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More Than a Walk in the Park

I did something different today and took a hike through Russell Park in Ilion, NY. Oh, OK, it was more of a walk, but it was over a trail with changes in elevation, rough patches, and even a little mud. In other words, it was an effort beyond that cliche, a walk in the park.

My companions in this adventure were my sister Cheryl and niece Jenna. They do quite a bit of hiking in various parks around the area. I always think I am OK to go for a trail walk because of all the running I do. I confess that sometimes on a run or, more often on my cool-down walk, I say to myself, “My legs are magnificent instruments of propulsion!” Well, let me just say I do not need to feel so pleased with myself.

We liked the snaky looking branches.

I did not take a lot of pictures. We were wishing there were some longer views, especially with the fall foliage reaching peak.

Another angle of the snaky branches.

There are quite a few trails in Russell Park. We were on the Horseshoe Trail, I think. We had to choose which fork to take a couple of times. We saw a bridge we considered crossing, but I felt what we could see of the trail beyond it looked iffy. Cheryl went down for a photo op.

My sisters and I all have a good sense of drama.

We ended up at the Soccer Field and followed the road back to where we had parked. We looked at the trail map, which I stupidly did not get a picture of. We talked about where we might walk next time but decided not to follow any other trails today.

It was a lot of fun. In addition to a challenging walk, we had a great visit with a lot of laughs. I hope to tag along on more of Cheryl and Jenna’s hikes.

Upcoming Adventures?

It is SO past time I wrote about a Mohawk Valley adventure!  I can’t even pretend I haven’t had time to have any.  My last Scattered Saturday post shows I have been getting out and doing a few things.  Why am I not writing about them?  Well, the purpose of this post is not to explore my writerly angst (picture me with my wrist to my forehead moaning, “Why, oh why am I not writing about the things I do?  Boohoo!”) (yes, I would like a little cheese with that whine).  Rather, I thought I would mention a couple things I may be doing in the near future.

I just found out today that this Sunday, Sept. 25, is Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts (MVCA) Great Art Giveaway in Little Falls.  The event takes place at the Canal Side Inn at 3 p.m.  $5 donation covers hors d’oevres with cash bar available.  You can purchase tickets to win works of art at MVCA, which is next door.  I may go to the center and look over the art on Saturday.  I like to take my time with these things.

Next Saturday, Oct. 1,  Steven and I hope to participate in the Haunted Tour of the Historic Four Corners in Herkimer, hosted by Friends of Historic Herkimer County and the Herkimer County Historical Society.  Members of the “Ghost Seekers of Central New York” will tell about their paranormal investigations at the 1834 Herkimer County Jail and the 1884 Suiter Museum Building.  There will also be members stationed outside the 1875 Herkimer County Courthouse. Tickets are $12.00 in advance, available at the Historical Society, 406 Main St.,  and $15.00 at the entrance.

You can find out more about both of these events on Facebook.  I hope to write blog posts about them afterwards.  Or maybe another angsty post about how I just can’t seem to.


My Spontaneous Friday Night

I don’t have a Scattered Saturday post for this week, but I thought I could give a brief overview of why I was in Ilion, NY at dinnertime yesterday, instead of sensibly and frugally at my home fixing fish sticks or tuna noodle casserole or something.

Directly after work, I went to the Medicine Shoppe to pick up a prescription.  It was not ready (weird renewal situation, not really relevant), but they said they could process it and have it for me in about 45 minutes (in retrospect, they might have said “Four to five minutes,” but, again, not really relevant).

Since I was in the neighborhood, I walked across the parking lot to Ilion Wine and Spirits, to get some of the Pinot Grigio Steven likes (full disclosure: I like it too).  What did I see on their door but a sign advertising a wine tasting that night at five!  Woohoo!  I love wine tasting!  It was only four, but that was a problem patience could easily solve.

“I have a prescription to pick up later,” I said.  “I was wondering if it was worth it to come back out, but now I’m motivated!”

