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Ready to Cheer for The Psychic

A post on the run for this week’s Lame Post Friday. Steven and I are about to leave for a real theatre party. Regular readers will recall that I recently appeared in Busybody at Ilion Little Theatre, along with a stellar cast aided by an awesome director, sound/light guy and prompter. Well, life goes on at Ilion Little Theatre, and tonight is opening night of The Psychic.

The Psychic features one of the cast members of Busybody. At the Busybody cast party, we all declared that we would attend The Psychic en masse, to cheer on our friend. I wondered if it would be one of those things which we all said, “Yeah, let’s do that!” but it didn’t work out. It seems it is working out.

Not entirely, of course. Not everyone can make it. Some of us are meeting before the play for dinner, some of us are going out after for drinks and snacks, some of us may do both. I don’t think anybody told Andy (the cast member we are particularly going to cheer on) that we will be there.

And I should just mention, we are going to support the ENTIRE theatre group. We will clap for the whole cast. Just wanted to be clear on that.

Anyways, I’m too busy and flustered to write a real post now, and I will be too tired later. But I hope to write a killer post about the play. Stay tuned!

The Last Pre-Show Post

Under the best of circumstances I often have a Wrist to Forehead Sunday. Today I do not have the best of circumstances. I have pretty damn good circumstances, I will admit. But they are not ideal for writing a wonderful blog post. For this I have my dithery self to blame (the computer seems to think “dithery” is not a word, but I believe it describes me accurately).

At 2 p.m. begins the closing performance of Busybody, the play I am in at Ilion Little Theatre. It’s always bittersweet when a play ends. How could it not be? For better or worse, this script and these people have been a huge part of your life for, in this case, over two months. For “Busybody” it has been for better. Delightful cast, humorous script, wonderful audiences, great director and awesome light/sound guy.

And I will admit, it is not just my appreciation of the others involved. It is my own petty ego gratification, because I have a big part and, dammit, I am doing a good job. OK, not a perfect job. Last night there was a (to me) painful pause in which I suddenly remembered that the next line was mine.

“Ow, I know!” I burst out, in my Cockney accent (that’s why it’s “Ow” instead of “Oh”), pretending that my character had just now had a clever thought. The moment passed. Nobody seemed to care.

Lame Post Friday is the day for half-baked philosophy, or I would ask myself why it is I feel quite sheepish in saying, “I’m doing a good job.” Can I not appreciate my own success? I think I have been pretty clear that it is part of a group effort and not my own wonderfulness carrying along everyone else willy-nilly. These are questions for another day.

For now I will continue to dither and panic (well, maybe not panic, but certainly get butterflies) about getting to the theatre, remembering props and costumes, not to mention lines. Oh yes, and once again I’ve forgotten to eat. That I can fix. Have a nice Sunday, everyone. I’m off to break a couple of legs.

I Say: Better than Whiskey

OK, so we’re all agreed that it’s all right if I do foolish posts till the play is over on Sunday. Um, I may also need Monday to recover from the cast party. In any case, today is Lame Post Friday, so we knew I wouldn’t be sweating it too much if today is, well, lame.

I had hoped for a marginally non-lame post. I thought I might do a minor preview of coming attractions, especially since I am planning to have at least one Mohawk Valley adventure tomorrow before the play. This quickly became a source of stress to me when I realized that although I plan to have an adventure, I do not actually have an adventure planned. How about a little half-baked philosophy about that?

Sometimes the best adventures are unplanned. I can’t think of an example offhand, but I’m sure that is a well-known contention, beloved by many. Or is it just a rationalization for people who have not planned? How many times have you said, “Well, that was an adventure,” just to make yourself feel better? Oh, I suppose YOU never did (you know who you are). I’m not talking to you.

And here is another half-baked philosophical question: Why are some people so down on rationalizations when sometimes they make you feel so much better? Aren’t mental gymnastics better than drugs? Shall I rationalize that faux pas or just have a shot of whiskey? MMmmm… whiskey. Better not have any of that before tonight’s performance.

For local readers I will just repeat: it’s Busybody at Ilion Little Theatre, Ilion, NY. Click on the link for more information (I was so proud of myself when I learned how to make a link). And happy Friday, everyone.

Break a Lame

I did say I might post late (and lame) so I could write about how the play went. Full disclosure: that isn’t the only reason. I was just too flustered earlier to write. I was pretty sure the play would go well. After all, the script is strong, the cast is talented, and everybody has been working hard. Still, one can’t help but be nervous.

At work today a friend was keeping a count for me. He started about twenty minutes to eleven.

