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A Very Little Yard Work

I took a short (very slow) run, thinking I might make a Running Commentary Post. Then I came up with something better. In lieu of my cool-down walk (I just love that expression “in lieu of”), I mowed the front lawn with my non-power mower and pulled up a few weeds and unwanted items.

In the course of doing this, I noticed I have a Johnny Jump-up! It is only one little bloom, but I was delighted to see it. I immediately decided to take a picture, although I finished my mowing and pulling first.

I hope I get more!

Naturally I took a few more pictures.

These are tulips, which is very exciting for me, because we have not had this many previously. We usually get one and feel happy with that, because we did not plant it.

Any guesses?

I was not sure if this was a flower or a weed, so I let it live. Does anybody know what it is?

I hope they are OK!

I spent a little time pulling up green stuff surrounding my peonies. I believe I sacrificed some daisies, but I also believe we have plenty of daisies. Last year something ate my peonies before they bloomed, or somebody came and took them all away. I hope for fragrant blossoms this year.

I did not do a whole lot, but I thought it was not too bad for after a run on a Tired Tuesday. No doubt I will share more pictures as the season progresses.

I Wish It Was Just Dead Leaves!

Note to self: Do not allow yard waste containers to collect rainwater.

Last night, I had such a good plan. I took some pictures of my 2020-ravaged back yard (yes, I am going to blame it on the year, although we all know it was my own neglect) as “Before” shots. Then I was going to get some yard work done and make a blog post about it. I knew I could not get to a point where “After” shots would be possible, but I had hopes of making progress. So far, so good. I started raking leaves. Ah, here was one of the plastic trash cans I use for yard waste. I’ll just rake these over here and…


Most of my plastic trash cans have developed cracks and holes to let the raiwater out, but some have not. This was was over half filled with water and I THOUGHT I saw a portion of furry back floating there. EEEWWWWW! I could not even look closely enough to be sure. In addition to being a big fat baby in general, I am extremely squeamish when it comes to dead critters. I went up on the deck and peeked over the edge. EEWWW! I ran for my husband.

“HONEY! I think there’s something dead in the trash can!” Please let me be wrong, please let me be wrong!

I was not wrong. Steven came out and dumped the can. Why I felt unable to do it myself is something I cannot explain. Oh, how awful! It was stiff. It was bloated. It was NAAAAASTY! At first I could not even tell it was a squirrel.

I got a trash bag and fetched a snow shovel that was still on the deck. Why, oh why, can I not be one of those people who is unfazed by these things? Steven wielded the shovel. I held the bag. I poked the nasty thing with a stick to get it on the shovel. We got it into the bag without actually touching it. I put it in our garbage can. I was traumatized. Steven was regretting that we ever bought a house.

And here is another thing about be: Even as it was happening, I was composing this blog post in my head.

The disgusting experience had quite the detrimental effect on my motivation. However, I made an effort to get started. I filled three trash cans with leaves, including the can I had started the day before. I made a small pile of sticks which were too thick to break down easily.

I came across another container with water in it. It had a lid, but the lid had come partially ajar. I emptied this one myself, with some trepidation. It only had a little trash in it. Phew!

I made sure to put lids on all the containers I had lids for, except one whose lid was in a hard to reach spot. Well, what kind of miracles of dedication and efficiency do you want from me? Anyways, that was one of the cans with a big old crack on the side. Who knew defective trash cans could be such a comfort?

I did not feel I had made much progress. For one reason, I did not put in nearly the amount of time I had at first envisioned. What can I say? Dead rodents have that effect on me. I hope to have recovered sufficienly to have at it again tonight, but since I also hope to go running, no promises. Additionally it is supposed to be a delightful evening to sit on one’s front porch and just enjoy. I must weigh my options carfully.

Me vs. the Yard

Anybody who is anxiously awaiting the return of Saturday Running Commentary (I am), keep waiting. It’ll get here. This week, I went to Curves and exercised instead. When I got home, I thought I wouldn’t waste the sweat but do some work in the yard.

Lots of stuff has been growing up around the garage, none of it pretty. Oh, we had some pretty things there earlier this year. Some lovely irises, some pink flowers whose name I never knew, some chives and parsley (maybe not exactly pretty, but yum).

Now it is overgrown with weeds, and some of them are getting quite tall and unsightly. I like to blame the inordinate amount of rain earlier this summer rather than my lack of diligence at weeding, but really, does pointing fingers get us anywhere in this situation? In fact, you don’t even need to point your fingers at the weeds I ought to be pulling up. I can see them perfectly well.

I started in back of the garage. Yikes! I rarely see in back of the garage. I like to sit on my deck, where that part is nicely hidden. Today I was confronted with a huge bush/tree/something. It comprised several different plants, I think, some of them with some nasty stickers. I was armed with gardening gloves and clippers. I strode bravely into the fray.

And was soon saying, “Ow! Ow! Dammit!” Those gardening gloves are not exactly impenetrable. And they only cover up to my wrists. It is not long sleeve weather. I did not get very far on what I now think of as the Monster of the Back Yard. For one thing, the sun had moved around and you know how sensitive I am about direct sunlight (at least, I suppose new readers, if any, don’t know, but I am).

I moved to the side of the garage, the unsightly part we see when we are sitting on the deck. The worst of the weeds were among the irises. Now done blooming, and even the greenery didn’t look too healthy. I figured it would be OK to cut or pull the green stuff as long as I left the bulbs in the ground. After much huffing and puffing, I accomplished it. I left the most of the greenery from the unknown pink flowers. It still looked pretty good, and I managed to get most of the weeds around it.

Moving on up, I came to a place where last fall Steven had planted some flowers from my container garden on the deck. We thought we’d see what happened, not being clear on if they were annuals or perennials. Some stuff had grown. It had not bloomed, so I had begun to suspect that they were not flowers. I began to pull them up as ruthlessly as I could manage (not being a particularly ruthless person).

And noticed a pleasing aroma, even penetrating my screwy sinuses. I sniffed closer. Why, yes, that was mint! I forgot I had put some mint there. The ground had been hard, it hadn’t been such a much when I planted it, well, I’ll be a ding dong daddy, as my grandmother used to say. They say mint will take over your yard. I say, have at it! I plucked some mint and brought it inside. Later I will make some mint tea. Aaaahhhh!

And that is my gardening story for the day.