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Love that John Quinones

As I drove home from work, I thought to myself, “Windy, isn’t it?”  Naturally I answered, “No, I think it’s Thursday,” followed by, “So am I, let’s get a drink.”  And now I am sipping a Corona while watching 20/20 on OWN.  I used to have the rule to neither do homework nor write while watching television, but now that I am older and it becomes increasingly clear that I am becoming no wiser, I do some things I  never used to do.

Where was I?  I did not get distracted by the television but by typing in a paragraph that I backspaced out.  I hope I am not starting another bout of that disease! I grit my teeth and keep typing.  Then I relax my jaw, because gritting one’s teeth is a bad habit.  I grind mine in my sleep, which is a very bad thing to do, but I can’t seem to help it.  Never mind my teeth, let’s get on with the post.  Did I mention this is Non-Sequitur Thursday?

My blog this week seems to be: pictures, running commentary, pictures, today.  So I ran earlier, thinking I could get away with another Running Commentary.  Which is too bad, because when I was on Facebook earlier, I saw a picture I would LOVE to use in a blog post.  Perhaps another time.  However, the fact is, I am not up to typing in a description of a run.  I will mention that it was longer than Tuesday’s run, that I was delighted that it stopped raining so I could run outdoors, and… OK, I guess that’s all I need to mention.

I did not mention, and WordPress did not remind me, that I recently passed my Blogiversary.  Six years ago, I started Mohawk Valley Girl.  With rare exceptions, I have posted every day.  Isn’t that swell?  I suppose there are those that do not think so, but, well, they can think what they like.  In the meantime, I want to start making more posts about the Mohawk Valley.  Perhaps I could start tomorrow. On the other hand, it will be Lame Post Friday, so I make no promises.  However, I hope you’ll tune in. Happy Thursday, everyone.


My Halloween Socks Are Clean

A few minutes ago, I thought to myself, “When in doubt, eat ice cream.” I thought it would be a good lead for a blog post, but it seemed ominously familiar.  Once I finished the ice cream, I looked and sure enough, I once made a blog post with exactly that title.  And pinged back on it two more times.  This will be three.

Full disclosure:  It was frozen yogurt and I realize that, even so, it is a poor way to work toward my weight-loss goals.  In my defense, allow me to explain, “Shut up.”  (That is a joke I proudly borrow from S.J. Perelman.)

I just took a break from blogging and looked for S.J. Perelman on Facebook, to make sure I spelled his name right.  I ended up reading part of a Paris Review interview with him.  Then I realized the Friends re-run that was on next was not one I wanted to see, so I got up and changed the channel to 20/20 on OWN.  As you may guess, I am not particularly focused today.  On the brighter side, I am in a much better mood than I was yesterday.

I did a very little writing earlier, on a letter to a friend.  As I always maintain, any writing counts.

Steven just now reminded me that I have laundry in the washer.  Oops.

The laundry is in the drier, except for the items I hang up to dry.  Now, having skipped around in true Non-Sequitur Thursday fashion, I am going to sign off.  I just remembered I was going to paint my toenails tonight.


A Better Blog Post Would Have Been Nice

Some things in life fall under the heading, “It would have been nice.”  I expressed that thought on Facebook once and came across it just now on my On This Day.  I really enjoy On This Day.  Sometimes I find that I once said something witty or profound or, you know, at least worth repeating.  Dare I say, worth making blog post about?  Because other than this, I got nuthin’.

It is kind of a weird week for me.  I know, how does that make it different?  My life never goes according to plan, and that may be because I rarely have a plan.  I’ve heard that if you fail to plan you really plan to fail, but isn’t that kind of a contradiction?  You plan by not planning?  That’s too paradoxical for me.  The fact is, I have learned that when I make a plan, something usually comes along and blows it all to hell.  Or at least upsets things and requires I make adjustments.

Some people feel they can take all possibilities into consideration while making a plan.  Personally, I am usually surprised by an unexpected contingency.  Now, I have a pretty wild imagination, so if I can be surprised by developments, how can more mundane mortals take everything into account?  Maybe life is trying harder to surprise me.  Well played, Life

I’ve probably published nonsense like this before.  Of course I never plan to repeat myself.  However, it is a frequently observed fact that shit happens.  I’m going to put a silly headline on this and call it a day.  Happy Non-Sequitur Thursday, everyone.


Writing About Not Writing About Boston Legal

I’m really wishing I had saved Nosferatu and the Flowers for today, because it would have made such a nice Non-Sequitur Thursday post.  Now here I am with nothing.  Additionally, Boston Legal is on the television.  I haven’t seen that show in years and I love it!  I don’t have one of those streaming services where I can just binge watch shows t my leisure.  I have to depend on finding re-runs on cable.  Anybody opening their mouth to snort, “First world problems” can just shut up.  I am not complaining; I am delighted to have found this show.  I was merely explaining my situation.

I wrote that first paragraph during a commercial break.  Another good thing about cable television: long commercial breaks.  Some people do not see this as an advantage, but sometimes it can be quite handy.  One can take a bathroom break or go get a snack.  Some commercial breaks are long enough to do both.  Score!  I know, if you are watching a DVD for example, you can hit pause, but then you have to find a good leaving off place and sometimes I am just not that decisive.  In your more advanced cable services, you can pause live television and doesn’t that make you feel like you’ve gone back to the future! (Michael J. Fox is guesting on Boston Legal, by the way).

The other thing I am wishing is that I was writing about this in the TV Journal.  I have made only sporadic entries in our TV Journal lately.  I mean to get better about that.  I mean to get better about writing in general.  You may have noticed, I’m having the damnedest time with it lately.  I started earlier to write about that, because after all, writing about not writing is still writing, but quite frankly, I am tired about writing about not writing.  I want to get back to just writing.

