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Sandals with Socks on Slacker Saturday

I am having a real Slacker Saturday and I’m not apologizing for it.  I may not even apologize for this lame blog post, but we’ll see how bad it gets before I guarantee that.  I went for a short run this morning, because after yesterday’s long run I discovered a blister on one foot.  Yikes!  When I was in the army, I found that if I glopped petroleum jelly on the blister and kept it covered, it would quietly fade away (the computer seems to think “glopped” is not a word, can you believe such ignorance?).  I glopped the last of my petroleum jelly on this one last night and have been resorting to antibiotic gel this morning.  Right now I have on ankle socks and sandals.  It’s quite a look.

As a side note, in the above paragraph, I first put vaseline, with a lowercase V, because it wasn’t brand name.  I realize Vaseline is one of those lost brand names, like Xerox and Kleenex, that people use generically (although I personally always say “photocopy” and “tissue”).  I switched to “petroleum jelly” in the interests of accuracy, and to have one fewer word judgmentally underlined in red by my computer.  I strive not to care what others think, yet I find all that red unnerving.

Where was I?  Ah yes, Slacker Saturday.  To give you a real picture of the day, I decided to take a picture of my sandals and socks combo, so I grabbed my Tablet.  As soon as I turned it on, however, I was confronted by a picture of our peonies my husband Steven had taken the other day.  Being even less device-savvy than I am, he asked me to get the picture someplace where he could share it to Facebook.  I realized I had not yet done so (although I am usually a better wife than that) (or do I flatter myself?). I know there is an easy way to do this, but being only slightly less device-un-savvy than Steven, I didn’t know it.

Well, there is no point in sharing with you all my gyrations in that endeavor, but eventually I got around to taking my own picture.

Would you say sexy legs, or are these even scarier than some of the monster pictures I share?

Full disclosure:  I had to move a bunch of junk off the end of the couch, or this picture would have been really cluttered.  Of course that might have made it more interesting as well as being a more accurate depiction of How I Live.  But I decided to try to make it a cleaner picture.  I suppose pictures are like potato chips; nobody wants just one.  I had been meaning to take a picture of some smaller irises in my yard anyways, so I stepped outside to do so.

I see it is an accurate depiction of How Little Time I Spend Weeding.

They are a little past peak, so I zoomed in on the best two.

I think they are graceful and elegant (my original thought was to say, “Aren’t they purty?”).

So this has been my day.  I ran.  I put on socks.  I took a nap (didn’t mention that before, did I?).  I made this blog post.  Oh, before making the blog post, I washed the dishes.  Yay me!  I am not completely useless!  Thank you for tuning in, and I hope to see you all on Wrist to Forehead Sunday.


Some Saturday Stuff

We can call this a Scattered Saturday or a Slacker Saturday, but I am composing this at the keyboard while I sip red wine, half look at a Vincent Price movie I DVR’d last month, and wait for Steven to get home.

I am paying very slack attention to this movie, because it is not one of his best.  It was made in the ’70s, when horror movies were becoming more gross, nasty and, well, mean.  They were more about dispatching as many victims as possible in the most disgusting fashions that could be devised.  Soon after came the slasher flicks, with more blood and less imagination. Oh, I know, many people adore such things. I live for the cheese factor and try to avoid anything that will turn my stomach.  I may watch this one again sometime and write about it, though, so I shall say no more at present.

In my quest to return to normalcy  (as normal as I can get, at any rate), I wanted to go running this morning.  It was some 30 degrees out, so I ran in place on the mini-tramp, while watching Phantom of the Opera,  the original, silent version.  For me, this is the best way to watch a silent movie.  When I’m sitting crocheting or knitting, I take my eyes off the screen too often.  I did not get through the entire movie, but I hope to run again tomorrow.

Later in the morning, I took a drive to Little Falls.  I went to the Winter Farmer’s Market, which is not yet in full swing.  Still, I chatted up the vendors that were there and took a few pictures, so perhaps I can do a full post on that tomorrow, in lieu of Wrist to Forehead Sunday.  I also walked through Paca Gardens. I would really like to purchase some of their socks, among other things.  I wanted to stop at Fall Hill Bead and Gems, but they were not yet open.

Coming back to Herkimer, I hung out at my house till Steven came home from lunch.  I like to have even a short visit with my honey.  I did not mention that I had taken Spunky for a walk before heading to Little Falls. Well, I did, and I took him out again shortly after Steven returned.  Then I drove to Ilion.  Before leaving Herkimer, I stopped in at Valley Wine and Liquors, because I thought they were having a wine tasting.  After sampling three red wines, I bought a dry blend.

In Ilion, I visited Earthly Matters, where I bought myself a pair of earrings.  I just couldn’t resist them.  Then I went to Cornerstone Consignments, where I chatted with the clerk about how some of the books were categorized “Male.”  From there, I stopped in at New 2 You Consignments, where I found two Taylor Caldwell paperbacks.  Score!  At least, I think it’s a score.  I know my mom used to read Taylor Caldwell.  I can’t remember if I read anything by her or if I liked it if I did.  I’ll soon find out.

