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Ruby But Not Rubbed Out

What an awesome poster!

I thought I would use today’s post to plug a fundraiser I will be privileged to participate in on Saturday.  “Ritz and Ragtime” will benefit the Landmark Society of Greater Utica on Saturday, Sept. 16 at 7 p.m. at the Roscoe Conkling House, 3 Rutger Park.  There will be food, drinks, and entertainment.  I will be part of the last mentioned.

I’m in the red dress, being strangled.

Longtime readers may remember a little event called Rubbed Out at Ruby’s, which was presented by LiFT Theatre Company at the Overlook Mansion in Little Falls.  I wrote it and was featured as Ruby Van Rensselaer, a rich society lush, uh, I mean lady.  I am going to reprise the role on Saturday.  We aren’t going to present the murder mystery, or even a real story.  We just get to dress up and interact with the crowd in 1920’s character.  It should be fun!

I’m not sure how many of the original Ruby’s cast will be there, but I know some of us are really looking forward to it.

We are rather a suspicious-looking lot, aren’t we?

I wonder how it will be to mingle in character and not have to be dropping clues or even talking about the murder.   I’m sure my improvisational skills are up to it (in other words, I like to make shit up).  And if I miss the dead body, I’m sure there will be other murder mysteries. In fact, I may have a blog post about one soon (preview of coming attractions).  In the meantime, here’s a chalk outline to dream about:

Alas, no chalk outlines on Saturday!




It’s All About Me, and The Tempest


In lieu of my usual Friday Lame Post, I thought I would continue my theme of All Tempest All The Time and plug tomorrow’s show at the Utica Zoo.  They have a nice little amphitheater.  Last year we performed Much Ado About Nothing there.  That had the charm of rhyme:  Much Ado at the Zoo.  Well, we can’t have everything.

We rehearsed at the zoo on Wednesday.  Did you know they block off the Parkway on Wednesday nights for the Utica Roadrunners?  Kim and I had to take a little walk to get to the zoo.  Oh well, I needed the exercise.  Alas, I did not bring my Tablet so have no pictures of rehearsal.  I just don’t imagine I will be able to get any of the performance either, because, you know, I’ll be acting.

The show at the Utica Zoo begins at 2  p.m. and is free with admission to the zoo. Cue jokes about animals in cages and on stages (I won’t make any of those jokes myself, because it still is Lame Post Friday, you know).

I’ll close with a couple of pictures from our dress rehearsal at Caroga Lake, where we performed Aug. 5.  Naturally I chose pictures that included me, because, as you know, it’s all about me.

That’s me with my arms upraised, you know, acting.


I chose this one, because I thought it would be nice to include one with swords out. I’m hoping for some actual sword fights in next summer’s Shakespeare play.

For more information about LiFT Theatre Company, you can visit their Facebook page.





I Didn’t Act and Type

So yesterday before our play, I just felt I could not write a post.  I thought to myself, “That’s OK.  Sometimes on a Saturday, I drink and type.  Today I’ll act and type!”  That was my plan, and it was a good one (it has been a saying of mine since army basic training: “That’s my plan and I think it’s a good one.”).  Except I didn’t come right home after the play.  I went to a lady’s house.  I drank wine.  I knew I wasn’t driving, and that was good, because I put the seat back and slept part of the way home.  That may have been awkward had I been driving.

The show went wonderfully.  That is, The Tempest by LiFT, Little Falls Theatre Company, in Caroga Lake, for those just tuning in or who forgot. I love acting, and I love community theatre.  This play has a delightful cast.  I like to hug the entire cast before a performance.  That gets awkward when there are people in the cast I don’t like.  Today I got pre-show and post-show hugs.  I can get very huggy.

Anyways, I went straight to bed when I finally got home.  I would still be asleep if it was up to me.  However, my husband has to be up.  He gets up early with me all week; I guess I can get up semi-early with him on the weekend.  As a added bonus, I can type in a kind of a blog post to make up for my miss on Saturday (that’s not writing, that’s typing, as Truman Capote once said).  Additionally, I did not have Lame Post Friday this week, which I almost always do.  So we an call this a Really REALLY Lame Post Saturday.  I hope to see you all later today on what is sure to be Wrist to Forehead Sunday.


On the Set

I know some of you have been waiting for an update on the set of Steel Magnolias, the play I am in at Ilion Little Theatre.  At least, I know any fellow cast-members who read my blog (DO my fellow cast members read my blog?) would like an update.  Before yesterday’s rehearsal, I remembered to pull out my tablet and I took a few shots.  I got more of the cast than the set, but, after all, isn’t it all about the people?  I think it is.


We love each other at Ilion Little Theatre.

Kim Darling and Kara Buttermore, who play Truvy and Annelle, were working on the set when I started to click.  They immediately posed for me.  I knew that would make a good photo, but I wanted an action shot.  They offered me this scene from the beginning of the play:


Annelle does Truvy’s hair as part of her job interview.

Meanwhile, in the audience, Kaylynn Iglesias, who recently joined the cast as Shelby, consulted with Cindy Shepherd.  Cindy, in addition to playing Ouiser, is assisting Rick Vroman in his directing duties.  I had a little problem with my tablet getting this shot.  I hope it looks OK.


We do a lot of consulting with each other. Theatre is such a collaborative art.

Then I realized I had not gotten a shot of Kelly Stone, who plays M’Lynn.  She and Kaylynn decided to do a mother/daughter shot.


Their characters really do love each other, although they bicker a lot in the play.

Sadly, I did not get a picture of our awesome sound and light guy, Rick DeJohn, nor of our delightful director Rick Vroman.   Perhaps in a future post.

