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The Problem with Valentines

I finished yesterday’s post saying perhaps I would expound upon Valentine’s Day today. This being Wuss-out Wednesday and still too cold for Mohawk Valley adventures, I will now attempt to do so.

In my sordid past — uh, I mean my ASSORTED past, I spent many years hating Valentine’s Day. Of course there was the build up. The hope that this year would be the one where I would be surprised by… something from… someone. And planning of what I might do to intrigue some particular person who seemed inexplicably unaware of my presence on the planet. Followed by the knowledge that no, this would not be the year, and, yes, anything I might think of to do would not intrigue but on the contrary probably annoy.

Well, it was a made up holiday anyways, perpetuated by greeting card companies, and who wanted a dumb old Valentine, anyways?

Now I have been quite happily married for going on 24 years, and Valentine’s Day is… problematic. In short, he always gets me better things than I get him! OK, in the scheme of things and especially in the context of relationships, there are worse problems to face. But still.

This year, for example, I got my Valentine present early. I came home today to find a lovely vase of flowers and an extremely cute stuffed gorilla sitting in the living room. What a guy! And anybody who is cynically snorting, “Oh, he got you your present early to make sure you got him something on the day,” you can just be quiet. Today was Steven’s day off; this was much more convenient for him and quite frankly it made my day.

As far as my present for Steven, I will either bake him cookies or make him my famous potato soup (which he loves). The advantage of these activities is that I can probably get another blog post out of it.

But I do hope the weather breaks soon, so I can go adventuring again.