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Why Do I Do These Things?

Well, I’ve done it again.  I’ve let another day pass without making a blog post, so here I am at 4 a.m. trying to post something, anything, so I am not another day behind.  I am the more urgently typing (one letter at a time with the stylus,  by the way) because this morning I return to work.

I have not talked about it much, because this is not a work blog, but I have been on furlough from my place of employment since June.  I will be very happy to be back at work and gainfully employed.  Even more happy will I be to once again have an excuse for not meeting my writing, running, weight loss, and house cleaning goals.

Yes, for the past few days I have been sadly admitting to myself that I pretty much wasted my time off.  I have no excuse. I comfort myself with the thought that no life is wasted, because it can always stand as a bad example.

So here I am, a bad example for all.  Will I spend the rest of my life profiting from the bad example I have been thus far?  Perhaps.  I must have some coffee and ponder the thought (yes, I have made this entire post before coffee. Does it show?)


Setting an Example on Scattered Saturday

I pause amidst my Saturday gyrations for a Scattered Saturday post.  It’s going to be a quick one, too, because I am frying sausage and it does not do to neglect these things.

My wonderful husband, Steven, had a rare day off, so we wanted to spend at least some time having a few minor Mohawk Valley adventures.  Accordingly, we got an early start and headed to Utica to the So Sweet Candy Cafe for their open house.  Heading back to Ilion, we went to Honey Brook Hobbies, Ilion Wine and Spirits, and Original Herkimer Cheese.  I can do blog posts about all these things, and I hope to in the coming days.

Before and after our adventures, I wrote out a few more Christmas cards.  Alas, I was not in time to get them to the post office before it closed.  It was, in fact, a little cold to walk to the post office, much less go running.  I daresay I should not have let that stop me had I been on my own for the day.  Perhaps a walk to the post office tomorrow, or even later today and look at other people’s Christmas lights.

And what about a run, you may ask.  Well may you ask! I confess, after the Reindeer Run 5K, I once again fell off the running wagon.  I did not mean to, but, well, these things happen.  Now I begin to repeat to myself the mantra: If you are too busy to exercise, you are too busy.  Substitute “lazy” for “busy,” though. Sorry folks, but there it is.  I set a bad example.

But here I am approaching 300 words.  Doesn’t that set a good example for making a blog post every day?  Oh well, given the general quality of my posts, perhaps not.  Then again, some people find them amusing. For those who do not, there are other blogs to read.  Happy Saturday, everyone.


Post about a Plod

Getting back into running is not easy, even after a short lay off. Come to think of it, it’s not always easy to keep going even when you’ve been at it a while, hence my frequent lay offs. But I thought if I put my spotty record and crappy runs out there, it might inspire others. You know, in a bad example kind of way.

I think I’ve spoken before about how no life is wasted because it can stand as a bad example. I don’t expound too much on the bad example I’ve set, because, quite frankly, it would depress me too much. But I don’t mind talking about what a lousy runner I am. Go figure.

So Saturday I ran for the first time in 13 days. Then I did not run for the next three days. I had my reasons. They are dull. Wednesday I made up my mind that if it was not pouring rain I would run.

“Guess I’m not mowing the lawn today,” a guy at work said.

“Is it raining?” I asked. I confess, I kind of had my hopes up.

“No, but the grass is soaked.”

As I left work, it seemed pretty good running weather. Cloudy, not too hot, and it had stopped raining long enough that there were not too many puddles. I went home, got into gear and got out the door before I could change my mind.

Almost as soon as I started running, I found that it was not so comfortable after all. High humidity. Oh dear. It was not too warm — the clouds helped with that — but the air was heavy. And let’s face it, I was heavy (I think I still am, but let’s stick with Wednesday). This was going to be a plodding run. I plodded.

One good thing about re-starting running is that a short run is still an accomplishment. Another is that I don’t feel obligated to run hills. I was soon pondering how short a run I could do and still call it a run.

I saw a patch of bright color on a tree. That encouraged me. I do love the fall colors. I looked around for other sights to distract myself from my troubles. Maybe some Halloween decorations.

I saw a couple of gravestones in one lawn, one with skeleton parts sticking out of the dirt in front of it. Various ghosts and skeletons hung from different porches. I was pleased to notice some cobwebs that look the way mine usually end up: clumpy. Really, the clumps did not look bad. I felt quite encouraged to dig out my own cobwebs and get to work (um, I haven’t yet, but give me time).

I won’t lie to you: it was a crappy run. I plodded the whole way at an embarrassingly slow pace. I mean, it was a plod. It was not even a shuffle. I plodded for the same amount of time I shuffled on Saturday. Even my cool down walk with Tabby felt a little ploddy.

I could go on about how crappy the run was, but I can see some readers (you know who you are) tuning up their miniature violins. Hey, I was just about to get to the looking on the bright side part! The bright side is that I did it. I ran before my three day lay off became a four day lay off. And I got a blog post out of it. Hope to see you on Lame Post Friday.