“Nine hours and 18 minutes till curtain,” he said.

Luckily our work spaces are not all that close, so I didn’t get the update every few minutes. I did not need any help getting butterflies in my stomach. All I could do to counter it was continue to look over my lines (while on break) and think about my character (which I am capable of doing while I accomplish my job).

Briefly, then, the play went great. The audience laughed a lot. I confess, there were some mistakes and dropped lines. However, everybody helped everybody else and the performance ran smoothly. I don’t know why I still feel flustered. Perhaps because I have five more performances to get through.

Still, the first performance is out of the way and went well. I am looking forward to doing it again. And eventually to finding something other than the play to write about.

Just to reiterate, the play is Busybody at Ilion Little Theatre, 13 Remington Ave, Ilion, NY, Jan. 31, Feb. 1, 6, 7 and 8, 8 p.m. Friday and Saturdays, 2 p.m. Sundays. For more information visit, or Like Ilion Little Theatre Club on Facebook.

Blame It On The Play

I was afraid that after two “real” posts I would have a Wuss-out Wednesday. I had hoped to avoid it. I had two other Mohawk Valley adventures on Saturday I can write about. I still can. Just not today.

Yes, I am going to blame the play. I can’t write blog posts on my breaks at work when I have to study lines. Full disclosure: on one break I called my husband and on another I worked on a crossword puzzle with my co-worker. I think anyone can agree that these were also important activities. If you do not agree… hmmm, have we met? Have you read this blog? Never mind, on with my dithery non-post of the day.

There was a moment during rehearsal yesterday when I was suddenly having the time of my life. I was on stage, knowing most of my lines, saying them with the proper accent (at least as good as I get at it), and suddenly I started coming up with fun things to do. I knew why my character was crossing the stage. I reacted to the other people on stage. I was — dare I say it? — ACTING! Perhaps I flatter myself. But it was fun.

Don’t get me wrong. Rehearsal is always fun. There is no reason to participate in community theatre if it is not fun. But I cannot deny that some rehearsals are more fun than others. When I don’t know my lines it is painful. When other actors don’t know theirs it is even more painful. When nobody knows their lines it is excruciating! And of course learning lines is only the first step.

Oh, in case any of my fellow cast-members are reading this: No I did not know ALL my lines! I screwed up plenty of times. But I had moments where I felt like I knew what I was doing and it was fun.

Just to reiterate: the play is Busybody at Ilion Little Theatre, Remington Avenue, Ilion, NY, Jan. 30 and 31, and Feb. 1, 6, 7 and 8, at 8 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays, 2 p.m. Sundays. For more information visit ILT’s website at You can also Like them on Facebook.

I Did Mention The Play, Right?

I think I may have mentioned this blog might become All Busybody All The Time. Astute readers will recall that Busybody is the play I am in at Ilion Little Theatre. I’m the busybody who discovers the busy body. Opening night is Jan. 30, which is kind of bearing down on us in an ominous fashion.

Did anybody read yesterday’s post when I was having that dreadful bout of Writer’s Block? I had rehearsal. I had to make that blog post then get myself ready to ACT. I had to change into clothes for rehearsal, I had to make sure I had my rehearsal props, I had to look over my lines again, I had to think about my character. I can’t write and act at the same time!

Actually, I kind of can. I realized a long time ago, I act like I write. I know all kinds of stuff about my character that never shows up on stage. Today while I was at work, I started thinking about my relationship with this other character in the play. In the play, we are old friends who actually went out on a date once. I started thinking about what my character used to be like, and what the other character used to be like, and why I married the guy I married (uh, in the play). I had worked out a huge backstory involving characters who never even appear onstage.

This is what I do. When I was in Harvey, I didn’t stop with backstory. I started writing a sequel in my head. In the dressing room before one performance I started to recount it to other cast members. I ran out of stuff I had thought up while at work and started vamping. The other cast members were rapt, or perhaps I flatter myself.

I had rehearsal tonight. I did not write my blog post before rehearsal. For some reason I trusted I would be able to come up with something after rehearsal. How silly of me. On the other hand, this is Tired Tuesday. Perhaps this will be all right. See you on Wuss-out Wednesday.

Vegetables or Blog?

To chop vegetables or make my blog post, that is the question. Perhaps a little less profound than “to be or not to be,” but I find it entirely appropriate for Wuss-out Wednesday.

It would really be a good idea if I chopped vegetables for my lunch tomorrow. I have some celery, which does not last as long as one would like. I have carrots and radishes, which last longer but are not nonperishable. More to the point, I am NOT meeting my weight-loss goals and including raw vegetables in my lunch will help. If I needed another reason, there is the therapeutic benefit of chopping up vegetables.

