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Saturday Fun in Herkimer

My husband, Steven, and I made a few stops this afternoon.  I brought along my Tablet and took pictures at each one, for a proper Scattered Saturday post.  Let’s see if I can actually make one.

I foolishly did not get the name of the fellow doing the pouring.

Our first stop was at Valley Wine and Liquor in Herkimer for a tasting by Thousand Islands Winery. Alas,they were not pouring any of their dryer wines,but we enjoyed talking to the young man pouring.  From there we went to Hummel’s Office Plus for some paper for our printer.

Look at all that paper!

After that, we stopped at a new business in Herkimer, Wakefield Furniture. Full disclosure:  we do not need any furniture at the present time.  However, the next time we do, we will go to Wakefield. They are very nice, in addition to having a very attractive store showcasing some lovely items.

I LOVE a tall table!

One of the first things to catch my eye was a tall table with matching stools. However, there was another table which I wonder would not be even better for my house.

I don’t know if this picture properly captures this table’s beautiful top.

Leaving the furniture store, I had the silly idea we should do a little bar hopping, a pastime in which we rarely indulge these days.  Accordingly, we stopped at the Endzone Pub and Grub.

They carry a lot of beers at the End Zone.

Can you read “Herkimer” on the shirt?

We admired the ceilings at the End Zone.  Wakefield also had lovely ceilings, but I neglected to take a picture.

After the End Zone,we stopped at Pete’s Tavern, at which we tried our luck at a couple of scratch-off lottery tickets.

This was our nice bartender, Cecelia.

I won $10 on one, $2 of which I re-invested in another scratch-off.  That one was not a winner, but I got a $1 scratch-off that won me $2, so I was still $8 up.

The other pub in close proximity was Asteroga Ale House, so we stopped there as well.  We had a cup of clam chowder along with our wine. Very tasty.

I do not remember this lady’s name.

The we finally went home.  Full disclosure:  I am having another glass of wine as I type this. I hope it still makes a fun blog post. Happy Saturday, everyone.


Wrist to Forehead But Fun

This may be an unusual Wrist to Forehead Sunday post in that I do not feel particularly wrist-to-foreheady (yes, computer, I know that is not a word, yet I do not believe I shall confuse any of my readers).  The obvious reason for that is that I do not have to go to work tomorrow. Yay, me.  Please don’t hate on me, those of you who do.

Since I do not have to work tomorrow, Steven and I went out to have drinks and appetizers at a local watering hole.  I took my Tablet with me, hoping to take some pictures for blog and other purposes.  Unfortunately the first place we tried has been closing on Sundays as of late.  The second place was too busy and crowded. How’s that for opposites?

Finally we went to Lombardo’s Pizzeria in Ilion, NY, where we had a couple glasses of wine and some food.  It was a fun interlude.  Next we went to Asteroga Ale House in Herkimer, where we had another drink and a pleasant conversation with another couple at the bar. Alas I did not take any pictures.  Here is where I fall far short in comparison with other bloggers. Judge me if you will.

Now we are home for what I like to call the bra off, sweats on, movie watching portion of the day.  Or we may watch an episode or two of Snapped.  In any case, I have kept my post-Christmas letdown at bay for yet another day.  Happy Sunday, everyone!


Fun at the Waterfront

I believe I mentioned Steven and I were visited by our good friend Tracy in the last few days.  We began our delightful visit with a trip to the Waterfront Grille at Gems Along the Mohawk  in Herkimer, NY.  It is one of my favorite Sunday afternoon things to do (and one I rarely get to indulge in), to sit at the bar and order drinks and appetizers.  We were happy to find seats at the bar.  Steven and I ordered some Chardonnay, but Tracy needed to put a little more thought into her drink order.  She is not as huge a wine-o-phile (oenophile, but I mispronounce that word) as I am.

Two of my favorite people, yes.

Here is a shot of Steven and Tracy enjoying themselves.  I was enjoying myself, too.  For one reason, the bartender, Meghan, asked me how my blog was going.  She remembered me and that I wrote a blog!  I felt famous.

Our delightful bartender, with a shot of the bar (no pun intended).

Meghan was making a joke with another patron as I took this picture.  I also wanted to include the slogan, “Life’s too short to drink the house wine.”  Actually, I find many house wines are perfectly potable as well as being within my price range.  I think life is too short not to drink wine.  That is, if you like wine.  To each his own, as the old lady said when she kissed the cow.

We ordered bacon wrapped scallops and steamed clams.  We split two appetizers among the three of us in order to save room for dessert.  Steven and I do not always order dessert, but Tracy is something of a bad influence on us.  That is another reason we like it when she comes to visit.

Steven enjoys being out with two beautiful women.

Steven insisted on taking a picture of Tracy and me.  I confess, I do not always enjoy looking at pictures of myself.  However, some people seem to think I am somewhat good-looking.  Why should I call them liars?

I thought I ought to get at least one shot of the brown water. It is still showing the effects of the recent flooding the area has experienced.


Another outdoor shot.

After eating and drinking, we wandered into the Retail Stores.  I especially like looking at the Herkimer Diamond jewelry.  I also picked up a few postcards to send to the folks I send postcards to.

