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It Will Probably Be a Monstrous Monday

Here’s a funny thing: in the past I have been posting at 4:30(ish) in the morning because I am posting late for the day before. Today I am posting early for TODAY!  I call that progress.  You see, I got up early for a different reason (not worth recounting), so I have a few minutes extra time, which I will not have tonight, so…

Still, this isn’t going to be much of a post.  I cannot completely disrupt my morning routine, or this will be an even more Monstrous Monday than usual.  I don’t even know how far down my Media Library I will scroll to find a few monster pictures to post.  Lame Post Monday?  Let’s not call it that; it only reminds me how far away Friday seems (which is not a completely bad thing, since I have a murder mystery on Saturday I am still getting ready for).

“You’re just getting up? It’s almost my bedtime!”

I’m thinking vampires hate summer, because they must spend more time hiding from the sun.  Then again, maybe they like the extra sleep.  I do not purport to know how a vampire feels, although I do not rule out guessing for the sake of fiction.

“Put my head back, you monster!”

Not exactly a monster, but two horror movie icons, Peter Lorre and Vincent Price (yes, I know I did not need to tell some of you).  It is an appropriate picture for me, because this week I may be running around like the proverbial chicken with its head cut off (writer’s trick:  you can use a cliche if you insert the words “the proverbial” in there; it’s kind of like “sic” but more hip) (or do I flatter myself?).

I know just how he feels. Come to think of it, I know pretty much how she feels, too.

A splash of color and a big ape to close this week’s Monstrous Monday post.  I gotta run now; I’m missing my Local on the Ones.  I feel more secure once I’ve heard the weather report.


Monstrously Late Post

Is this my new pattern?  Posting the next morning for the day before but missing that day’s post so that the next morning… etc., etc., ad infinitum (isn’t that how you spell ad infintum? I’m too lazy to look it up).  A little self-dramatizing, aren’t I?  It’s only been two days, for heavens’ sake!  Never mind that, on with the post and let’s see if I can at least get up to 200 words today.

“What’s this? Another late post? At least it isn’t dawn yet!”

When in doubt, throw in a monster.  I do love me some Nosferatu (1922).

“It’s all right, dear. These things happen.”

Doesn’t he look as if he is giving the young lady good advice?  I loves me some Julie Adams and Creature of the Black Lagoon (1954), too.

So it’s pretty obvious I don’t have much to say.  I don’t feel I should go on and on about how busy I am.  For one thing, as a friend once said, “Save your sympathy for those who are too busy to tell you how busy they are.”  Am I too busy to type how busy I am?  Apparently not, but why go on and on about my own admittedly self-imposed ills?

“Cheer up, dearie. You made a blog post!”

I close with our own delightful witch, from Pumpkin Junction in Sauquoit, NY.  It will be a few months before I made a real post about them again, but, as they say, time flies!  Late Happy Monday, everyone!

(Over 200 words!  Yay, me!)


Busy Saturday, Lousy Post

What a day, what a day!  I felt too tired and out of it to make my blog post earlier; why, for heavens’ sake, did I think it would be any easier now?  However, it is now 9 p.m. on Saturday night and I must post or not, and I choose post.

This morning I ran in the East Herkimer Fire Department 5K.  It was fun!  I did not run very fast, but I ran the whole distance and finished in as close as I get to a sprint.  I meant to write a whole blog post about it, but you know how it is.  You get home, shower, eat something, get absorbed in doing other stuff…  Long story, not very interesting, I did not write the post.

Tonight, we put on A G.R.A.V.E. Murder, the interactive murder mystery dinner theatre which benefited the Herkimer County Historical Society.  It was fun!  The audience loved us!  I could write a whole blog post about it, but, what a surprise, I’m tired.  I am dressed in comfy clothes, lounged on the couch with the television on.  I want to watch it and crochet.

And here we come to my main problem in my life as a blogger (oh yeah, like blogging is my life; I assure you, it is not):  when I am doing lots of good stuff to blog about, I am too tired and busy to write the damn post.  Oh well, shit, as they say, happens.  I’ll try for a better post tomorrow.  Happy Saturday, everyone.


