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Foolishness Part Two

I have been looking forward to making this post since I signed off on my last one.  Here are pictures from July through December 2017.

“I don’t always do Shakespeare plays…”

I was going to choose Nosferatu but decided on my friend Tucker looking like the Most Interesting Man in the World.  He is in costume for The Tempest, LiFT’s Summer Shakespeare production, a wonderful theatre experience for all involved.

“I could do a Shakespeare play.”

OK, here is Nosferatu.  I couldn’t leave him out, could I?  This is the shot in which I thought the background looks like the Little Falls Antique Center, which LiFT rehearses and performs in front of.  So the pictures kind of relate, right?

It was the first annual, and I was there!

This being a kind of a Year in Review, I include something about running.  I ran the Boilermaker 15K in Utica in July, then I ran the East Herkimer Fire Department 5K in October (although this photo was under September in my Media Library), AND I did the Reindeer Run 5K in Little Falls in December.  Full disclosure:  I have not been running since.  But I mean to take it up again soon.  No doubt I will make blog posts about it.

He looks quite delighted to be there, doesn’t he?

Here is a Halloween-y photo and a plug to a local business:  The Old Barn Marketplace on Route 5, Little Falls.  I wrote about them for Mohawk Valley Living magazine.  I shall no doubt go there again and write a blog post about it.

Gotta love me some Joan Crawford.

Here’s a shot from I Saw What You Did, a William Castle movie Steven got me for my birthday in November.  I just loves me a cheesy horror movie with Joan Crawford.

It was a fun day!

I thought I would end with a picture from the Reindeer Run 5K, which I mentioned earlier.  It was a fun run on a fun day.

And this has been a fun post to make.  Happy New Year, everybody, and let’s have a great 2018.


All Kinds of Drama in 2017!

Welcome to the first Mental Meanderings Monday of 2017.  I hope nobody is expecting brilliance (I know, most of you never had such expectations of me) (OK, me neither),  because I feel tired and stupid.  These are not unfamiliar feelings for me, but I do not repine.  I just have to wait and sooner or later I will feel some other way.  That is how it works.

Where was I?  Ah yes, mentally meandering.  I’m expecting my post-Christmas letdown to continue at least for a few more days, with the occasional relapse as the month wears on.  On Wednesday I have a meeting to talk more about the murder mystery LiFT Theatre Company is doing at the Overlook Mansion in Little Falls.  Who could be uncheered by a murder mystery? (That is a paraphrase from Winnie the Pooh, by the way.  I think the real line is, “Nobody could be uncheered by a balloon.”) Thursday I have the read-through for Steel Magnolias at Ilion Little Theatre.

And then I have at least two more murder mysteries to write, in addition to writing articles for Mohawk Valley Living magazine and making a blog post every day. Then there is running, finally organizing my house and life, and of course seeking out new Mohawk Valley adventures.  I hope to also find time to crochet, knit, and watch true crime on cable television, as well as the occasional cheesy movie to write a blog post about (I haven’t done one of those posts in a long time!).

I see that I am over 250 words.  Score!  And never once did I whine about my inability to come up with a blog post for today.  That makes me feel a good deal less stupid than I felt when I typed the first paragraph.  You see, I was right:  just wait and I will feel a different way.  Bring on 2017!