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Just Follow the Lame

Going down?

I was looking through my Media Library for pictures for a Lame Post Friday post, and this caught my eye. It is on the campus of Herkimer College (formerly HCCC). Which reminds me, it has been some time since I have been running in that area. I’ll have to work on that.

Going up?

And here is the back road going up to said campus. Full disclosure: I do not have a good plan for this blog post. I’m just sharing pictures and typing nonsense. But I feel this is OK on Lame Post Friday. Let’s see what other pictures I can find.

And here’s a flat stretch.

This is a stretch of sidewalk I run along very often. I do not remember why I originally took this particular picture.

Looks threatening.

This is my street. I include it for the awesome grey sky. I love a cloudy day.

So here is the post: down, up, level sidewalk, grey sky. If you like reading into those things, you could make up a good story about what has been going on in my life. As for me, I am close enough to 200 words for me to call it a blog post. Happy Friday, everyone!

Stop Lollygagging and Make a Blog Post!

I had another busy day of doing things that were just not worth blogging about. Then again, it is Lame Post Friday. I’ll just blather on for a while and call it a post. Maybe a silly picture or two to pep things up.

I am usually silly, with or without wine.

I am enjoying a glass of wine as I type. In fact, I am wearing the same shirt, although I am not sporting the same silly grin.

This was my Facebook profile picture for a while.

I have been enjoying a lot of horror movies lately. The above is the inimitable Lionel Barrymore in Devil Doll. It’s a pretty fun movie.

And sometimes I am just piddle puttering.

As I scanned my Media Library, reflecting on what a foolish post this is, the above caught my eye. My sister Cheryl gave it to me. Many agree that it is just the sort of thing I would say.

I like trees.

The above is from March, but I have been noticing how bare trees are looking. Perhaps one day soon I will take a walk and snap a few shots (preview of coming attractions).

In the meantime, I am closing in on 200 words. Happy Friday, everyone!

Short Shout-Out on Lame Post Friday

I love this!

Happy Halloween Eve, everyone! Today I took a walk to a new shopping venue in Herkimer, NY, The Emporium. I took a bunch of pictures, because I hope to write an article for Mohawk Valley Living magazine. For today’s Lame Post Friday blog post, however, I will merely say a few words and share the most seasonal pictures I took.

I especially like the glass that says, “Drink up,Witch.”

I love fall.

The Emporium is a vendor market featuring a wide variety of stuff. Antiques, crafts, handmade goods and more. I intend to return and check out the merchandise more thoroughly soon.

They are located at 402 Mohawk St., Herkimer, NY, and are open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, closed Sunday.

Feeling VERY Lame

Hello, and welcome to another Lame Post Friday. Today was perhaps our last warm day of the year. I was able to enjoy it somewhat. Making this blog post, I am afraid, may be less enjoyable. The only stylus I can find does not work well. It is like typing with only six or seven fingers and not realizing which letters you missed till later. And autocorrect does NOT help.

Well, those last few sentences went fairly well, as I abandoned the stylus for my finger.

Same view, different day.

I sat outside the End Zone Pub and Grub to enjoy a draft beet earlier this evening. The picture is from a previous visit. I thought of snapping a few shots on my walk down, but I have happily taken many foliage pictures this year. How many do I need?

I love it!

Here is one of the pictures I am so happy to have taken. Oh dear. This might not be the best of blog posts. I have talked about fall colors a lot this year. On the other hand, it is Lame Post Friday. Why not repeat myself? Additionally, some readers may have missed some of my fall foliage posts. I think I will throw in a couple more pictures and call it a day.

A very recent shot.

Well, I meant to add two more shots, but WordPress will not show me everything I thought I had in my Media Library. May I just mention once again that I HATE the new WordPress editor? And yet, I cannot complain, because I am on the free plan. Oh, I fear my blogging days are numbered!

As October Wears On…

So pretty!

I have spent a good deal of time this October admiring the scenery. I feel grateful that whatever else is going on in my life, I have had more opportunity to do this than in previous years. “Whatever else” is really not as heinous as it might be. Merely, I am on furlough from my job and may soon hear I am terminated. I add that for clarification’s sake.

That was not a very good paragraph. I don’t know where I think I am going with this blog post, but I say that is OK on Lame Post Friday.

One of my favorite places.

I have visited Pumpkin Junction in Sauquoit twice this year, and I may go again tomorrow. I plan to go adventuring with my friend Kim, and we have not made definite plans yet.

Last week’s adventure.

Last Saturday we went to Iron Rock Brewing in Little Falls. It was so much fun, I wouldn’t mind going again. Or there is always Copper City Brewing in Rome.

I was there in September for the Mini-Maker with Roman Runners.

Or Heelpath Brewing Company in Frankfort.

I totally forgot this bartender’s name.

Scenery, pumpkins, beer, or maybe wine, as Kim is drinking in the photo above. I look forward to a fun Saturday. Now I shall get back to enjoying my Friday. Thank you for tuning in.

L Is For Lame

For this week’s Friday Lame Post, I shall do the thing where I choose pictures from my Media Library beginning with a certain letter and make silly remarks about them. I pick the letter L.

