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Hump Day Run

I was unable to write today’s post while at work today, so I thought I would run after work and write my post about that. I had intended to run anyways, because I missed the last two days. And it being Wednesday, I thought the headline was a natural.

It rained this afternoon while I was at work. I spoke to Steven on the phone at my 2 p.m. break and he said it was pouring in Herkimer (I work in nearby Ilion). Oh dear. I hate to run in the rain, but, two days off, I made up my mind to it. Then the rain stopped by the time I left work shortly after 3:30, so that was OK.

As soon as I started, I felt I was in trouble. I kept saying to myself, “But it’s only been two days!” And I had long, good runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday. What does my body want from me? Well, today it seems it wanted me to sit down, but we kept running anyways.

I saw a guy with an adorable little chihuahua across the street. Unfortunately it was German Street and way too busy to just run across so I could pet it. I think I’ve met that chihuahua before. I called a greeting at least.

I could feel myself running slowly. Putt, putt, putting along in fact. A young man ran down the opposite side of the street (in the road, left side, facing traffic). He was loping along quite easily at a pace that mocked my middle aged shuffle. Ah, youth. I did not call to him. There were cars zooming by, so he probably would not have heard me. I comforted myself for my slow pace with the reflection that at least I would not run out of sidewalks in the village. As my runs get longer, I sometimes find myself looping around a lot in order to avoid crossing the busier streets. I lengthened my stride to a semi-sprint for a very few feet, as a lady waited for me before pulling out of the parking lot of the H.A.R.C. building at the end of the street.

I ran around the perimeter of the parking lot. I saw a very old sign I had noticed before and been unable to read. Today I was close enough to make out part of letters that might have at one time read “TOWED AT OWNER’S EXPENSE.” I wondered if anybody would come along and tow me if I just collapsed, which my body was urging me to do. I told myself they would need a flatbed for my fat ass and kept running.

Down this street, up that street. I saw a crumpled piece of cloth. It was too wet and smushed to tell what it was, but I wondered if it was somebody’s underwear. I kept seeing a pair of underwear out the other end of German Street earlier in the spring. It added a little interest to my run.

As I went, it did get easier. My leg muscles warmed up and stopped complaining so much. So when I saw an ambulance parked outside of the medical building I felt I did not need it. I looked for an ambulance attendant so I could yell, “I’m good!” or some other such remark, but nobody was there. Just as well, I suppose. Ambulance attendants don’t have time for my silliness.

By the time I reached the end of my run, though, my legs felt like macaroni. And not al dente, either; the overcooked kind. That happened in the middle of a previous run. That was when I thought of the al dente line, and I’m finally getting to use it. Waste not, want not. Anyways, on that run, I started thinking about how very cooked pasta can have its charms as well, most notably in some real mushy baked macaroni and cheese.

MMMmmmmm…. Now I’m thinking about pasta again. It’s good for runners to eat pasta. Of course, the good runners eat it the night before a big run, not after running and blogging about it. Oh well, I’ll just have to run tomorrow.

Fun at the Country Kitchen

I had mentioned briefly that I went out to breakfast Sunday morning. I thought I’d talk a little more about that and give another shout out to Liz’s Country Kitchen on South Main Street in Herkimer, NY.

Liz’s Country Kitchen is run by our friends Liz and Donna, who previously operated the Neighborhood Diner on North Washington Street. Steven and I went there for a previous blog post and were delighted to find that the same delicious food and hometown atmosphere prevailed.

Steven was industriously at work when I set out Sunday morning. I luckily found a parking space right in front of the diner. Both Donna and Liz greeted me and were sorry not to see Steven as well. I ordered my favorite of a breakfast sandwich on a hard roll and started writing a letter to my sister (I hope she doesn’t read this post and wonder why I haven’t finished it yet; I’ve been busy). I overheard snatches of conversation as I ate.

“…a millionaire with one foot in the grave,” a lady said.

“And the other on a banana peel,” I added, quoting my grandmother.

Liz was looking for a way to hang some wind chimes on the door. Several people told her to cut out the racket, so of course she jingled them some more.

