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Sweet Stop on Saturday

What could be more seasonal than candy, fudge and yummy stuff?  Oh, who am I kidding?  I eat sweets and fattening things all year long.  However, during the holidays, we can all pretend we have a good excuse, and I will thank you NOT to rain on the yummy stuff parade (you know who you are).  This by way of introduction to a well-deserved shout-out to the So Sweet Candy Cafe in Utica, NY.

I do not get to the So Sweet as often as I would like, because I do not get to Utica as often as I used to.  However, when Steven had last Saturday off and the So Sweet was having a Holiday Open House, we naturally seized the opportunity.  I remembered to bring my Tablet, so I could take a few pictures for the blog.

I love an old fashioned Santa even more than I love the old fashioned candy.

One reason for seasonal visits to the cafe is that they decorate accordingly.  Steven and I both admired the Santa, and made several slow trips around the display looking at the stocking stuffers.  Covered pretzel rods, candy canes, and old fashioned candies like Lemon Drops and Boston Baked Beans…

This is where the Skelleton sat in October.

Because it was the Open House, there were some free samples.  Naturally I tried a few.  Then, since we definitely wanted some fudge, we asked to sample that too.

Mmmmm…. fudge…


It was delicious fudge for a really quite reasonable price.  We got three different kinds, a quarter pound of each.

I should have gotten a couple of close-ups of some of the fancy shaped truffles.

We ended up not getting any of the fancy stuff from the truffle case, but I’m afraid I stared at it so long that the calories seeped in through my eyeballs.

It was a fun and delicious part of our Saturday morning adventures.  We still have not eaten all the fudge and candy we purchased.  That may not stop me from sneaking back again before Christmas.  I may need some truffles.  Or cookies.  Or biscotti.  Or….

The So Sweet Candy Cafe is located at 531 Varick St., Utica, phone number 315-765-6463.  They are open 8:o0 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 8 to 7 Friday, 8 to 4 Saturday, and 9 to 1 Sunday.


It’s Halloween!!!!!

According to my WordPress dashboard, it is actually Nov. 1, but here on my couch, it is still Oct. 31.  Trick or treating in Herkimer begins in just 24 minutes, that is officially. I fully expect early birds as well as late comers.  For heavens’ sake, who doesn’t like free candy?  Oh, I know, YOU probably don’t.  Fine, all the more for the rest of us.

Um, I don’t expect to get any free candy.  Steven and I will be handing out free candy to kids in costume.  I am looking forward to seeing the costumes.  If only yesterday’s sick headache hadn’t come back, my life would be perfect.  Don’t worry; I’ll wear gloves to hand out the candy, which is wrapped.  I won’t share my germs around.  And if I do give someone my cold, they can’t say I never gave ’em nuthin’.

Steven put this on Facebook earlier with the comment, “I’m waiting!”

This is actually a shot of our front porch last year, but it looks remarkably similar this year.  Next year I want to get some grave stones and a spooky-looking fence for the front yard.  Maybe a pair of glowing eyeballs for the tree, which it pretty monstrous all on its own, I think.

My challenge tonight is to not eat the candy while I’m passing it out.  Well, not eat too much of it.  Oh, how I love Halloween!  I think I will continue my celebration through Thanksgiving at least.  For one reason, I still have plenty of monster movies saved on my DVR.  Maybe I’ll watch a few this weekend and write blog posts about them. Happy Halloween, everyone!


Return to the So Sweet

I’ve talked about my friend Margaret’s shop, the So Sweet Candy Cafe in Utica, NY.  I thought I’d give her another brief shout-out, in lieu of the Wuss-out Wednesday post that has been lurking in my brain all day.

Ever since I went to the So Sweet once, I’ve been looking for an opportunity to bring my husband Steven there.  He would love it!  However, when I got the opportunity to go without him, I did not hesitate, because, yum.  My older sister, Vicki was in town, and she had not visited the So Sweet yet.  Vicki and Margaret were best friends back in the day (we did not use the term BFFs nor yet besties).

It is the cutest little shop. Once again I noticed candies remembered from my childhood:  Boston Baked Beans, Lemonheads, bubble gum cigars.  I could not resist a few of the caramels with sugar in the midde:  3 for 75 cents, who could argue?  For Steven, I got a large brownie and two chocolate chunk cookies (full disclosure:  according to my evil plan, I ate one of the cookies and half the brownie).  These tasty delights were made by Margaret.  What a great talent!  I also grabbed a bottle of water, because, you know, hydration.

