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A Monster of a Post Christmas Letdown

“How’s that post-Christmas letdown working for you?”

I pause in my post-Christmas letdown/Boxing Day celebrations to make a blog post.  Since I have a 2004 Godzilla movie on cable television as background noise, I thought I would lead with a picture of the big lizard.  This one seemed to have a kind of a red tinge to it, so I found it marginally seasonal.

Some may find it unbecoming that I am having a Tired Tuesday when I am in the midst of a week off (you know who you are), but it cannot be denied that shit happens.  I was looking at my On This Day on Facebook, and in a previous year, a friend noticed how I often suffer from the letdown. She suggested I combat the problem celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas, culminating in a big party on Jan. 6.  Right now I feel far too tired to undertake anything of that nature, although I suppose the suggestion has merit.  Then again perhaps it would merely postpone the letdown.

I must say this Godzilla movie is not doing anything for me either.  I had no great hopes for it, being made as it was in 2004.  Oh, go ahead and start a discussion of all the great movies that have been made in this century.  I have not seen most of them so will have to take your word for it.  In the meantime, how about another picture of Godzilla?

“Hi, guys, it’s me! Have you seen Mothra?”

I thought Godzilla with a big grin might cheer us all up.  In the meantime, I must seek out a good true crime show or a better monster movie.  As usual, I’ll try for a better blog post tomorrow.  Happy Boxing Day.


Merry Day After Christmas

Steven and I have been out having Mohawk Valley adventures all morning. I thought I would pause at midday and make my blog post before embarking on further activities. As I pondered my options for a blog post topic, I remembered: It’s Lame Post Friday! I don’t have to write a regular post! I can write something silly involving random observations and half-baked philosophy! Woo hoo! Let’s get on with it then.

A happy observation I made today is that one does not always get post-Christmas letdown on December 26 (today). Sometimes one gets what I might call Post-Christmas Surge. It’s that feeling of, “Ah, I don’t have to worry about Christmas any more! Now I can get on with other things!” Although Christmas can be, as the song says, the most wonderful time of the year, few would dispute that it can also be stressful (and I daresay the ones that would dispute it are the ones that would dispute anything) (you know who you are). Now, for better or worse, it’s over! Time to stress about other things! Yay!

And now for a bit of half-baked philosophy about Christmas and stress. Does more stress make Christmas more merry? Probably not. Is some stress inevitable in order to make Christmas merry at all? Probably. Wow, that didn’t take long.

I am over 200 words. Lame posts should be short. I hope you are all enjoying the day after Christmas. Boxing Day in some places, or as Steven says, “The feast of me!” (Um, you do get that he means the Feast of Steven, right?)

I’m Still on Vacation

To make this Non-Sequitur Thursday, I’m not even going to mention in the body of the post that I’m on vacation.


Be that as it may, today is Boxing Day. Not being ready to deal with my post-Christmas letdown, I decided to celebrate the holiday. I was not exactly sure the best way to set about this, so I got all 21st century and asked on Facebook. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I guess I could have googled or tweeted or something. Well, I’m not all that 21st century and I happened to be on Facebook at the time.

I got three suggestions (before I wrote this; there may be more now). One friend pointed out that it is also The Feast of Stephen, so I should eat something yummy. Excellent advice! I eat yummy things at every opportunity.

Another friend suggested a box of red wine. Brilliant! We all know I occasionally indulge in wine, box or bottle. In fact, I have a box of white wine on my kitchen table right now. I’m sure that would count.

The other suggestion (appropriately enough from a gentleman named Stephen) was boxing gloves. One of my stock greetings is, “Do you want to fight about it?” Based on that, I would say I celebrate Boxing Day every day. Come to think of it, one could argue that based on eating yummy things and getting a box of wine, I am a real Boxing Day maven.

I don’t imagine Boxing Day will ever obtain the prominence of Christmas in our culture. However, based on my limited knowledge and experience, I recommend it to all. Happy Boxing Day, and I hope to see you on Lame Post Friday.