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Monday Meatball Mix-up

This is not really a cooking post.  It’s not even really a cooking mishap post.  Oh, I’ll just write it an decide what kind of post it is when I’m done.  It’s that sort of a Monday.

I intend to give blood later this week.  I have had problems with this in the past, namely feeling woozy and ill after they took what seemed a very reasonable amount of blood out of me.  I thought maybe if I ate things with iron in them all week, I might do better.  What has iron in it, I asked myself.  Liver, but I hate liver.  Spinach.  I love spinach!  However, Steven does not love to just eat spinach.  He likes it in things.  I thought, Italian wedding soup.  Yum!

I knew I had spinach in the freezer and chicken broth in the cupboard (yes, purists make the chicken broth from scratch; I didn’t have all day for this!).  I did not have the little tiny pastas, but I had some little tubey-looking ones I thought would be fine.  All I needed was the little meatballs.  Accordingly, I stopped at the store (YES, the freezer section for the pre-made kind, not the meat department so I could make the balls from scratch; we’ve been through this already).

The first problem was that I did not have chicken broth, only beef broth.  Oh well, beef meatballs, beef broth, this will be OK, just a different flavor.

The second mishap was when I started to put the meatballs in and realized I had gotten the full-sized ones, not the minis.  Oh dear!  This was going to look silly, and be awkward to eat.  However, the broth was in the pot and hot; it was too late to change my mind and make tomato sauce (I believe I have a jar Paul Newman’s.  There could be no possible objection to using Paul Newman’s instead of scratch).

And how did the meatball soup turn out?  I don’t know yet.  I just paused between the last paragraph and this one to put the pasta on.  It’s ditalini, by the way (I checked the box when I went out there). I feel certain it will be fine.  For one reason, I’m quite hungry.  Happy Monday, everyone.

OK, before I added the categories and tags, the pasta was done and we ate.  It was yummy!  I LOVE soup!



Where’s the Beef Broth?

How about a cooking post for Wrist to Forehead Sunday (you may notice, I do not make this a question, because I intend to write it regardless). I think it will make a good post, because I invented another new recipe.

I had some leftover beef I thought would be good in a soup. I remembered buying beef broth, and I always have diced tomatoes on hand. This would work.

I started out by chopping an onion and putting it on to cook in olive oil. I put a lid on the pot, so the steam would keep it from burning to the bottom. I crushed up some garlic and set the timer for 15 minutes (so the garlic could breathe, or whatever it does). After 15 minutes, I put the garlic in with the onion and let them cook together for a while.

The onions got soft fairly quickly. A few even turned brown. I like carmelized onions, so I let them cook till I got hungry enough that I wanted to get on with it.

That was when I could find neither the diced tomatoes nor the beef broth in my pantry. Oh yes, I remembered, I had heated up the beef broth one day when I was feeling sick to my stomach. Soothing and nutritious. I did have some cream of mushroom soup, always a good ingredient (gourmet purists are gasping in horror, but they have obviously come to the wrong blog and must respond as they see fit).

I found some diced tomatoes, but by then the idea of cream of mushroom soup was appealing to me. I put it in the pot, with a can of milk, and stirred well. I added some spices (cumin, parsley flakes, and McCormick Savory All-Purpose, if you wanted to know).

I threw in some frozen green beans and cut up the leftover beef. When it was all heated through we ate. Steven had his with Spano’s Hard Crust Italian Bread, which is made right here in the Mohawk Valley, in Utica, NY. Yum! (I used some of it for an egg sammich yesterday.)

We enjoyed dinner. Steven pointed out that we have a beef roast in the freezer. He suggested cooking it one day soon, so we can use the leftovers to make this recipe again. If I remember it. Oh wait, I can just look here. Silly me.