I still have not gotten a cup of coffee or tea and sat for a while.  I hope to do that one day soon.  Either I will bring a notebook and write (as Hemingway used to do in cafes), or I will bring Steven and visit.  Either way will be, you guessed it, so sweet.

The So Sweet Candy Cafe is located at 531 Varick St., Utica, NY.  Phone number 315-765-6463.



Oh, So Sweet!

When Cheryl, Penny and I were out adventuring Saturday, our first stop was the sweetest:  the So Sweet Candy Cafe in Utica, NY.

The owner of the shop grew up across the street from us.  This is a fortunate circumstance for me, because otherwise it may have taken me longer to discover the place.  I don’t always get to Utica, and I don’t always stop at candy shops, because, you know, waistline.  Ooh, I just flashed on The Most Interesting Man in the World.  “I don’t always stop at candy shops, but when I do, I like the So Sweet Candy Cafe.”

The shop is located on the corner of Columbia and Varick (531 Varick St).   Cheryl was driving, another fortunate circumstance for me.  It’s kind of near the Saranac Brewery.  I am vaguely familiar with that area, because of running the Boilermaker, so I have reasonable hopes of finding the place again.  I have great faith in my local readers’ ability to find it, and I certainly advise you to try.  It’s a great little place.

In the display cases are baked goods and candies, many of which are made by Margaret, our friend the owner.  Old-fashioned and unusual candy is available as well.  Penny purchased some cinnamon toothpicks.  I got a little rubber ducky that looked like he was covered with fudge.  I also chose a number of treats from the display case.  They all featured dark chocolate, so that was healthy, right?

You can also get a cup of coffee or tea and sit at a table, enjoying your beverage and a baked good (for example).   I hope to do that one day soon with my husband Steve.  I’ll probably write a blog post about it.

For more information about the So Sweet Candy Cafe, call 315- 272-9953. You can also Like their Facebook page.



It’s a Non-Sequitur, It’s a Memory, NO, It’s Lame Post Friday!

Full Disclosure: I’m writing blog posts ahead this week. We’re going away for the weekend, and I don’t want to worry about getting up extra early on Friday or finding a computer on Saturday (the only full day we’ll be gone) (oh dear, I hope nobody made a note of that and intends to rob my house) (well, if you do, please clean the bathroom while you’re there, it’s disgusting) (and anybody that just said “TMI” to that last bit, Shut up! You know I hate that expression!).

Where was I? Ah, yes, this will be either Non-Sequitur Thursday or Lame Post Friday. I’ll decide when I type it into the computer. As you may have guessed, this post is a silly one.

When I registered at the Superhero Sprint on Saturday, they gave me an itty bitty box of candy, maybe an inch long, half-inch wide, quarter-inch deep. It had the Incredible Hulk on the outside and said it contained Candy Sticks.

I put the box in my purse and did not think about it again till the other day at work, when I happened to notice it. Now, I like to say I don’t see the point of candy that isn’t chocolate. That is not really accurate, of course, but I’m sure chocolate lovers see my point. Furthermore, I am trying to cut down on sweets (for me that is easier than cutting back on salty treats and deep-fried yumminess). I asked my friend Karen if she wanted them.

“What are they?”

“I know know; it says Candy Sticks. I thought it might be good if you needed that little sugar boost.” For my own sugar boost needs, I generally rely on hot chocolate out of the machine or substitute caffeine.

Pause for PSA: Kids! Don’t use artificial stimulants!

Back to the blog: Karen opened up the box and we peeked at the candy sticks.

“Why, those are candy cigarettes,” I exclaimed. “Remember candy cigarettes?” Not being worried if she dated herself in front of me, Karen nodded.

They weren’t exactly candy cigarettes, because they didn’t have the red food coloring tip (probably made with red dye number whatever that caused cancer). Still, the resemblance was striking.

“Think of it,” I said. “For years, all those candy-cigarette-making-machines stood idle, because it wasn’t cool to sell candy cigarettes any more. Then somebody got the idea, ‘Hey! We’ll make candy STICKS instead!’ And all those machines got used again!”

I don’t know if Karen was similarly struck at the thought or if she just likes to laugh at my nonsense. But I thought the whole story was good enough for a silly blog post. Candy cigarettes! What a blast from the past!

Ooh, I just realized, I could save this post for Monday, when it could be a Middle-aged Memory. But, no, I think I will use it for Lame Post Friday. For one thing, I’m too tired to write up and type in yet another post.

Have a nice weekend!