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I’m Back with Backyard Flowers!

My back was feeling much better today.  I suppose I will look like quite the kvetch if I mention that I had a perfectly dreadful headache, but I will just mention it.  I do appreciate the way my body parts tag team.  Back yesterday, head today;  I guess I really internalized the lesson about taking turns in kindergarten.

But never mind that.  I promised some back yard flowers!

A close up view.

I mentioned yesterday how much I am loving forget-me-nots this year.  When I went to photo my backyard patch, I was delighted to see white ones in with the blue.  I didn’t know they came in white.  I am not very botanically knowledgeable.

This is where I thought they were not going to grow this year.

Here is the view under the rhododendron.  Earlier this spring a different flower was blooming there.  I am happy to welcome the forget-me-nots back.  As you probably noticed, I am letting the dandelions live.  I understand bees like them.  Also, it is a losing battle to try to get rid of them, so I figure I may as well embrace the yellow.

I did not choose the best angle.

The last time I looked at this, I thought it was all dead shoots from last year.  Yesterday, however,  I saw little leaves sprouting out.  Yay!  I’m afraid the picture did not turn out as clear as I had hoped, but I will have more photo ops as we go on.  You may also be disappointed that I cannot tell you exactly what it is.  We got the shoots from my sister Diane a few years ago.  We just refer to it as “that red thing from Diane.”

I hope to plant more things as the spring progresses.  Maybe I can blog more about plants and less about pain.


Aches and Pains, but Flowers!

I need all the help I can get!

I found a four leaf clover on the cool down walk after a recent run.  I open with it, because as I sat down to make my blog post, a voice in my head said, “Good luck with that!”

As I worked today, I thought that after work, I could go for a run, mow the lawn, or take a walk, and write a blog post about whichever I picked.  As I pondered my choices, I had to weigh which would wreak the least havoc on my back.  Hey, I’m middle-aged and overweight: I get back pain.  Returning to work after an extended break has caused some pain (YES, I am grateful I have a job!  We have been through this!  Sheesh!).

I apologize for complaining.  The fact is, most of us at work have been having more than the usual aches and pains.  I may philosophize about possible causes on Lame Post Friday (half bakedly of course) (ooh, here’s an autocorrect I’m glad I noticed: the computer put “nakedly” instead of “bakedly”).  For today, I decided a gentle walk would be my best choice.

I got about two houses down the street when my knees started in.  What the hell, me?  I turned around, thinking I could at least take some pictures at my own house.  First I crossed the street to take a picture of the lilac bush in front of a neighbor’s house.

How have I never noticed this before?

Returning to my house, I took some shots of the front yard.

And a few dandelions.

I am so into forget-me-nots this year, and it seems Mother Nature is as well.  I see them everywhere.

I did not get to the tulips at their peak.

We had two tulips, but I did not get any pictures when they were at their prettiest.

A wider view.

This is a kind of a preview of coming attractions,  because the peonies and daisies are not blooming yet.

I see I am over 300 words, so I think I will save my back yard shots for a future post. I will try not to spend so much time blathering about my aches and pains!


I Wasn’t Too Tired to Run!

How about a Running Commentary post instead of my usual Tired Tuesday or Bad Attituesday?  Once again I admit that what I do is called running only by the most generous definition of the word.  Then again, I like to think of myself as a generous person, although I daresay I am no more generous than anybody else.  Well, maybe more generous than some self-serving, stingy, I-got-mine cusses such as we all know, but I digress.

I had a bargain with myself that if it was raining after work I would go to the YMCA, if not, I would run. I wondered if I oughtn’t to go to the Y anyways, because I have not done any upper body or ab work in a while.  However, when I left work it was breezy and cool.  How could I waste that? It will be warm and muggy again before you know it.  Oh, I will run then, too, but why not enjoy some cool air while I can?  So that is what I did.

I put a load of laundry in the washing machine before I took off, so I could multi-task.  In general I don’t believe in multi-tasking.  I feel it is better to do on thing at a time and do it well.  But I don’t see how letting the machine wash while I thunk around the neighborhood could hurt anything.  This way I will not run out of clean handkerchiefs.

Right away my legs and feet were not happy with me.  I was not surprised.  Pretty much my whole body had been giving me grief all day.  I never got my Monday back-ache yesterday but made up for it today.  I tried not to dwell on it but just to keep going.  I had not been running since Saturday.  Sunday I had done strenuous yard work for an hour and twenty minutes.  Monday, well, you can judge me, that’s all.

I changed directions a couple of times because of traffic.  Sometimes it is easier to just turn down the sidewalk than to wonder if the driver is going to wave you by or run you over.  One driver waved me by before I turned, so that was nice.  I gave him the thank-you wave and sprinted.