Gems Along the Mohawk is located at 800 Mohawk St., Herkimer, NY.  The Waterfront Grille’s phone number is 315-717-0700. The number for the retail stores  is 315-717-0077.




We Bellied Up!

Last night when Tracy finally made it to Herkimer (see yesterday’s post about “Waitin’ on a Friend”), we were all famished.  I suggested Steven make us some scrambled eggs or something, but Tracy wanted more of an adventure.  Of course, she was the guest.  I suggested the Belly Up Pub.  It is close to our house and we have not been there since it re-opened under new management.

The Pub is now owned by the same fellow who owns Happen Inn in Little Falls, which had been one of the possibilities I considered earlier.  I figured we could count on a similar good meal at the new venue.  I was right.

We could have sat at the bar, at a tall table near the windows or at a regular size table.  I personally love to sit at a tall table, but Tracy said she was too short for a tall table.  We sat at a regular table and looked at the special board.  When the bartender was free, I went to the bar and asked was there table service or did we order from the bar.  She said we order from the bar and pointed out where menus are.  I got us menus and asked what Steven and Tracy wanted to drink.  Ice water with lemon for Tracy, Pinot Grigio for Steven and me.

It took longer to decide on food, but eventually I settled on a dozen steamed clams while Steven wanted a turkey club with fries, both of which were on the specials board.  Tracy ordered from the menu:  Wild Hog Wings and Portabello (my computer does not agree with ANY spelling I try of portobello and I cannot find it in my dictionary, how frustrating!) Mushroom Fries.  She insisted we help her finish the fries.  Yum!  The mushrooms had been sliced, breaded and deep-fried.  I love portobella mushrooms to begin with, and deep-fried is one of my favorite flavors.  I ate some of Steven’s french fries as well.  Yum!  Steven helped me with the clams, but Tracy did not.

We greatly enjoyed our dinner, and I plan to return to the Belly Up Pub soon.   I saw on their Facebook page they just expanded their hours, opening at 11 a.m. Monday through Saturday and at noon on Sunday.  Since I love going to a bar in the afternoon, this is great news for me.  The Belly Up Pub is located at 122 W. Albany St., Herkimer, NY, phone number 315-219-5578.  You can Like them on Facebook.  I did.


A Happy Hour Indeed

Last Friday I asked Steven to take me to Happy Hour at the Belly Up Pub.

“I want to sit at the bar and pretend we’re in our 20s and 30s,” I said. When were first started dating, I was in my 20s and Steven was in his 30s. That was a while ago.

We were happy to find seats at the end of the bar, my favorite spot. We had to wait a few minutes for the Bonus Happy Hour to start at five. Happy Hour at the Belly Up Pub usually runs from 6 till 8, but for May they had a bonus hour from 5 to 6. I felt like a cheapskate waiting for a half price drink, but sometimes you just have to save a buck (don’t worry; we tipped the bartender on the full amount).

Live music was provided by Louis Baldanza, who plays a pretty mean guitar. He sang some bad ass songs from the 70s. I felt a little bad, because he kept asking for requests and I couldn’t think of a thing. We enjoyed his sound and made sure we put something in his Tip Jar.

Everything was half price, so we ordered a couple of hot dogs and some french fries. They offer a selection of appetizers: chicken wings, jalapeno poppers, eggplant fries, to name a few. This was our first time getting hot dogs, and they were quite good.

Drawings for giveaways are held every 15 minutes. I won a Belly Up coozy and a coin for a half price drink.

“So if we come early next time, we won’t have to wait,” I said.

Steven noticed that shot glasses were also half price. He collects shot glasses, although neither of us do shots, so he asked to see one. Before he could ask the price, the bartender did another drawing.

“We usually give away a shot glass at six,” she told us. “You won.” How awesome was that!

We had a really nice time, although I did not actually pretend I was in my 20s. Who wants to go back in time anyways? Life is good right now.

The Belly Up Pub is located at 122 West Albany St., Herkimer, NY. For more information, visit their website at You can also Like them on Facebook.

Saturday Afternoon Interlude

I was delighted to see the Belly Up Pub going into the space that once held the late, lamented Albany Street Cafe. Saturday afternoon, Steven and I had a chance to check it out.

We arrived around four. I wanted to go at a time when it was not likely to be crowded. We easily got seats at the bar, our favorite place to sit, and ordered drinks.

The menu features a number of appetizer-type foods. Deep-fried is one of my favorite flavors. I suggested we order chicken tenders, which Steven loves, then, after considering deep-fried pickles or raviolis, decided on eggplant fries. We got to pick four dips — two per basket. We selected Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Wasabi Cucumber and Cheddar. Yum!

The Pub only occupies one room, where Albany Street Cafe spread over two with a patio, since it was a full service restaurant as well as a beloved watering hole. The remodeled space is more open. The raised booths were taken out, allowing the late afternoon light to come in the picture window. A couple of tables and two dart machines are in that area now. A few people were playing darts while we were there.

We watched the college football game on one of the wide-screened TVs and fell into a conversation with some other patrons of the sizes of our respective screens at home. I ordered a second glass of Pinot Noir and sat back, appreciating the scene.

Steven and I greatly enjoyed our interlude at the Belly Up. We have tentative plans to meet there again on Friday for Happy Hour. Might rate another blog post. For more information on the Belly Up Pub, visit their Facebook page.