I went home and made vague attempts at doing something useful.  Then the phone rang, and it was my friend Diane.  Diane recently opened Eye Q in New Hartford, NY, an excellent optical establishment.  She gave me a good deal on a truly awesome pair of glasses.  When she heard about the wine tasting, she was happy to meet me at Ilion Wine and Spirits at five.

The wine tasting was from Lakeland Winery from Syracuse.  I’ve tasted their wines before.  The lady that does the tastings is a delight.  She remembered me from the last time we had met at Ilion Wine and Spirits, and even remembered how my husband Steven had joined the tasting already in progress.

“I should go get Steven at work so he can join us this time,” I said.

I ended up doing just that.  Everybody was pleased to see Steven, Steven was pleased to taste some wine, and a delightful time was had by all.  Incidentally, I forgot to mention that the store served crackers and Herkimer Cheese as an accompaniment to the tasting.  Yum!

So that was my Friday, and I’m glad I wrote a blog post about it.  For one reason, I woke up this morning with the dull, draggy feeling that I had wasted my Friday on frivolities.  I see now that I did not.  I had a spontaneous and enjoyable time.  I’m soon off to have a marvelous time at Ilion Little Theatre.  I hope to write about that tomorrow.  Happy Saturday, everyone.


A Marginally Improved Woman?

You know, Scattered Saturday is kind of a relief.  All I have to do is briefly recount what I have been doing all day.  That seems to be all I am up to today.  Oh, don’t sit there and tell me I’m whining; if you don’t like it then just don’t read it!  Sheesh!

Opening night of Lunch Hour at Ilion Little Theatre was wonderful.  The actors were great, the audience was pleased.  A few of us had a very enjoyable time going out for drinks afterwards.  We got to bed after midnight, which is quite rare for me, then slept in till after seven, also unusual.  Please note:  I had one glass of cabernet sauvignon.  Oh, and a sip of a friend’s bourbon, because I couldn’t remember what bourbon tastes like.

This morning Steven and I had a yummy breakfast at Crazy Otto’s Empire Diner in Herkimer, NY.  A bacon, avocado and cheese omelet for me; French toast, fried eggs and bacon for Steven.  Mine came with home fries and sourdough toast.  I shared the toast with Steven.

After food we went across the street to Collis Hardware and bought some heavy duty cleaning supplies:  rubber gloves, a tough broom, an industrial mop and a bucket with a wringer attached.  We had a rather nasty basement to clean.  That was our main accomplishment for the day.

I felt pretty crappy after spending some time in the basement rather ineffectually scrubbing (really, I did my best).  Our basement is as damp as any.  I’m sure there is mold and mildew.  My sinuses did not thank me.  When mopping was the last thing to do,  Steven heroically volunteered to do that while I went upstairs and laid down.

I slept for almost three hours.  Considering I have been getting to bed late and getting up at 3:30 every morning this week, I daresay I needed it.  I was not exactly a new woman when I got up, but I felt at least marginally improved.

Earlier in the week, Steven had noticed a Chinese auction at Mohawk Antiques mall to benefit the veterans.  We LOVE Chinese auctions, and who wouldn’t want to benefit the veterans?  I had not realized it was for Sitrin’s Rehabilitation, a most excellent program which I wholeheartedly support.  We put in for many prizes, and I noticed nobody had donated an afghan.

“I should have donated an afghan,” I said.  “Had I but known!”

“We put this together in three weeks,” a lady said.  “You wouldn’t have had time to make an afghan.”

I told her I try to always keep a few around, for just such a purpose.  I gave them my name and number, so they can contact me if they do this again.

After browsing the antiques while we were there, I started to feel a little ill and tired, so we went home.  I did no feel like cooking anything, so Steven nicely dialed up dinner, ordering a delicious roast beef sub from Carney’s Corners.

And that brings us up to the present time.  I have another show of Lunch Hour tonight.  If I catch a second wind and others are into it, I may go out again.  Surely one more glass of cabernet sauvignon wouldn’t hurt.