Of course, one reaches the full benefit by also sipping a glass of wine (only one since there is a knife involved; safety first). I mean, it’s still a soothing thing to do even without the wine. But I say give yourself every advantage. Unfortunately I cannot benefit from wine till later. I have rehearsal in about an hour.

For those of you just tuning in, rehearsal is for the play Busybody at Ilion Little Theatre. It will be presented at the last weekend of January and first weekend of February. I have rather a large part. In fact, rehearsal is less than an hour away. Less than an hour? Yikes! No wonder I’m so flustered. I don’t think chopping vegetables would calm me down at this point with or without wine. Is typing in my blog post having a similar therapeutic effect? Not noticeably.

So I have determined that neither chopping vegetables nor posting my blog is going to make me feel any better right now. However, consider this: I can eat a lunch without vegetables. I have done it before. But in three years I have not gone a day without making a blog post. I am not going to start today!

Therefore I make bold to hit Publish for this collection of nonsense and continue getting ready for rehearsal. Will the vegetables ever get chopped? I don’t know, so I must leave you in suspense. See you on Non-Sequitur Thursday.

More Than a Few Flakes

It’s another Tired Tuesday and let me tell you I do not have time to be tired. Last Tuesday I typed in haste before going to get my hair cut. I excused lack of a real post on the grounds that I was studying my lines for a play I am in at Ilion Little Theatre, Busybody. Guess what I was doing today?

I am in haste again as well. This time I have to get to rehearsal at 6:30. However, rather than spending a couple hundred words dithering about that, I will attempt a brief description of a short walk I just took with my schnoodle, Tabby.

The weather report today had dire predictions for foul winter weather this evening. They started canceling various after-school activities early on. I just shook my head and said, “It’s not even precipitating yet!” I thought it would be an anti-climax. However, it was cold. I put on my warmest coat, hat, gloves and a scarf. I usually forget the scarf and get a cold face.

As we left the house I saw a few white flakes. Oh, how pretty. I thought, “Guess it is going to precipitate a little.” Oh, this was no problem. We had not gone ten feet when suddenly the snow was dumping down! There was a ton of it! It was like somebody dumped a giant bucket of snow, only it didn’t stop.

I laughed. I believe I’ve mentioned before that bad weather makes me laugh. I don’t know why, but I always say, “You can laugh or you can cry; might as well laugh.” Tabby stopped and looked at me. I thought perhaps she did not like being snowed on and wanted to go back home. Instead she wanted to cross the street. The walk was still on.

The air was cold. Then the wind picked up. That did not stop Tabby from wanting to stop and sniff several times. I was glad of my coat, but the scarf was not the miracle I had hoped for. I looked around for Christmas lights so at least my heart could feel warm.

When we got to a corner it seemed Tabby wanted to cross the street and go another block, but I suggested we turn. I thought one block would be good considering the cold and my time constraints. I knew a moment’s hesitation, thinking of my dog’s happiness and enjoyment. Then the wind picked up and I felt I had made the right decision.

Back home typing this in, I heard Adam Musyt on WKTV say the snow had started (I KNOW, Adam!); sleet and freezing rain will be coming (oh crap, probably in time for my drive home from the theatre). I must finish this post and change my clothes for rehearsal. And study my lines some more.

In My Defense, I’m in a Play

Sorry, folks, it’s another Tired Tuesday. I spent my breaks at work studying my lines for a play I’m in with Ilion Little Theatre. It is a big part, so regular readers should stand by for All Busybody All The Time. Busybody is the name of the play.

I’m writing in haste, too, because I have a hair appointment in less than 45 minutes. I can’t think of anything alliterative for that. If it was in a few days, I could have Flustered Friday. That’s all I got right now, and I don’t know where my thesaurus is.

I don’t know where my brain is either. I spent all day at work fussing in my head over all the stuff I need to get done in the coming days. And dithering over whether or not to get my hair cut at all. And wondering if I could get in to my usual stylist at Hot Spot Salon and Spa in Herkimer. And lamenting that I cannot get a pedicure as well.

Finally I made myself a list of everything I need to work on. Making a list is a wonderful tool. Once you have that list, you feel you have accomplished something. You feel in control. You feel competent and organized. You try to ignore what messy handwriting you have and how long the list actually is.

Sometimes you actually start to do the the things on the list. What a concept! And, hey, I just realized that one of the items on my list is make blog post. I’m going to cross that one out and go get my hair cut. Then spend some more time studying my lines. I have a lot of them.