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Happy Birthday, Bela!

I cannot figure out how to get pictures from my Tablet to my blog.  That could have something to do with the amount of wine I have been drinking.  Hey!  It is my anniversary!  Don’t judge, there, Judgy McJudgerson!

I thought I could do a Sunday Cinema, but I guess it will be without illustration. I’ll have to owe you some pictures.

We started out with White Zombie, (1932), because it stars Bela Lugosi, and Oct. 20 is his birthday.  How cool is that, that I got married on Bela Lugosi’ s birthday!  I only knew I did years later. Full disclosure: we were not that nuts about the movie.  It was kind of slow and boring, to us anyways.

We went with something more fast moving next: Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959).  I know, many count that as The Worst Movie Ever.  I say they are wrong,. I have argued this before and will again,  no doubt.

Steven fell asleep by the end of the movie,  so I put in Nightmare Castle (1965).  It is pretty creepy. I love a cheesy Halloween movie.  I hope to do a better post with pictures at some future date.  In the meantime,  I am quite content to be lounged on the couch, typing in one letter at a time with the stylus on my Tablet. Happy Anniversary,  me!


Alien Invasion on Wrist to Forehead Sunday?

I am in the midst of  perfectly enjoyable Sunday afternoon of my anniversary weekend, and I pause to make a Sunday Cinema post, just so I don’t have to make two posts tomorrow.

I don’t remember this scene in the movie.

We began the movie watching portion of the day with Day of the Triffids (1962), which I just purchased on VHS at a rummage sale yesterday (Saturday).  I saw the tail end of this movie many years ago and thought it was STUPID, laughed my head off at it, thought it was a cheesy movie and that was before I was particularly into cheesy movies.  As it happens, the stuff leading up to the end is less than cheesy and pretty entertaining, although as with many movies of this era, it takes a while to get to the good stuff.

Check out Carolyn Jones, in the back with the blonde hair!

After Triffids, we went to Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956), a different kind of alien invasion story.  It is a bit serious, with the interesting philosophical question of whether it is better to feel and to love than otherwise.  I don’t pay too much attention to such things during Sunday afternoon movie viewing.

“Wait a minute! This scene was never in the movie!”

After Body Snatchers, Steven suggested The Birds (1963).  The above was perhaps a publicity shot, although it may have been part of the party scene (don’t get your hopes up; it wasn’t that racy) (you know who you are).  What Halloween movie will we pick next? A little suspense adds interest to my afternoon.

In the meantime, I hope you are all having a lovely Sunday.


Scattered Anniversary Post

One might form the impression we like each other.

I thought I would open today’s post with a picture of my husband and me, since today is our anniversary.  It is, in fact, a mere Scattered Saturday post.  In the past, I may have made a remark or two about what a swell fellow he is, so I’ll just pass that by today.  For one reason, I want to get this posted and return to the movie watching portion of the day.

After sleeping in till a leisurely almost 6 a.m., I had a cup of coffee and went running.  I had not run since Sunday (judge me if you are so inclined), but this one felt really good.  I will try not to have such a long layoff this time.  I had, of course, meant to do a Running Commentary post, but after stretching, showering, finding something to wear, eating breakfast, etc., etc., I was more into writing my post cards and walking to the post office with them.

While on my run, I had noticed that Herkimer Reformed Church (on the Historic Four Corners, which I love to run by) was having a rummage sale.  Perfect!  Steven and I walked to the post office, then up Main Street to the rummage sale.  I had also noticed that the Episcopal Church in Ilion was having a rummage sale, so we also got into the car and headed to that.  We did not find much at either sale, but I did pick up video tapes of Day of the Triffids and The Bride, two Halloween movies I have never seen all the way through.  It’s so retro and kitschy to buy videotapes!

Later on, we went to the Taste of the Valley fundraiser at the St. Francis DiPaola Society in Frankfort.  Yum!  I could (and might) write a whole blog post about that.  Then it was back home and on to the bra off, sweats on, movie watching portion of the evening.  I could go on to make this a Saturday Cinema post and share pictures of the movies we’ve watched thus far (we’re on flick #3 now), but I think I will wait for the future and write about all we watch (I do hope we get to flick 4 and 5).

In the meantime, Happy Anniversary to my beloved husband, and Happy Saturday to my beloved readers.  I hope to see you all on Sunday, which I daresay will not be particularly Wrist to Forehead.

I like to think we are still this cute.



I Like My Husband on Lame Post Friday

I have observed many weeks that how ever many lame posts I have had all week, I cling to my beloved Lame Post Friday.  In fact, I had hoped to make a “real” post today, perhaps a Friday Running Commentary.  Well, I didn’t run.  We went out and had a few bonafide (for heavens’ sake, that IS the way you spell it; I checked! Yet my computer underlines it)  Mohawk Valley adventures.  Can I write about them? NO!  I want to sit here, watch TV, and knit. I even think my husband has gone off to bed, so what does that tell you?  It tells me we’re old and Friday night does not last as long as it used to.

Be all that as it may, I have to make a blog post (NOTE:  Steven has come back downstairs, so the evening is not over yet).  The lightheadedness I was bitching about yesterday is still with me.  Apparently I must learn to live with this problem, because nothing I have tried has done much.  These things happen when one is over 50, I suppose.

