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Blog Post to Murder?

So we just had our first rehearsal for Donation to Murder.  At least, I think that is the title we agreed on.  How embarrassing that I do not know for sure, and how really embarrassing that I did not have a definite title when I wrote it.  Titles are hard.  Some writers know all about titles.  I know one fellow who told me that everything he ever wrote had a specific title that had a special meaning. Then again, I never read anything he wrote and have reason to believe he was NOT as good a writer as he believed himself to be.  That is neither here nor there.

As a matter of fact, I still do not have a lot of details on the murder mystery that will be presented at Herkimer Elks Lodge on Sept. 15, 2018.  I thought I would find out some stuff at today’s rehearsal, but we were so busy talking about our characters, costumes, props, and the script, that other details just kind of got lost.  These things happen, I suppose

In the meantime, it is Wuss-out Wednesday, so I guess this is my wuss out post.  I had fun at rehearsal and am mostly looking forward to less humidity tomorrow, which several meteorologists have promised me.  Meteorologists have disappointed me before.  Maybe next I shall write a murder mystery about a blogger who murders a weather predictor.


A Post to Remember (or Not, Whatever)


Is this the sequel or the prequel to I Dismember Mama?

I did not think I would post lame today.  I thought I would make a Running Commentary, because I was determined to run, a long run, a hard run, a run to get ready for the Boilermaker!  And I did run a long(ish), difficult run.  So there.  But now I’m feeling tired and discouraged and I just want to make a silly post and get on with my weekend.  At first I thought, “Well, I can’t do the picture thing two days in a row.”  Then I remembered there were a couple of pictures I downloaded yesterday but didn’t use.  Such as the above.  I’m not sure if that is an actual movie or not.  If I was a real blogger, I would look such a thing up on some website that I really ought to know about.  And here we come to the ugly truth about me.

Now there’s a shady tree!

Isn’t this a stylish pic?  I love the tree with the big eye and the zombies in the background.  The woman reminds me a little bit of Andrew Wyeth’s “Christina’s World,”  of which we have a print on the wall.  It is  different angle but a very similar position.  Now that I am sitting here looking at our print the differences become more glaring.  Oh dear, now the right thing to do is to find a picture of “Christina’s World” to share.

I should have just taken a picture of Steven’s print on our wall. Silly me.

While searching for this, I found many take-offs, homages and parodies of the shot, as well as a few pictures of the actual house.  I found it very interesting.  I’ll have to look for a biography of Andrew Wyeth to read.

Another movie for me to seek out. So much cheese, so little time.

I shall end with another picture from the B-Movie Mania Facebook page.  They were having a two-fer Tuesday earlier this week.  I find that rather delicious.  However, today is Friday, the day I post lame.  I hope everyone is having a delightful evening.


I Just Write

How many different things can one blogger think of to say about not writing, that is the question. I know, you thought it was “To be or not to be,” but you were mistaken. It is Lame Post Friday and I am feeling even more lame than usual.

Hmm, that was not a bad first paragraph, or do I flatter myself? I would feel more comfortable about my future as a blogger if I had not just sat here staring at it for ten minutes unable to think of another thing to say. OK, I just said that to be dramatic. I’ve been blogging for three years and I intend to continue, lame post or not.

One accepts when one begins at a writer that some days will be better than others. At least, I accept that premise. There are those who claim that “you just write.” But we’ve covered “There is no such thing as Writer’s Block” before. And anyways, it’s Writer’s Blank.

Where was I? Oh yes, not writing and apparently unable to think of anything new to say about it. How embarrassing is that? This has been a pretty long dry spell. I mean, I have had some not terrible blog posts (or do I flatter myself?), but the novel remains at a standstill. I don’t know how good my last couple of magazine articles were. I may have had a couple of good lines in some letters and post cards I have written.

Oh hell, Cindy, just end it and get off stage. This post is lame. Try again tomorrow.

And looking back, I’m not sure how good the first paragraph was either.

Curse You, Vincent Price!

What is it about Vincent Price? I start to write a perfectly straightforward post about one of his movies and I get all bogged down and confused and it takes me days to get it right.

At least, the one I started today hasn’t taken me days yet, but I can see which way the wind is blowing. First it was The Tingler. Now it’s The Mad Magician. What’s a blogger to do but write about the problems she’s having writing. (I didn’t end that last sentence with a question mark, because it is rhetorical. I don’t need any smart answers from the peanut gallery.)

After all, I avoided Wrist to Forehead Sunday. I think I’m entitled to a Middle-aged Musings Monday. I shall muse about my trials and tribulations as a writer.

The problem I had with The Tingler and am having with The Mad Magician is neither Writer’s Block nor Writer’s Blank. It’s quite the opposite. I have too much to say (some people think I have too much to say at all times, but I daresay they don’t read my blog, so we need not consider them).

Usually, having too much to say is not a problem. I just write and write till it’s all said. I find that fun. In this case, however, my thoughts do not flow in a logical fashion. I start out talking about pre-movie commentary, jump to the plot, jump back and add in the spoiler alert, remember something I forgot from the commentary, go off on a whole other tangent.

Some may say that’s still no problem. Just write it all down they say, perhaps in a condescending, overly patient voice (you know who you are). Sort it out later. Well, that is what I’m doing. However, these things take time and effort and a good deal more oomph that I can generally muster on a Monday.

I repeat, what’s a blogger to do?