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Love Those Googly Eyes!

One of the Mohawk Valley Adventures Steve, Kim and I had on Saturday was to go to the Basket Raffle at Mohawk Reformed Church.  We love basket raffles!

Kim and some people I don’t know browsing.

We each got ten tickets for $5 and walked around five tables of baskets.  So hard to decide which ones to try for!  I considered getting more tickets, but I was trying to be frugal.

The drawing was not till Sunday.  As the afternoon wore on, I sadly accepted that we hadn’t won anything.  Then the phone rang!  I had won the Now That’s Crafty basket.

“The one with the googly eyes?”  I asked.  Yes!

I went to the church after work to get it.  I told the ladies I was very excited about the googly eyes.

“And there’s a $10 Michael’s gift card,” one of the ladies said.

“I forgot about that,” I said.

“You can buy even more googly eyes,” she said.

I just might!

See the googly eyes?

Now I can get all kinds of crafty for Christmas.  I’ll be sure to write blog posts about it when I do.


Fine Arts and Fun

Saturday my Mohawk Valley adventures took me a little further afield than my usual Herkimer-Ilion-Mohawk beat. I went to the Sauquoit Valley Fine Arts and Crafts Show in Sauquoit, NY with my Mom and sister Cheryl.

It was Cheryl’s idea. She drove us over scenic country roads into Sauquoit. It’s one of those areas where you can look out over farmland towards mountains. I love a long view. And what a lovely village Sauquoit is! We were all admiring the houses, many of which looked historic, or at least old in a good way.

It was pretty obvious where the craft fair was as we went by numerous cars parked along the roads. Luckily there were people directing traffic, so we didn’t drive into a parking lot only to find all the spaces taken. We got a space in the elementary school lot. If we had gone further and parked at the high school, we could have gotten a shuttle back to the middle school, where the event took place. As it was, we all agreed we could use the exercise. It wasn’t all that far of a walk anyways.

Cheryl paid our $3 admission fee (wasn’t that nice of her, after she drove and everything) and got a map. Mom and I checked our coats, which was free, although there was a tip jar. We did not use the map much but went from room to room, trying to catch everything. The show encompassed many rooms on two floors as well as the gymnasium.

All sorts of vendors were present: woodwork, knitting, quilting and more. Other booths offered dips, honey and even fruit salsa. I tried a few of the free samples. The booths offering soap or candles smelled the best. I took business cards from the vendors which particularly interested me. Cheryl and Mom purchased a few Christmas presents, but none for me. I was bad this year.

I confess I was as interested to see the bulletin boards in the classrooms and in the halls as much as the vendors. What are they teaching kids these days? I saw quite a number of anti-bullying messages as well as things about respect and making good decisions. Those sounded like pretty good lessons to learn, so I paid attention.

When we got hungry we made our way to the cafeteria for the Crystal Cafe. There was also a bake sale in progress. Cheryl and I had hot dogs with sour kraut while Mom enjoyed some chicken soup. I resisted the temptations of the bake sale, but Cheryl got a banana chocolate chip bread.

The fair ran for two days, Saturday and Sunday. It is an annual event, although this is the first time I’ve gone. I’ll have to watch for it again next year. It was a lot of fun.