I will just mention that it is the beginning of Steven’s and my Anniversary Weekend.  As of Saturday, Oct. 20, we will be married 28 years.  Isn’t that odd?  I have now been married longer than I was single.  That is especially striking to one who so rarely had a boyfriend when she was single.  That’s OK, though.  I like my husband.   I like being married.

And that is not a bad conclusion to a Friday Lame Post.  Happy Friday, all, and hope to see you again on Saturday.


Not an Anniversary Dinner

It is my blogoversary.  At least, in my notifications, WordPress wished me a Happy ANNIVERSARY.  I could swear they called it a blogoversary in year’s past.  Anyways, I have been publishing this blog for seven years now.  Yay me, I guess.  I would like to say something profound about it, but I am having a Tired Tuesday.  I feared that I would.

I thought of doing, not exactly a cooking post, but a What We Had For Supper post.  Steven had a craving for Chinese food.  Rather than sending out for delivery or even pick up, I suggested I go to Hannaford and pick up some frozen stuff we could pop into the oven.  I was pretty sure they had some Chinese appetizers, and appetizers are what we like best.

As I was driving home, I thought to myself, “OK, don’t let Steven throw away these boxes before I make my blog post, because I won’t remember exactly what these were.”  Sometimes my husband gets a little too enthusiastic about cleaning up, a quality I definitely do NOT share.  And now it is time to hang my head in shame, because guess who threw the boxes out?  Yes, I did.  Do I remember what I fixed?  Not exactly.

The standout were Potstickers, that I remember.  I had to cook them in oil in a pan, then add water, cover, and steam.  That is obviously a little more complicated than just putting it in the oven, but I was up to the challenge.  It was worth it. Yummy!  The stuff I put in the oven was a little complicated, too, because of course out of three things, none were the same temperature nor the same amount of time.  Also, I do not own three flat pans that fit conveniently on my two oven racks.  Oh, the trials and tribulations!

By now I suppose any new readers are wondering how in the world I managed to make seven years’ worth of blog posts if this is the kind of material I write.  I confess I sometimes wonder myself.  But what are you going to do on a Tired Tuesday?


NOT Tired of Steven

I thought that would be a good title since this is Tired Tuesday.  It is my 25th wedding anniversary today.  As usual, Steven got me a lovely gift and made a sweet, touching Facebook post about our marriage.  As usual, I do not have my act together, even as far as writing a blog post for today.

I had rather thought that as an interim present, I could write a whole blog post about Steven, praising all his good qualities and stuff.  Or I could write him a poem.  Or a song.  OK, I can’t really write a song.  However, I came up with some new lyrics to a song Steven likes, and I will share them with you for today’s blog post.

The following is sung to the tune of  “Spooky.”


In the cool of the ev’ning, when everything is gettin’ kind of groovy,

I ask you if you’d like to sit with me and watch some TV or a movie.

First you say “No, that doesn’t sound like much fun,”

And then you smile

And say

“Which one?”

Love is kind of crazy with a Stevie little Q like you.

You always keep me laughin’ when you’re makin’ funny jokes or silly faces.

And I like to go with you and visit all our favorite Mohawk Valley places.

First we go out, and then I eat like a hog

And then you help

Me write

My blog.

Love is kind of crazy with a Stevie little Q like you.  Stevie!

(musical interlude)

We have a date and then I’m always really happy, I’m just sayin’

And while others fool around, I just know that you will never be a-playin’

I’ll stay with you for the rest of my life

Because I’m proud

To be

Your wife.

Love is kind of crazy with a Stevie little Q like you! Stevie!


OK, I guess it’s kind of a silly song.  But then, this is kind of a silly blog.  Happy anniversary, Steven!


A Pain in the Blog

Oh dear. I am having a dreadful case of What Haven’t I Written About? If I was in front of my computer (um, clearly I am NOW, but when I wrote this, I was sitting at a desk scribbling in a spiral notebook), I could easily go back and check. Wait and do it later? But we have plans for the evening. I want to type in a short, previously written essay and hit “Publish.” Is that too much to ask of my brain? Apparently it is.

In my defense, I have a dreadfully upset stomach. You know all body part are connected. Again I say, oh dear. I just flashed on this scene from a TV show I saw back in the 70s or 80s. It may have been Trapper John, MD. They were running the Boston Marathon. This short oriental guy (I think he used to play Arnold on Happy Days) fell and hurt his leg. A doctor who was also running the marathon (he was the series regular) (no, I don’t remember his name; I’m not even sure of the series, it was just a flash, after all) expected the guy to stop running, which he did not.

“The pain in my leg, not my head,” he said, jogging happily away.

So there’s my inner critic, sniping, “The pain is in your stomach, not your head.” Oh, shut up.

I suppose most pain and nausea pass eventually (“But stupid is forever,” mocks the inner critic, who does not shut up just because I tell him to). In the meantime, I see now that I am partway though Yet Another Post About Why I Can’t Write a Post. But can I think of anything new to say about that?

Well, I could not at the time. The above is all I wrote this morning. When I logged onto WordPress to type it in and attempt to finish it, I was greeted with Congratulations from WordPress, it is my anniversary as a blogger. Three years I have been at this. I forgot that date was approaching. I think it is pretty darn hilarious that as I mark three years, all I can come up with is a silly post like this. Then again, it is Non-Sequitur Thursday. Thank you for participating.