Pre-Rehearsal Wuss

Oh crap, look at the time!  My ride is picking me up for rehearsal in about 25 minutes.  I can’t get my blog post done plus find the props I still need, brush my teeth, put my shoes on, look over my lines again, eat a pickle, finish my iced coffee, look at Facebook again… and remember all the other stuff I thought I could do.  Oh, and pet my dog. He just walked over from his end of the couch, and I think that is what he wants.  One must pet one’s dog, after all.

Luckily, this is Wuss-out Wednesday.

The thing is, I wrote a blog post today.  I had written most of it yesterday with the thought that I would also type it in when I typed in yesterday’s post.  Then today I would only have to hit “Publish,”  so I would have time to run.  However, yesterday I also did a load of laundry and made a salad.  Was that not ambitious of me?  I finished the post while at work today.  Then I amused myself by writing a brief synopsis of a possible sequel to Much Ado About Nothing (you know, the play I’m in).

When I got home today, after I took the dog for a business meeting (it was too short to call it a walk), I went running.  I wanted to write a Running Commentary post, but that is just not going to happen.  Anyways, first I had to eat, drink an iced coffee, and check my email.  Then answer my email, which I had to do twice, because I didn’t do it right the first time, and I still haven’t answered all the emails I am supposed to.

Good grief!  The only good thing is, I now have over 250 words of this nonsense and I  am going to hit Publish.  Maybe I can write another blog post about what else I accomplished from my list in the first paragraph.  Happy Wednesday, everybody.


Oh Yeah, Right; I’m Supposed to Write!

Oh crap, crap, crappety crap, this week is taking forever!  Yes, my Monday post was ridiculous and today is going to be Wuss-out Wednesday.   I’m only surprised I managed to avoid Bad Attituesday.

As I worked at my job today (lots of time for thinking at my job), I thought about the play I am directing and the murder mystery I am organizing.  I came up with a whole new plan for a scene in the play.  Well, perhaps not a whole new plan, but a change in the blocking that I think will really work.  I also spent some time thinking about how I used to think about my blog posts or my novel while I worked, and then I would spend my break time writing.  I spent my break time today solving cryptogram puzzles.  I love solving cryptogram puzzles.

So what’s this all about, I ask myself.  How is it that I have stopped writing?  Not entirely, of course, but I have slowed way down.  I suppose it is because I am busy with not one but two plays (yes, one is just a murder mystery dinner theatre; THANK GOD it’s not another full stage production!).   And I am on overtime.  And I need my sleep.  I am not a young woman any more (YES, it was a LONG time ago I was a young woman, what’s your point?).

Regarding those profitless questions I referred to on Monday, one might be Why do I do this?  I don’t know how profitless it is, but I think the answer is clear.  I cling to my daily blog, because it is one bit of writing that I do every day.  As long as I am writing SOMETHING, there is still a chance that I will write more.  Maybe even something good.  Hope to see you all on Non-Sequitur Thursday.


And Now We’re Watching a Christmas Special

Well, here we go again on Non-Sequitur Thursday, I sit down late at my computer and try to come up with something not too contemptible to publish. In my defense, I was busy. Steven and I wanted to attend the monthly dinner meeting of Ilion Little Theatre. He worked till six. I got home just before four.

I made a dish to pass at the meeting (chips and dip, but it was homemade dip), walked my dog Tabby to Steven’s place of employment to get his car, drove it home, changed into nice clothes (Christmasy clothes), got together plates and silverware, put stuff in the car, drove back to meet Steven at six. Oh, and found time for a short game of That’s My Toy with Tabby. I know, other people have more to do and still manage to make credible blog posts. Bully for them. I’m talking about me.

In fact, I wrote a blog post while at work today. It was not easy, because we were having something of a Christmas celebration during our breaks. This involved eating a lot of fattening food. I had to tear myself away from pizza and wings, but I did it. I wrote about Christmas memories. It wasn’t very good. I shall not inflict it upon you.

Our meeting was fun. It was the Christmas meeting, which is always more of a party than a meeting. I’m down with that. I suppose it would be a good idea to write about that. For one thing, I could give an update on the play I’m in (I believe I’ve mentioned it once or twice). That will be a good thing for me to write about tomorrow.

However, as I said, today is Non-Sequitur Thursday. I just have to think of a title that doesn’t quite fit the post, and I’m done. Hope to see you on Friday.