I made a quick stop at Ilion Wine & Spirits before heading home.  After some indecision I got a bottle of champagne.  It is an inexpensive but tasty brand I have had before.  I put it in the refrigerator to chill when I got home.

And now I am sipping a glass of the red I got at Valley and have only a vague idea of what is happening in this movie.  I think it is the dramatic conclusion. Ooh, yeah, that was pretty dramatic.  I won’t tell you about it, though, because I did not include a spoiler alert.  I hope you are all having a grand Saturday.



Slacker Sick Day

I did not have Lame Post Friday this week, because I wanted to use my Hollywood photographs (are they still called photographs when you do it with a Tablet?) while the display was still, you know, on display, even if just for one more day.  Therefore, I will feel free to have a Slacker Saturday, because slacker is actually a kind term for how I’ve been today.  Don’t judge.

Oh, all right, judge if you want to.  I don’t care.

It’s a cold this time.  I thought I was getting it last weekend and thought it would be gone by now.  I hold onto the hope that it will be gone by Monday.  I suppose it is no great matter.  I’ll still go to work on overtime.  I realized something about myself a long time ago:  I can put up with almost any amount of suck for just about as long as I make up my mind to.  I guess that is not strictly true, since sometimes I find myself quite unable to make up my mind to, but the thought has gotten me through a lot of bad runs and tough times.  You know how I like to pretend I’m bad-ass.

Where was I?  Ah yes, trying to write some semblance of a blog post.  I certainly did not go running this morning.  In fact, after Steven went to work I took a nice nap.  I spent part of the afternoon watching an old horror movie in hopes I could get a blog post out of it (possible preview of coming attractions).  While I watched and crocheted, I had chicken boiling on the stove.  I feel sure chicken soup will help relieve my current discomfort.

And just so you know I am not completely useless, after I put the chicken on and before I started the movie, I washed the dishes.  After the movie and before chopping onions and crushing garlic for the soup, I put the dishes away.  Steven will be so pleased when he gets home.  I feel a little pleased myself.

Now I see I am over 300 words.  I call that respectable. I am going to hit Publish then go make myself a nice cup of tea with lemon and honey.  Oh the joy of sipping hot liquid when suffering from a cold.  I hope you are all having a lovely weekend, and I hope to see you tomorrow on Wrist to Forehead Sunday.


Lazy Saturday Afternoon

Yes, it is another Slacker Saturday post.  I decided this after I typed in four or eight possible leads (who was counting?) and immediately backspaced over them.  Don’t judge me.

Our dear little doggy, Spunky, got us up prior to 5:30 this morning.  That was at least later than our usual 4:30 rising time, so I counted my blessings and put on my running clothes.  After accompanying Spunkman (as Steven likes to call him) on his morning business meeting, I went for a run.  It was not as long a run as I have taken, but I petted two dogs, went up something of a hill, and reached the I Can Rock This stage, although briefly.

I had rehearsal for Much Ado About Nothing at 10 a.m. in Little Falls.  That’s always fun.  I just love community theatre.  You meet the nicest people.  Also, I am an incurable ham (get it?  Because ham is a cured meat?  Well, I thought it was a play on words).

After rehearsal, Steven and I had some discussion of what to do, but eventually we went out to lunch at Cucina Berto in Frankfort, and grocery shopping at Hannaford in Herkimer.  When we got home, we took our doggy for a walk around the block (that is usually about as far as our little friend wants to go). Now we are wondering what to watch on television, if anything.

As you can see, I have indulged in a number of bloggable activities today: run, rehearsal, lunch, shopping, walk.  I could even write about How I Can’t Write a Post Today, given the number of starts I erased before I started.  Instead, I offer… what I just wrote.  Happy Saturday, everyone.

P.S.  Steven suggested the title.


Another Slack, Another Shout

Last Saturday I made a post called Slacker to Shout-out, and I fear today’s post is more of the same.  I didn’t feel bad all day, but I had zero ambition.  I went running first thing, and it was a pretty good run.  I could have done a Running Commentary, but I plan to run every day in the coming week.  How many Running Commentaries can I do?  Silly me, I should have just done the first one and worried about the rest of the week as it comes.

I know, I know, just write it now.  Too late, I’ve already started a Slacker post.  Stay with me till I get to the shout-out.  Or don’t; it’s still a free country.

After my run I wrote a few post cards.  That was fun.  I was glad I got to it as I had not sent out cards last weekend.  Spunky nicely walked to the post office with me to mail them.  It was getting quite warm out by the time we got back home, and then I kind of fell apart.  I thought of all the house work or writing chores I could do, but all I did was look at Facebook then read a murder mystery.  I don’t read nearly as much fiction as I used to.  I miss it.

