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Steve is Bela; I’m Boris

Two of my favorites, Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff.

I was about to start making a Wuss-out Wednesday post when I realized it was only Tired Tuesday.  However, my sweet husband, Steven, has the next two days off, so it is his Friday.  Therefore, I thought of using this photo.  Other than that, I don’t got much.

I went running earlier, so thought I could make a Running Commentary post.  Unfortunately, I don’t think that is going to work out for me.  I used up all my oomph before I ran, finishing my article for Mohawk Valley Living magazine and typing up a couple of scenes for a murder mystery.  I was pretty impressed with myself that I ran at all.  I was rewarded for my effort by the feeling that my legs actually had muscles in them.  Yay, me.

Incidentally, regarding the headline, I’m not really Boris. For the main reason, I would never call my husband an idiot.  Additionally, my voice is nowhere near as melodious.  Wouldn’t that be a kick, though, if one day I magically woke up with Boris Karloff’s voice?  That would rock.

Is this post turning into a Non-Sequitur Tuesday?  That belongs on Thursday, for heavens’ sake!  I can’t even keep my own features straight! Then again, that’s par for the course on Tired Tuesday.  Let’s hope for better posts as the week wears on!


Soup and Post on the Light Side

Here is a cooking post.  At least, I’m going to call it a cooking post, but perhaps I am stepping up in class.  No matter. It is Tired Tuesday, I fixed something for dinner that did NOT involve the telephone and a credit card, and I’m going to write about it.

First I poured myself a small glass of Chardonnay, because I wanted to cook with wine.

I had an open box of chicken broth in the refrigerator (I drank one mug of it recently when my stomach was bothering me) (you see, I DON’T write a blog post about every little ache and pain, although it sometimes feels that way).  I also had some leftover brown rice.  I put them both in a pot on the stove and turned on the burner.  I went to the freezer and pulled out broccoli and spinach, which I also added to the pot.

Then I went out the the living room, sat on the couch and looked a Facebook.  I feel that is an important part of the recipe.  After a while I went back out the the kitchen and added garlic powder, parsley, basil and oregano to the pot.  When it started boiling, I lowered the heat and let it simmer for a while.

Steven and I ate the soup with bread and butter.  Steven said it was very good, not too heavy, just what his stomach needed.  I hope this modest little post is just what my blog needed.  As for me, I may have another small glass of Chardonnay.  Happy Tuesday, everyone.


Thunky Run on Tired Tuesday

I think a Running Commentary post is good on a Tired Tuesday.  At least it gives me a good excuse for being tired.  I definitely planned on running today but was not sure if I would run outside or inside on the mini-tramp.  One minute it was pouring rain, the next minute the sun came out.  I reminded myself of one of my favorite sayings, “I ain’t sugar; I won’t melt.”  As I walked out of my place of employment with my friend Karl, I pointed at the bi-polar sky.

“Look at that, dark clouds over there, bright sunshine over there.”

“Run in that direction,” he advised.

As I got ready to head out the door, I could hear rain on the tin roof of the back porch but could not tell if it was still raining or just blowing off the trees.  When I left the house, it was not raining.  I checked the sky, trying to decide which direction to run in. As I reached German Street, neither direction looked threatening.  Even the road was bare for the moment, so I darted across.  Now what did I do that for, I asked myself. I was just going to have to cross back later, and now I felt obligated to run one of the hills on that side of the street.

I headed towards Main Street, considering my options.  I could, rather that going up the hill on Main, cut over and run on the nice little path over what used to be the Hydraulic Canal.  I started up Main, thinking to do just that.  Then right when it was time for me to cross the street to cut over to the path, a car was coming.  You know how I hate to backtrack.  I said to myself, “Do you want to challenge yourself or not?”  I did not answer but by this time I could see the hill and it really did not look too bad.  Up I went.

And it wasn’t fun.  However, once I start up a hill, I usually make it to the top, and today was no exception.  I thought the rest of the run would probably be easier and congratulated myself on meeting a challenge.  Unfortunately, that was not the case.  I plodded along, feeling heavier and older with each step.

The point is, I kept plodding.  I had not completely decided how long I intended to run for, but I went farther than the minimum I had in mind.  It was in the last quarter of the run that I started to feel not too bad.  This is how it is, I told myself.  Every run sucks until it doesn’t suck any more.  I was at that point tired enough that the thought struck me as profound.  I see now that it isn’t, but it is closely aligned to a thought that has often given me comfort:  Sometimes you just have to feel that way until you don’t feel that way any more.

So on this run, I felt old, tired and thunky.  And then I felt not too bad.  During my cool-down walk, I got rained on.  Then I felt wet and cold.  However, as I predicted in the first paragraph, I didn’t melt.  Now I feel pleased that I ran and moderately pleased with my blog post about it.  Now I’m wondering what I can possibly come up with for Wuss-out Wednesday.


Typing on Tired Tuesday

Yes, I have used this picture before, but it is SO what I am feeling today.   Yes, I made it through Tuesday. It was not a terrible Tuesday.  It was definitely a Tired Tuesday.  I have done everything I intend to do today except make my blog post.  So here it is.

