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Marina Meanderings

Saturday was a beautiful day: sunny, not too warm, low humidity, and Steven got off work early. A perfect day. What to do with it?

Steven was in the mood for a burger, so we decided to check out the Dockside Cafe at Ilion Marina. Naturally we took Tabby.

Ilion, NY, for you out of area readers (Hi, Rachel!), is almost immediately adjacent to Herkimer via State Route 5. The entrance to the marina is right next to the exit. It’s not a large marina, but it is a pleasant place to walk around.

We admired some of the RVs parked in the lot. What a great vacation: park your RV at the marina and sail off in your boat. I’m afraid my getaways are more pedestrian. Drive my truck to the marina and walk around with my husband and my dog. Still, that’s a pretty good thing to do, too. I was happy to be there.

At the window of the Dockside Cafe we ordered cheeseburgers. Steven also got macaroni salad and we both got bottles of water. We brought our water out the the deck and sat down to wait for our food.

It was perfect weather for eating outdoors. We looked out over the water then admired the nautical decor on the deck. I especially liked the carved wooden sailors on the railing. The tablecloths had a lighthouse design. I wondered if they got those locally. I have a couple of sisters and a cousin who would like such a thing for their outdoor living spaces.

After eating (excellent burgers, and the salad was yummy) (yes, I stole some), we walked down the path we hadn’t been on yet. We gave the people fishing a wide berth, in case Tabby picked that moment to start barking and scared the fish. As it happened, she kept quiet. After a while I suggested we drive to Frankfort, another short jaunt down Route 5, and check out their marina.

The stretch of river (or is it a canal? I ought to research these posts a little better) that Frankfort Marina is on is much quieter than in Ilion. A wooden dock lets the fishers get closer to the water. The dock went all the way around to the other side of the water, but we didn’t walk on it. There were a number of people fishing. Tabby had kept quiet in Ilion, but that was no guarantee. Also, you can’t count on strangers being happy to see a cute little dog when they are pursuing a hobby that calls for quiet.

The restaurant here looked a little fancier. At least, it was indoors and there was a stern sign reading, “No Dogs Allowed.” Well, if you don’t want me to bring my dog on the porch, I won’t bring my dog on the porch.

We wandered around between the fishers and the No Dogs Allowed area till my sinus headache started to kick in (see Sunday’s post). We drove home feeling we had taken at least a little advantage of the beautiful day.