I must return to Prospect Falls Winery soon.

Here is a Liquid well suited for Fridays. In fact, I am not drinking wine, but am taking minute sips of a dry martini. I love a dry martini, but one must be cautious when drinking what amounts to a glass of gin. But I digress.

I wonder if these are over now.

Local is one of Mohawk Valley Girl’s favorite words. This is from the farmers market in Little Falls, NY (another L!).

I must find this pair; the eyeballs are so Halloween-y!

Here are some LuLaRoe Leggings given to me by my sister Victoria. It has been cool enough for leggings lately, but I heard a hot day was forecast for tomorrow.

Pretty sexy, if you ask me.

Lost Souls makes my last L. That was an elusive letter, at least in my Media Library. But I am approaching 200 words. I may or may not make it. What do you want from me on Lame Post Friday?

(I made it.)

Late Post Friday

Here I am once again, typing in a post (OK, picking out one letter at a time with the stylus) early on the morning after I was supposed to make said post. Yes, they are only my rules for me, but I feel I should follow them a little better than I do. But never mind that: on with the post.

I am still figuring out this new editor and somehow put these two vaguely related photos here. I daresay I could get rid of them easily enough, but I prefer to just go with it.

The picture on the left is Pete’s Tavern, on North Main Street in Herkimer, NY. The one on the right is Herkimer County Courthouse, further up Main at my beloved Historic Four Corners.

Next annoying thing about this new editor: I can’t see my word count as I go. How will I know when I reach my goal of 200 words? Shall I count them, as I did back in my pre-computer school days? Let us not resort to drastic measures.

This is turning into a Non-Sequitur Post, as I accidentally choose another photo and go with it. This is the Rose of Sharon from our backyard. I need to do some yard work this weekend. That might make a better blog post.

I am just going to admit here that I am fighting another bout of depression. I hesitate to say so, because my mother reads this blog and I do not want her to worry. Then, too, I can hear some people saying, “Poor pitiful you! Stop whining already!” Oh wait, that is my inner critic. But perhaps she has a point. A cup of coffee, a good run. I’ll be fine.

And I will strive to make my Saturday blog post on Saturday .

Is It Friday? Or Is It Halloween?

Be still, my heart!

I was just watching a DVR’d episode of Svengoolie so open with a picture of my new hero.  Being a horror host is my dream job.  The movie was Billy the Kid vs. Dracula, which really seemed more suited to Mystery Science Theatre 3000 than Svengoolie, but of course Sven is free to feature whatever he chooses.  My opinion was not sought.

So this is my Friday Lame Post, only yesterday was my Friday this week, and I may not have another real Friday for the next few weeks.  Yes, I have been furloughed again.  I mean to make good use of my time, just to have something different from other furloughs and, indeed, the rest of my life.  But never mind serious topics.  I want to make a silly post.

He’s just hanging out.

I went outside just now and took that picture.  I put out a few Halloween decorations last weekend.  I hung the skellington straight down, but the wind blew his leg over the lights to put him in the sexy pose. I love it when nature helps improve your decorations.

Another angle.

I have not finished my decorations.  Witchy is not plugged in yet, but doesn’t she look cheerful?  The scarecrow has been there for a while now. I must find a better spot and pose for him.

Less sexy, but cheerful.

This is from last Halloween.  As you can see, it was a rainy night.  There was some flooding, but we escaped any damage.

I guess I will have plenty of time to decorate my porch and front yard.  Rest assured, you will be able to read about it here.


I’m Afraid It’s Lame Post Friday

I made it through the week and contemplate the weekend with trepidation.  Is that the right word?  I usually try not to be so cowardly.  But I must be having a craven moment, because I just backspaced those two sentences out.  I restored them with the “edit undo” button.  I must not be afraid to admit when I am feeling scared.

So that was my first lame paragraph from this week’s Lame Post Friday post. I am tired, and I am having a bad writing week.  There, I admitted it.  At lunch time at work, as I sat cravenly doing a cryptogram puzzle instead of writing, I said, “I have got to get my act together.”  My co-workers agreed, saying that they had meant to mention that to me.  I can always count on my co-workers.

I don’t think I ever gave him a name.

I wanted to throw in a picture, to pep things up, and this one caught my eye.  He is currently lurking by me garage.  I don’t know where I will put him next.

This is where he used to lurk in the front yard, under Frankentree.

These are appropriate pictures for today, because the one thing I accomplished was to mow the front lawn.  It was in shade for the most part, so that was good.

Mmmmm… coffee…

This is the coffee cup I used this morning.  This would normally be the weekend for the Mohawk Valley Garlic and Herb Festival in Little Falls.  Alas!  One more thing to look forward to in 2021, I hope.  Oh dear.  I cannot end on such a sad note.  Can I find a cheerful picture?

Maybe I could look like this if I went on a really strict diet.

Here is a cheerful thought: COVID or not, I can decorate my porch for Halloween!  That will also make a good blog post!  As always, I hope you’ll stay tuned.