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I Almost Forgot, I’m Gonna Be Bald!

Long time readers may remember that I have previously participated in St. Baldrick’s Day events.  That is, I got my head shaved to help raise funds for cancer research.  Thanks to the generosity of my family, friends and co-workers,  I raised enough money to not feel foolish in front of the other bald people.  Oh, I know, every little bit helps, and as long as I bring something, I have nothing to be ashamed of.  I still don’t want to look like I’m just cadging a cheap haircut.

Look how cute I’m going to look! Or do I flatter myself?

This is a picture of me after the last time I got my head shaved,  in 2016.  I think it looks better once it starts to grow back some, but bald is just so striking.

The problem I have is that I hate asking people to donate.  There are just so many people raising money for so many causes, most of them very worthy (I can’t bring myself to say they are ALL worthy, but I will not go so far as to name any I found less than worthy) (I’m sure it wasn’t yours) (oh dear,  I can get myself into trouble this way).

That was as far as I got last night, before my fatigue overtook me and I cravenly went to bed.  Now it is Wednesday morning, and I shall finish my Tuesday post with a link to my St. Baldrick’s Day Fundraising page.  You might like to take a look, if only to see the silly “before” picture I used.  If you would like to make a small donation to cancer research, I shall be extremely grateful.


Rest in Peace, My Friend

My heart hurts.  I try to keep this blog all positive and happy and silly, but shit happens, and sometimes I just need the space to say, “This really sucks.”

I feel I should say something more profound or more articulate or at least less vulgar, but there it is.  Life is sad and sometimes we feel sad and there are not a whole lot of ways to say it.

A dear friend lost her battle with cancer yesterday.  My husband Steven found out via Facebook.  Say what you want about Facebook, but I am grateful to it for letting me find these things out sooner rather than later.  You see, we have not been in close touch with this friend in some years now.  We used to hang out with Kathy, her husband and a few others a lot in the late ’80s and early ’90s when we all lived up North.  When Kathy and her husband moved south, we kept in sporadic touch and more recently re-connected on Facebook.

It cannot be denied that her passing sucks way more for others than for me.  Indeed, part of my sadness is for her husband, children, sister, parents, other family members and friends she saw on a regular basis.  Many of them are posting thoughts and pictures on Facebook.  It is wonderful if heartbreaking to see the pictures of Kathy smiling, happy, full of life.  That is how we will remember her: her great spirit, her large heart.

So this is the best I can do for a blog post today.  It is Halloween and soon I must greet the trick-or-treaters.  No doubt they will put a smile on my face.  And I will smile as I remember my friend.  She is probably up there singing with a heavenly choir now.  Peace, Kathy.


Ah Yes, About the Bald

I have not given a bald update in a while.  Regular readers may remember that I have signed up to participate in a St. Baldrick’s Foundation fundraiser. That means I get my head shaved after asking my friends and family to donate money.

Money raised goes to fund children’s cancer research.  I do it to honor my Aunt Carlyn.  Of course, she was not a child when cancer took her from us, but I feel sure she would support the cause.  I chose St. Baldrick’s because, well, I wanted to be bald for a good reason.

Being me, I have to second guess my choices. Is this just another way to call attention to myself?  A good way to sleaze a free haircut? Well, it isn’t exactly free, because Steven and I donated on my fundraiser page too.  I suppose it is a way to get a haircut without having to decide how to cut it and with no point in worrying if it is not the most flattering (although at least one man said I was beautiful after I did it last time).

As I write this, I begin to feel feel that this second guessing is just more of those profitless questions I was writing about yesterday.  I decided to do this, and it is a goodthing to do. I will wear my bald head proudly, in solidarity with cancer patients everywhere.

If anybody would like to join me in my bald endeavor, they can visit the St. Baldrick’s website at If you are not local, you can type in your zip code andfind an event near you.  If you are local, please consider becoming bald with me on Sunday, April 10, at Arthur’s in Dolgeville, NY.  If you don’t care to be bald, you can still come to Arthur’s that day. They are donating a percentage of food and beverage sales that day to St. Baldrick’s.  If you would just like to make a donation, my participant page is


Tired of My Hair

So I guess I’m going to be bald again. And in lieu of a whiny Tired Tuesday post, I thought I’d talk a little bit about it.

In 2013, I participated in a St. Baldrick’s Day Fundraiser.  St. Baldrick’s Foundation raises money for research on childhood cancers.  Basically, I’m going to ask people for money then get my head shaved.  They say it’s like a walk-a-thon only without the blisters.

Please note:  I am not donating my hair.  I would be very happy to donate the stuff if anybody wanted it, but I don’t think anybody does.  My baldness is more along the lines of a solidarity thing.  Cancer patient often lose their hair.  Well, I’ll be bald along with them.

I have to be honest: I don’t know if any cancer patient will actually derive much comfort from the thought or sight of my bald head.  However, it may be good for a laugh.

My major malfunction right now is that I HATE asking people for money.  I feel so stupid doing it, and I never know what to say.  However, I did it three years ago and people generously gave me a total of $630.  I had timidly set my goal at $100. This year I boldly set my goal at $500.  I’m sure they’ll still shave my head if I fall short, but I will be one sheepish bald lady.

I have signed up for an event at Arthur’s in Dolgeville, NY on March 6.  My participant page is  Anyone wishing to make a donation, feel free to log in.  Anyone wishing to be bald with me, sign on up!  We’ll be bald together!


At Least My Afghan Will Help

Hands up, anybody who thought today was not going to be a Tired Tuesday post. Keep your hands up while I ask for hands up all of you who are disappointed.

In my defense, I’m sad. This is a totally fun blog (see subhead). I can’t write about being sad. For another reason, I have nothing wise and insightful to say. And I don’t want to come across as if I’m saying, “Look how compassionate and thoughtful I am, feeling all sad and stuff. I’m deep.” “Yeah,” my readers will say, “something is getting deep around here.”

But I will share the reason for my sadness. A few days ago at work I noticed a flier about one of those fundraisers for a cancer patient. This was for the wife of a co-worker. I don’t really know the co-worker and have never met his wife, but when I see one of these fliers, if they have contact information, I like to donate an afghan for the Chinese auction (these fundraisers almost always include a Chinese auction).

Regular readers will know I make afghans regularly as I watch TV, which I may or may not watch too much of (don’t judge). Sometimes they pile up, and I like to donate them. The flier I saw mentioned two names of heat treat workers I know (heat treat is a department at my work). I approached the one on day shift, she gracefully accepted my offer, and I brought the afghan in today. Anyone who saw it said it was pretty.

Shortly after lunch, we heard that the co-worker’s wife had died. I don’t think anybody realized how short her time was, perhaps not even the doctors. We were all sad. Four different people told me the poor woman had died. I would rather that than not being told, but I felt more sad each time.

The fundraiser will still be held, because there are still expenses to be defrayed. My contribution will help with those, so I am glad I brought the afghan in. But I am sad and have nothing profound to say about it. But here is my Tired Tuesday blog post.