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With a Laptop on my Knee

OK, I’m sitting here with the laptop on my lap (I know, where else would it be?  Well, it MIGHT be somewhere else; I’m not here to discuss the possible whereabouts of computers), and once again, I got nuthin’ (or is it “nuttin'”?  I like “nuthin'”) (which is not the same thing as not liking anything, but close).

Where was I?  Ah yes, Wrist to Forehead Sunday.  I tell you, I am down.  I’m not a writer.  I write a silly blog, and, as Truman Capote once said, “That’s not writing, that’s typing.”  Yes, yes, I must stop with the existential crisis, people will think I am merely fishing for encouragement.   I am only being honest, in this case.  Oh, sometimes I fish for encouragement or even compliments, never fear.  Hell, I’m not perfect.  I’m a factory worker who takes pen in hand or keyboard under fingers occasionally and words come out.  Good words?  Useful words?  Entertaining words?  One can only hope.

I have been trying to take another step towards reaching my writing goals, and I have had little to no success. I know, lift your feet a little higher, push them forward a little more, these things are under our own control if only we would accept responsibility.  Very well then, I shall accept responsibility.  Tomorrow, or possibly later tonight, I will work on the novel I found earlier today.  Ooh, that’s right, I did do one thing today:  I found the notebook I’ve been looking for where I had started a novel I thought I would like to finish. It’s a baby step, but it is a step.  I shall make further updates as events warrant.

In the meantime, it is Wrist to Forehead Sunday, the day I try to enjoy myself with my husband and not think about returning to work tomorrow (I’ll work on curing the Monday to Friday Malaise another time, did I mention I’m not perfect?).  We were watching Halloween movies earlier.  I wonder if we could watch another one now. No, I can’t work on that novel now, time with husband, remember?  I may or may not ever become a successful novelist, but if I take care to spend time with my husband I WILL have a good marriage.  Priorities, people.


One Baby Step for Me, One Blog Post for my Readers

Well, now I am happy I did not indulge in Wrist to Forehead Sunday, because this is surely going to be a foolish post.  I am typing frantically.  I have to leave for rehearsal for Steel Magnolias in less than one hour.  I have not showered. I have not changed.  I have not looked over my lines in the last three days.  I am quite mortified over that last one.  Showering and changing I may actually be able to do.

Oh, but I am tired!  On the brighter side, I did email two articles to Mohawk Valley Living magazine, ON the deadline.  I’m afraid they were not very good, but I am by no means the best judge of that.  I can only wait and see.

Oh dear, I am having a dreadful case of type it in, backspace over it (gritting teeth to not backspace over that last sentence).  I keep going back and forth between contemplating how truly I do NOT have my act together and feeling that perhaps I can do something positive to change that.  Small steps, they say.  Dare I say, baby steps?  Since most of the time I act like a big, fat baby, would that be a good or a bad thing?  I mean, since I am a big, fat baby, does that mean I am capable of taking baby steps and so should take them?  Or since I do not want to be a big, fat baby, that I should not take baby steps?  It is very difficult to know what to do.

Well, one baby step I will take is to hit publish on this piece of nonsense.  Then I will shower and strive to look over my lines before rehearsal.  Note to self:  tomorrow, drink more coffee.  Happy Monday, everyone.