Twice I stopped to take a quick sniff of peonies. Mine have not bloomed yet, but they’re getting there.  I saw some lilacs that were over. Alas!  I still don’t have any lilacs.  I would like to plant more flowers.  I only wish I were clever enough to plant varieties such that I could have something blooming all spring, summer and fall.

I also stopped to pet a few dogs.  First I saw my friends Chico and Bear with their Mom.  I greeted her and petted both.  Toward the end of my run I saw Pudge the pug crossing the street with his Mom.

“Is that my friend Pudge?”  I said.

“Oh, do you know Pudge?” she said.   I used to see Pudge out with his Dad all the time, but I have not seen him lately.  I petted Pudge and wished his Mom a good day.

It was really not a bad run at all.  I had moments of definite enjoyment, I mean when I was running, not just when I was petting the dogs.  There were a couple of brief stretches where I felt I could just go on, if not indefinitely, at least for a while.  By the end my feet were really hurting me, but I managed to persevere for 26 minute, the length of my last run.

As usual, I enjoyed my cool-down walk, although my water went down my Sunday throat once.  I hate it when that happens!  When I got back to the house, I was exhausted!  My body creaked when I stretched.  I made it to the basement to put the laundry into the drier.  When I got upstairs to take my shower, I wished I had one of those old lady shower chairs, so I could sit down while I washed.  Oh, just shower, I told myself, it’ll take you five minutes.  I certainly felt better after I was clean.

I felt even better after my recovery beverage of chocolate milk.  Now I am feeling tired again and not a little brain dead.  I think that is showing in this blog post, because I can’t seem to think of a conclusion.  How weird is that?  I know what:  I’ll close with a picture from my Media Library.  I’ll try to find something to do with running.

This is NOT what I wore to run today.

Will you look at that?  The only picture I have of me about to run is from the Little Falls Reindeer Run 5K last December!  I’ll have to see what I can do about that for future Running Commentary posts.


I’d Like to Watch Television, Too

I can’t make two real posts in a row, can I?  I know, I have done it before.  Well, I’m not doing it today.  I started to write something at work and it wouldn’t quite gel.  In my defense, I had a bit of a headache.

“Oh no,” my readers moan, “she’s not going to start THAT again!”  Seriously, have I ever really stopped? Sorry, I won’t go on about my aches and pains, except to maybe blame it on the weather.  Up and down the temperatures go, now it’s rainy, now it’s sunny.  I rather enjoy the variety while still pining for that deck-sitting weather I mentioned yesterday.  But changes in the barometric pressure can be bothersome.  I suppose now some readers with superior weather knowledge (or just a superior attitude) are saying with a sniff, “It’s not the barometric pressure, it’s…”  whatever it is.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “Don’t be didactic, Myrtle Mae.  It’s unbecoming, and men loathe it.”  That’s a line from a play.

Where was I?  Ah yes, making a Non-Sequitur Thursday post and trying to be quick about it, because I have a baby afghan to finish for a co-worker’s prospective grandchild.  One must be timely about these things, you know, because babies grow awfully fast.  This one isn’t born yet, so I still have time.

In my further defense, I have two plays going on at once.  The murder mystery goes up in two days.  I believe I spoke about that on TuesdayLeading Ladies at Ilion Little Theatre goes up in less than a month.  Yes, you may expect this blog to go All Leading Ladies All The Time soon.  I hope you are all having a lovely Thursday and I hope to see you tomorrow, when I try to think up some play on words involving Lame.


In Fact, Almost 300 Words

Well, this isn’t too bad after all.  I had a silly post on Monday, a Running Commentary on Tuesday, and a shout-out to a local business on Wednesday.  I can get away with a Non-Sequitur Thursday post today.  Oh who am I kidding?  I post as much foolishness as I write and rarely worry about getting away with anything.  I type, people read.  It is most convenient.  At least, I hope people read.

I went running again today but for once did not narrate in my head as I ran.  I had a headache all day with nausea in the afternoon and almost talked myself out of running.  The nausea had passed by the end of the day, and I can usually run with a headache.  I whined to a couple of co-workers that I didn’t want to go running.  Then one fellow expressed great admiration for my running.

“I don’t know how you run,” he said.

“Slowly and not very often,” I confessed.

“I wish I could run.”  Asthma prevents him.  After that it felt churlish not to run.  Additionally, the weather was unseasonably warm.  I could wear shorts and short sleeves.  Score!

But I didn’t mean to write a running commentary.  I see that in a previous paragraph I also complained about my aches and pains.  I did not mean to do that either.  Oh, I know, that is why they make the backspace and delete buttons.   But then  it would be a much shorter blog post.

Would that be such a bad thing, you may ask.  Possibly not.  My inner critic would agree, but I try not to listen to that bitch.  No matter.  I am well over 200 words, so I’m going to slap on a snappy title and call it a day.  Happy Thursday, everyone.