way to enjoy food. We did not go into the Antiques Mall, although we did admire a few items visible in the windows. We’ve walked through it before and no doubt will again. I’ll probably write a blog post about it.

For more information about 4PetSake or the Mohawk Antiques Mall, you can Like their Facebook pages or visit their websites: and

This is Not a More Better Post

Today is just not working out for me.

That phrase popped into my head as I finally got changed into my sweats and realized I REALLY want to start my weekend now but have not yet written my blog post. I cheer myself up with the thought, It’s Lame Post Friday. Instead of my usual random observations and half-baked philosophy, I offer the Week in Weather.

Monday I did not drive straight home but had a minor adventure. I don’t know that it was particularly a Mohawk Valley adventure, but then again, maybe it was. Winter was still on. I had to clear a layer of heavy, wet snow off my windshield and hood. It had been snowing for most of the day, so I think the snow was previously on the roof and had worked its way down. That was good, because that meant there was less on the roof to slide down while I drove.

The uneven tire pressure light in my SUV was on, so I stopped at the gas station where they have that groovy tire filler where you just punch in the pressure and it figures it out for you. It is most convenient, but one still must crouch next to one’s tires, sometimes for a long time. I wanted to kneel, but not in an inch of snow and ice. Ugh.

From the tire adventure, I went to Aldi’s to get some canned goods. Their lot was full, so I approached with trepidation. Still, I wanted beans. Apparently all the snow had fallen after they had plowed. The space I found to park in had not even been driven over. Still, a space is a space. I took it. The only adventuresome part came later, when I tried to push a full cart through the snow to get back to my vehicle. Oh well, I comforted myself, it burns more calories.

Winter waned as the week progressed. I believe I wrote about a wet walk we took with Tabby yesterday. Today I took Tabby down the sidewalk in hopes of meeting Steven as he came home from work. This time I sensibly put on my flood boots. My feet stayed dry, if not exactly warm.

I mostly felt happy the rain had stopped. It had been raining like the proverbial sonofabitch earlier (pardon my french). I worried about my basement but since the streets didn’t seem too bad, I cravenly did not go down and check. When Steven came home he informed me that water was indeed coming up into the basement. We went down and sopped with towels and a mop. Once again, my flood boots came in handy.

At last we felt we had done all we could. I may head out somewhere tomorrow and get a more better mop and bucket (more better being the technical term). That will possibly make a more better blog post on Saturday. As always, I hope you’ll stay tuned.

Fun at the Car Show

Saturday Steven and I attended an annual event we always try to make it to: the Elks Club Car Show in Myers Park in Herkimer, NY.

I was a little worried we would miss it this year, because Steven worked till three. Saturday morning when our schnoodle, Tabby, and I walked through the park on our way to the post office, they were getting things set up. I asked a lady how late the show ran. She said usually till four, depending on the judging. I said I thought we could make it. She said she looked forward to seeing us.

I brought it up to Steven when he came home for lunch. I had the inspiration that Tabby and I could walk down at three and Steven could meet us there on his way home from work. So that was our plan.

Tabby and I did not have long to wait for Steven. He luckily found a parking space. After his joyous reunion with Tabby, we walked up into the park.

After some debate we got a couple of hamburgers. It was a kind of a rough decision, because we had exactly enough cash between us for two burgers and one bottle of water. Also, I had already started cooking something for supper. However, I did want to support the Elks, and since there was no admission charge, this was a good way to do it. Also, the hamburgers were delicious.

This is a really nice car show, because it is not huge and intimidating. It did not take us long to stroll around and check out all the cars with no fear of missing something good. We admired a variety of vehicles of different years and styles. My favorites were the ones from the ’50s, with fins. I also especially like the pick-up trucks. We had seen the very old hearse from Enea Funeral Home, but that was fun to see again.

DJ Sal Stokes was entertaining with some tunes. He made a dedication to all the ladies: “Pretty Woman” by Roy Orbison. Steven did not disagree. He’s a smart man.

We enjoyed the car show very much. I’m hoping next year Steven has the day off so we can go earlier.