The one thing I managed to do was plant flowers in one container for my deck garden.  Then it got too hot for me.  Scorn me if you like, but I am sensitive to heat, especially with bright sunshine.  I’ll try to get out earlier tomorrow and finish the job.  For one reason, we might be having some people over.

Oh look, here I am approaching 300 words and I haven’t got to the shout-out yet.  We sent out to Carney’s Corners for dinner: a chicken salad sub and red potato salad.  Ooh, was it ever good!  I have to step up my own chicken salad recipe.  I also had some chocolate ice cream while I was writing this (between paragraphs three and four, in case you’re interested).  As I said in a post earlier this week, When in Doubt, Eat Ice Cream.

So I see I have given two shout-outs to myself as well as one to a local business.  Carney’s Corners is located at 232 Washington St., Herkimer, NY, phone number 315-866-7191.  My blog is located… oh, I guess you know that.  I guess I really am slacking.


Slacker to Shout-Out

After a rather horrible blogging week (culminating in a Lame Friday Post that got zero Likes!), I find I must have a Slacker Saturday.  Or maybe it’s a blogger’s sick day.  At any rate, I intend to just type in some nonsense, hit Publish and get on with my evening.

First some complaining:  my head is spinning.  I had a headache every day this week.  When I woke up with the beginning of one this morning, I foolishly took some migraine medication.  Oh well, sometimes dizziness is better than pain.  It hasn’t been totally bad all day.  I got a few chores done: three loads of laundry, a (very) little cleaning and a trip to the store.  Oh, shout-out to a local business!  The post won’t be a total loss.

I went to T & J’s Fruits and Vegetables in Herkimer, NY (where I live).  I had taken some sausage out of the freezer for dinner and wanted a green pepper to go with it.  There were red peppers there too, but I decided on one green one for tonight.  I picked the one I liked best.  Then I saw some eggplants that looked nice.  Eggplant, pepper and sausage.  What could be better?

When I put them on the counter I saw some homegrown strawberries.  Yum!  The lady at the register recommended some cherries that were there as well.  I put my stuff down and said I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t something else there I’d like.  I was glad I did, because I had almost forgotten we’re out of yellow onions.  Sausage and pepper without onion?  Say it ain’t so!  I got some of the strawberries but declined the cherries.

Driving home I remembered garlic. Damn!  I had pulled the last bulb off the braid I had gotten at the Mohawk Valley Garden and Herb Festival in Little Falls last September (come to think of it, that braid lasted a LONG time.  I must not be cooking enough).  When I got home I checked and there are still a few cloves left.  Phew!

I feel certain my dizzy head will allow me to cook dinner without major mishap.  Perhaps I could write a post about it tomorrow on Wrist to Forehead Sunday.


Slacker Saturday

Welcome to a new feature here at Mohawk Valley Girl: Slacker Saturday.  When you haven’t done enough to warrant a Scattered Saturday post, you didn’t write a post earlier and you just can’t wait to make your post and declare it wine o’clock. Oh, who am I kidding?  I don’t have to wait till after I post to have a glass of wine.  We’ve talked about sipping and typing before.  It is acceptable behavior among bloggers and a daily routine for some (um, I don’t do it daily.  Do you suppose I ought to?).

I worked today.  Although I was able to sleep until 3:30 instead of my usual 3:00, I’m tired.  I tried to take a nap earlier but without success.  I had a number of projects I thought I might work on, but all I wanted to do was sit on the couch and stare into space.  Naturally I stared at Facebook for a while instead.

I did spend a little time folding laundry.  Talk about a task of Sisyphus (ooh, I just figured out how to spell Sisyphus; yay me)!  Of course I love having a washer and drier in my house, but ever since I stopped going to the laundromat, I never have all my clothes clean at once!  I just can’t get to the bottom of the pile one load at a time.  I keep thinking, if I do one load every day, I will get caught up.  I can do that for maybe two days in a row.  Then if you don’t fold one load, you naturally don’t fold the next, and then you don’t want to wash another load till you fold everything you’ve washed so far.  Then sometimes you wear something out of the pile and think, “Ha, ha, don’t have to fold that one!”  Or is that just me?

One thing I did after much dithering was begin to learn my lines for Much Ado About Nothing (remember, with LiFT Theatre Company; I’m the Friar).  I had a bit of a sticky wicket when I could not find my Complete Works of Shakespeare. What’s that all about? It’s a giant yellow book, how do I lose it?  It takes a talent, I suppose.  If only I could use my powers for good.  When I lamented my loss on Facebook a kind friend offered me some Shakespeare books she doesn’t want any more (duplicates, I believe).  Another friend shared a link to all the plays.  I hope to get the books from the first friend soon (greatly prefer paper; I’m old), but in them meantime, I checked out the link, found my scenes and started studying.  Oh, how I love being in a play.

I almost forgot to mention:  I worked on my banana play while on break at work (I only got one today).  I think it is going rather well.

And look at this, I am over 500 words for one of my silly posts.  I think that deserves a toast.  Hope to see you all on Wrist to Forehead Sunday.