Probably a good start for that would be to turn off the television.  Well, maybe I could just watch the rest of this episode of Boston Legal first…


No Thunder, No Horror, Two Dogs

My intention was to run and make a Running Commentary post.  I did run.  I ran for 30 minutes. Now I am just too damn tired to write about it.  Well, maybe I can manage a paragraph or two.

The weather report this morning called for scattered rain with occasional thunderstorms this afternoon.  I was not concerned about that.  I figured I could run in place on the mini-tramp.  While I ran, I would watch  the silent movie, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde starring John Barrymore. I just finished reading a biography of John Barrymore, and I have that movie in one of my DVD horror collections.  Doesn’t that sound awesome?  Watching an old horror movie with a thunderstorm going on outside.  That would rock!

AAAaaand, no thunderstorm.  Not even any rain.  It was, in fact, pretty good weather to run outdoors.  It was warm enough for shorts and short sleeves, and cloudy enough not to be too hot.  I actually prefer running outdoors to running on the mini-tramp, even with something good on TV.  I did not even have to talk myself into it (or avoid talking myself out of it).  I had gone two days without running and did not want to make it three.  I even have it in my head to see how many days in a row I can run, starting today.  I’ll let you know how that works out.

So I ran and it did not go too badly.  It went slowly, or rather I went slowly.  I petted two dogs, both being walked by the same person.  They were beautiful animals, a red retriever (that’s not right; what is the red kind called?) and a German shepherd (this is really going to bug me, what are those red retrievers called?) (Wait a minute!  They’re not retrievers at all: they are Irish Setters!) (what a moron I am!).

Incidentally, still working on having my act together, I had a load of laundry in the washer while I ran.  I feel I should just mention, however, that the room I was determined to clean up a little at a time now is looking beautiful, thanks to the efforts of my husband, Steven and not to my meager exertions.

Speaking of meager exertions, I see I am over 350 words on this blog post.  My real Running Commentary posts tend to run longer than than, but I don’t think we can call this a Running Commentary.  However, I believe we can call it a blog post, and I declare that not too bad for a Non-Sequitur Thursday.


Losing My Lame Head

It is like a Friday for me, because I have tomorrow off.  Therefore, my mind wants to post lame.  Oh, who am I kidding?  I often want to post lame or not at all (not at all?  SAY IT AIN’T SO!!!) (it ain’t so; I always want to make a post).  On Fridays, I pretend I have an excuse.  On other days, I make up an excuse.  Or I make a foolish post and I have no excuse.

Sorry, folks, but I am tired today.  And sad and discouraged.  One of my favorite quotes, although I do not know who said it, is, “Courage comes in waves.  Hold out for the next shipment.”  I may even have the exact wording wrong, but isn’t it a good thought?  It kind of goes along with a saying of mine, “Sometimes you just have to feel that way till you don’t feel that way any more.”  And while I am feeling that way, there is no point in making a whiny, tiresome blog post, is there?

I had another rehearsal earlier for Who Shot JS? the murder mystery to benefit the Herkimer County Historical Society.  I last heard that a mere 10 tickets remain to be sold.  Woohoo! I want the event to be a success!  Rehearsals are going splendidly.  The mystery will be performed at the Herkimer Elks Club on Saturday, April 22 at 6 p.m..  Tickets are $20 and include dinner catered by Dominick Scalise of Herkimer with dessert from the Friendly Bake Shop in Frankfort. If any local readers want to try for one of the few tickets left, contact the Historical Society at 315-866-6413.

I was hoping I could think of something funny to say to amuse my readers, but I am blank.  I know!  I will end with a trivia quiz, stolen from a Facebook friend.  I knew the answer to this.  What movie ends with the following:

I wonder if I can talk Steven into watching it tonight!

Answer in tomorrow’s post!  Ooh, I like the suspense.  Maybe I’ll make a trivia quiz a weekly feature.  What do you think?


I Think Revivifying Is a Good Word

So I just had a cup of Oolong tea, thinking it was going to make everything better.  You see what I did just there:  I skipped all the whining about what needs to be made better.  Who wants to hear all that?  I don’t even want to type it.  Incidentally, by cup of tea, of course I mean mug.  I wanted enough tea to make a difference in my life. As I waited for the tea to steep, I started composing in my head either a blog post or Facebook status about how wonderful a hot cup of Oolong tea was.

Only it wasn’t.

Oh, it was a perfectly tasty cup of tea.  I enjoyed it.  However, it did not have the revivifying effect I sought.  Or as I usually put it, it was not the miracle I was hoping for.  And yet I must make my blog post before rehearsal for Who Shot JS? at six.  I guess it’s Non-Sequitur Thursday once again.

On lunch break at work today, I made a little progress on the blog post about the cheesy movie I mentioned yesterday.  In general I love to write about cheesy movies, or even regular movies.  Yesterday and today, however, I just wasn’t feeling it.  What the hell, me?  I turned some pages in the notebook (the spiral-bound, paper kind, not a computer) and wrote a couple of other things, but nothing for the blog. Sue me.

I just saw under “Trending” on Facebook that Don Rickles died.  That made me pretty sad.  I liked him. He was on an episode of Tales from the Crypt that I found quite entertaining.  And I used to watch that silly show CPO Sharkey.  Although I will say that I wonder what I would think of that show now.  I sometimes see re-runs of some of those shows I used to watch in the ’70s and I say, “Damn.”

OK, I have petered out of things to say and I can’t think of a headline.  Oh, what a long week this has been and how useless I have been the whole time!  I guess we can always hope for something better tomorrow.  Happy Thursday, everyone.