We had another rehearsal for Who Shot JS? the murder mystery to benefit the Herkimer County Historical Society.  It is sold out.  Woohoo!  We’re a hit and we haven’t even done anything yet!  At least, we have done a lot, regarding writing, rehearsing and getting ready, but the ticket-buying audience has seen nothing yet (as in, “You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!”).  This is going to be great.

Tonight’s rehearsal was at the Herkimer Elks Club, where the performance will be.  After rehearsal, two other cast members and I went into the bar and had a drink.  Yes, I drank and am typing.  One glass of Cabernet Sauvignon!  Sheesh!  We chatted up several Elks.  My friend Kim and I are considering joining the club.  You know how I love to be in the club.

Well, now that I have put one picture in my blog, I feel I should put in another.  I wonder what I can come up with.

Seriously, watch this movie.

OK, here it is, another movie trivia question.  What movie is this from and what is the dialogue involved?  I think regular readers will find it very appropriate for me.


Halloween Pictures on Tired Tuesday

My hair is actually a little shorter than this.

This is my new profile picture on Facebook.  I open today’s Tired Tuesday post with it, because, what a surprise:  I got nuthin’ else.  Of course I like having the Bride of Frankenstein as my profile pic, I’ve had it before, but I really liked this one for the saying.  I like to embrace my own imperfections.  They are what make me, me.

I don’t suppose it is October yet.

This picture has nothing to do with the preceding paragraph, but it is Halloween-ish and I have not used it before.  Also, it is Bela Lugosi.  There could be no possible objection.

My hair is more grey than this kid’s.

This must be a picture Steven downloaded at some point.  He finds the coolest stuff.  This is an appropriate picture to include here, because as soon as I hit “Publish,” I am going upstairs to read in bed before going to sleep.  I am actually not reading a ghost story.  I am quite absorbed in a biography of John Barrymore.  I am a huge fan of his brother, Lionel, and I also admire their sister, Ethel.   However, John was pretty cool too.  The next time I run in place on the mini-tramp, I may watch the silent movie, “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” starring John.

At last I am over 200 words.  I’ll call that respectable for a Tired Tuesday.  I hope to see you all on Wuss-out Wednesday.


Pre-Rehearsal Post on Tired Tuesday

I just started to type in a first sentence confessing that I am having a Tired Tuesday and this is my Tired Tuesday post, and I accidentally erased most of it. A sign?  My subconscious telling me to NOT have a Tired Tuesday post?  I don’t have time to ponder these things.  I have rehearsal for Who Shot JS? in an hour (or so).

Who Shot JS?, for anybody who doesn’t know or forgot, is the interactive murder mystery dinner theatre which will benefit Herkimer County Historical Society.  The performance will take place on Saturday, April 22 at 6 p.m. at the Herkimer Elks Club.  Dinner will be catered by Dominick’s Deli of Herkimer with dessert from Friendly Bake Shop of Frankfort.  Ilion Wine and Spirits has donated a prize for the winner.  Tickets are $20, and reservations may be made by calling 315-866-6413.

I’ll have to write a whole post about the mystery, telling the characters and a little of the plot (not too much of the plot, though, in case you go see it; I don’t want to spoil anything).  Today my brain is not up to it.  What the hell, brain?  How am I going to get through rehearsal?  Luckily, I have a script for that.

In the meantime, sorry about this lousy blog post.  I started to write a good one earlier, all about a cheesy horror movie Steven and I watched this past weekend.  Unfortunately, I did not get very far with it.  However, as they say, tomorrow is another day.  Happy Tuesday, everybody.



About that Nor’Easter…

I confess, I thought the nor’easter I mentioned yesterday (I disparaged the term, if you recall) would be an anti-climax.  Some folks at work were saying, “We’re going to get sent home early tomorrow!”  Well, I didn’t believe that for a minute, New York or otherwise.  When I got up this morning about 4:30, I felt vindicated as I looked out the window and saw that it had snowed not a flake.

By six, when I left for work, I stood corrected.

Yes, we got sent home early, at 10:30 a.m.  I said, “Woohoo!” and hastened home for the bra off, sweats on, movie-watching portion of the day.  I had some wild thoughts of getting out and doing some shoveling, so as not to have so much do to tomorrow.  I did not act on these thoughts (which one cannot say about all my wild thoughts, but that’s neither here nor there, as the saying goes).  Finally, I thought we ought to take our dog, Spunky, out and give him a chance to do a little business.  I volunteered to do it, but Steve said if if was going to be done, he would do it.  I thought it could be a couple activity.

I said I would get out first and shovel a space suitable for a small dog.  There was, in fact, more snow than I had expected.  I shoveled a small space, which Spunky utilized accordingly.  Then I took some pictures, thinking it would make a fun blog post.

The path does not go much further after going around the corner.

It was difficult enough getting the steps clear, but I managed it and began a short path.  I also marveled at the snowbanks hiding our vehicles:

Steven’s Stratus has not left the driveway


My SUV has been sitting there since 10:45 a.m. or so.


I took this standing in the driveway, looking across our yard into the neighbors’ parking lot.


I took this standing on the deck.


Another angle on the deck.

Well, I don’t know how wonderful my pictures are, if at all, but I thought they would make an OK blog post for a Tired Tuesday.  Now I have to get back to the movie-watching portion of the day.