“Maybe you could have them made into earrings,” I suggested. Liz and I often admire each others’ earrings.

“You could use them to take up belly dancing,” said another diner. He seemed rather taken with the idea of Liz as a belly dancer.

Some neighbors of Donna’s came in. They were talking about some obnoxious partiers who had disturbed the peace in their neighborhood. I’m not sure where that neighborhood is, but I hope things settle down. There’s nothing wrong with having a good time on a Saturday night, but there’s no reason to wake the neighbors.

I greatly enjoyed my breakfast. I told Liz and Donna I’d do my best to bring Steven next time (I think people prefer us as a couple). I left refreshed and ready to take on the rest of my day.

Liz’s Country Kitchen is open seven days for breakfast and lunch. Check it out!

Yet Another Running Post

Did I mention the most interesting thing I do these days is run?

I mentioned on Facebook that I thought I’d run up the hill to Herkimer County Community College (HCCC). That gave me a little motivation. Of course, that is one of my favorite Sunday runs. The road to the college is less traveled on a Sunday. Also, I haven’t been to work (usually) and don’t have much I have to do after the run, so an extra strenuous run is in order.

I had previously gone to breakfast and gone shopping. I was just picking up a few things but it annoyingly necessitated three stops. Still, that meant it was about an hour since I’d eaten by the time I got home. The clouds looked threatening, so I thought I’d get while the gettin’ was good, as the saying goes.

As I ran down German Street toward the college, I thought I saw a dog I know named Nicky. I should have known it wasn’t him, because he’s usually out walking much earlier. In my defense, my running glasses are a good three prescriptions ago (how well do you need to see while running? Stuff I might run into is usually pretty big). I ran across the street in hopes of petting a friend, quickly saw it was not the same dog or owner, thought I might pet a cute strange dog, but only succeeded in upsetting the pooch. He jumped, barked and growled; the owner pulled on the leash and told him to behave. I apologized and kept running. I felt really stupid as I re-crossed the street, because it must have looked as if I had crossed the street specifically to upset a dog. Oh dear.

Now I was running faster than I’m used to, as a result of crossing the street twice in rapid succession. I thought I ought to slow down to an easier pace, but I am really not that good at pace. My body tends to run at the speed it wants to run. Usually, I admit, not very fast. As soon as I started up the hill, the slow pace came naturally. I did the trick of looking at my feet, so I wouldn’t notice how big the hill was. That worked great; I barely noticed the gradient. Then, of course, being human, I had to look up to see where I was. Yikes! But I have run that hill many times now and made it to the top every time. I had confidence.

The problem with putting a major hill right in the middle of your run is, you get to the top of the hill and you’re tired, but you have to keep running. I looked at the view of Herkimer to distract myself. Gorgeous. Was it just Herkimer I was seeing, or could I see Ilion and/or Mohawk? I looked for landmarks I might recognize even at the distance, realized I was drifting out into the road and stopped looking. Once the gradient evened out, I didn’t even feel too tired. This running is all right.

I turned toward the back road to go back down into town and added a few steps by going down a little stretch past a Do Not Enter sign. I know, they are talking about cars, not middle aged ladies running slowly, but I like to pretend I’m a rebel. Soon I was going downhill and life was sweet.

The back road to HCCC is longer, twistier and a little less steep than the front way. I must run up that way next time. The back way is the way down on the DARE 5K. I saw the little path the DARE run takes, with the gate closed and locked as it usually is. That was a big motivation for me to run the DARE 5K, to see where that little path went. I saw where a runner could easily get around the gate and go down the path, but I refrained. It’s one thing to be a rebel, but running down a closed path is just dumb. Suppose something stupid happened like a sprained ankle or a heart attack (I am 48 years old)? Would I be likely to encounter a kind stranger to help me? I had another rebel opportunity a block later anyways, when I defied a No Left Turn sign.

So my run was pretty OK. I encountered a couple of other runners and told them, “Looking good!” I said “Good morning,” to a some pedestrians. My dog was very happy to see me when I got home and graciously walked my cool down with me. I hope to find other Mohawk Valley adventures sometime, but for now I highly recommend running in Herkimer, NY.