I’ll close with a couple of shots of the set itself.  More work will be done on the set tomorrow (I’m supposed to go help.  Yikes!  What a lot I have to do tomorrow!).  I hope to include more photos in future posts.  I’d better charge up the tablet.  Happy Friday, everyone.


The driers don’t actually work, which is actually too bad, because the sink on the other side of the set will.



A center view. Alas, I did not get stage right, where the sink that will actually squirt water is located.


I’m Claree!

I just imagine everybody is waiting with bated breath to see if I have been cast in Ilion Little Theatre’s upcoming production of Steel Magnolias.  Yes, I know, that’s what I said:  I am just imagining it.  Nevertheless, that is the topic of today’s blog post.

Last night I got a call from the director of the play, offering me the part of Claree.  She is the former first lady of Chinquapin (nobody at auditions knew how to pronounce it either; I’m not even sure I’ve spelled it correctly). I think I read on the back of the script that Claree is an eccentric millionaire with a sweet tooth (I haven’t gotten my script yet, so I can’t double check that).

Full disclosure:  the part I originally had a hankering for was Ouiser, who has the immortal line, “I’m not crazy, I’ve just been in an incredibly bad mood for the past forty years.”  A co-worker described her as “the miserable one” and thought I’d be perfect for the part.

After reading scenes at auditions, I am quite happy with the part of Claree.  I think it will be a very fun role.  Additionally, the actress cast as Ouiser is marvelously talented and a great person to work with (she was my stage manager for Leading Ladies, the play I directed last spring).  I have worked with most of the other cast members as well, and they are awesome.

Another full disclosure:  I kind of wish the play had a few more roles, because some of the ladies who did not get cast would have been great to work with too. As I often say, you can’t have everything (no matter what the positive-thinking Facebook memes say!).

I am looking forward to beginning rehearsals for Steel Magnolias.  Performance dates are the first two weekends in March.  That should give us plenty of posts before this blog becomes All Steel Magnolias All The Time.


Post Play Postmortem

I’m going to call this a Middle-aged Musings Monday, but it is really  one of those whiny posts about how I am just too tired to compose a real post.  Perhaps we could call it a Blogger’s Sick Day, because I am suffering from some sinus-y, headache-y virus or something.  Or from being too old to keep up with myself.  At least Post-Play Letdown has not kicked in yet, so I have something going for me.

Yesterday was the closing performance of Splitting Issues at Ilion Little Theatre.  Things went very well.  The audiences loved us, we loved each other, and a good time was had by all.  We had our cast party at Applebee’s in Herkimer after we struck the set (which was luckily not an extensive one).  Now before you start shaking your head or your finger (or your booty) at me, I did NOT have any wine, nor yet a Margarita, Sangria, or this really cool looking drink with an upside down beer that one member of our group had.  I am temporarily off alcohol.  Several people noticed I was not imbibing.  Could it be I am becoming known for my love of adult beverages? SAY IT AIN’T SO!!!

Be that as it may, we had a nice dinner with lots of laughs and conversation.  It was really quite a delightful cast. I hope to work with all of them again.  Maybe in a play where I can have scenes with other people beside Steven.  Not that I did not thoroughly enjoy being in the scene with my dearest husband.  Obviously I DID.  He’s a great actor!  Lots of fun to work with!  Yes, he usually reads my blog, why do you ask?

Oh dear, I think I have just talked myself into Post-Play Letdown.  Well, one must endure these things as the almost inevitable aftermath of a wonderful experience.  As I like to say, sometimes you just have to feel that way until you don’t feel that way any more.  Alas, that is probably the case with my sinus condition a well.  I hope to see you all on Tired Tuesday, when I hope not to be too tired.



What Would Sarah Siddons Do?

And it’s back to All Leading Ladies All The Time with this week’s Non-Sequitur Thursday post.  I’m calling this a non-sequitur because I am writing a blog post about the play on the night when I do NOT have rehearsal.  I want to take tonight off, sit on my couch, crochet and watch true crime shows.  First I had a few show-related chores.

I made phone calls, I sent emails and Facebook messages.  I could do a few other things but I think I’m done.  I may have mentioned how stressed out I’ve felt lately.  I have so much to do and I am not getting enough sleep.  I am a huge baby about not getting enough sleep.  I’d call it my beauty rest, but some yahoo will make an unkind remark about there not being enough sleep in the world (you know who you are).

However, last night I got a boost in mood thanks to my cast and crew.  We spent the first part of rehearsal trying on and discussing costumes.  My cast is being just wonderful about it.  I didn’t hear any, “I don’t feel my character would wear this” or “I can’t wear anything like that”  or just plain “YUCK!”  They tried stuff on.  It fit or did not.  Other cast members were beyond helpful with suggestions of where we can possibly borrow more pieces, even going so far as to seek out the lenders themselves.   I find that so wonderful.  I’m used to hearing, “Well, you can ask this one or that one,”  often a good suggestion but I am so NOT good at asking people for things in addition  to being quite pressed for time.

When we got down to rehearsing, everybody seemed to have a marvelous time.  I love how the characters are developing, and I am delighted with how the players are reacting to each other.   My favorite part of acting is reacting!

After we got home from rehearsal, I went straight to bed.  It was not until this morning that Steven told me how a couple of cast members were on Facebook  remarking about how much fun they were having.  What a timely reminder for me!  Of course there is a lot of responsibility to being director.  I have a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it in.  Stress is inevitable.  However, why am I doing this?  Because it is FUN!

Whether this was a particularly fun blog post about it, I shall leave my reader to judge.  As for myself, I have a baby afghan to knit and an episode of Snapped to watch.  Tomorrow it’s back to rehearsal, after making my usual Friday Lame Post.  I hope to see you then.