Another Good Run, So There!

There are going to be a lot of running blogs between now and the Boilermaker. This is pretty much what I am doing right now: work, Harvey rehearsals, and run. Running makes the best posts.

I ran later than normal on a day off today, because I went to help work on the set for Harvey. Harvey, in case you had forgotten or never knew, is the play I’m in with Ilion Little Theatre. For the last play I was in, I barely made it to rehearsals and almost never to set construction, due to the retail hours I was then working. Now I work days with many weekends off, so I was happy to go try to help this morning. I don’t know that I helped much. I held a couple of things for others. It helped me, though, because I had some good laughs with some nice people. I love Ilion Little Theatre.

So I put on shorts and short-sleeves to run, because the thermostat in my house said the outdoor temperature was 44 degrees. Having been outside, I suspected it was colder, but I didn’t have time to worry about it. Right away my hands were cold. Oh dear, was this going to be an uncomfortable run? Never mind, keep running. At least the rest of me would probably warm up.

I ran a hill I know of out Main Street. I had to cross German Street, but that wasn’t too bad with Saturday afternoon traffic. Up I went. It’s a pretty good hill. When I went to turn right to get to the down slope, I ran across the middle of the road, to travel the shortest distance. That was the one time a car happened to be coming. Oops. Luckily, the car turned into a driveway before I was actually in its way.

Now I was going downhill. Aaahh! A great, effortful hill out of the way and I was not even a third of the way into my intended time. What a great feeling! I suppose somebody else may have sought out another hill, just to be that way. I merely kept running.

I ran by a couple of No Parking signs outside of a house. No worries there; I wasn’t about to park it just then. I saw a van parked near one of the signs, but perhaps the sign was not talking to him. I turned onto the little path over what used to be the hydraulic canal. That’s a nice place to run.

I crossed back over German Street at the four way stop at Main Street. I waited for one car, then ran across, waving “thank you” to the cars that waited for me. As I continued down German, a lady on Washington waved me across in front of her. I thought that was very nice of her, because it’s not always easy to get onto German where there’s not a four way stop. By waiting for me, she may have missed her chance. I think she got out OK, but by then I was down another section of the erstwhile hydraulic canal.

After that I went through the parking lot of the county office building, just for something different. No traffic there on a weekend. I turned down Green Street and sprinted to make the green light at Washington. Then I changed direction to go by a sign I saw on the church there for a Rummage Sale. May 3 and 4. Phew, not today! Will I remember it by May? I hope it will be in the paper in case I don’t.

Next I turned and went through the parking lot between the church and Fire Station, then through the parking lot of the Police Station and Village Offices. I saw a bench that said “Shop Local.” Well I do, then I blog about it, I thought. I continued through another parking lot by what used to be a bank and headed towards a “Do Not Enter” sign. I love to Enter where it tells me not to.

It turned out to be a good time to cross Main Street, then it was through Myers Park and home. By this time I was feeling terrific. Even my hands were not too cold. I realized I had spend most of the run feeling pretty damn good, and that made me feel really good. Maybe I’m going to make a success of this running thing after all!

Keep Running, Cindy!

I had it in my head that Wednesday’s run was going to be a good run and I was going to blog about it. I thought how my last couple of running posts had been about difficult runs and I felt a little uncomfortable with that. Of course, it’s a good thing to persevere through a difficult run and to write about it; the one thing helps the other, without a doubt. But I don’t want to give the impression that all my runs are difficult runs. If all I’m doing is persevering, I think it’s time to find a new hobby slash workout (I really felt the need to write the word “slash” and not use a “/”).

It helped that the weather cooperated. Warmer, not humid, nice. Shorts and short sleeves were definitely the way to go. I felt pretty OK as soon as I started out.

I wanted to run the hill by Valley Health Services. That necessitated crossing German Street, not always easy with four o’clock traffic. I managed it at the three-way stop at Caroline Street, waving “thank you” to the cars that didn’t run me over. The hill is what I would call respectable. Not as challenging as the hill to Herkimer County Community College, but not negligible. Respectable.

I shuffled up it, thinking how my previous method (and I’m not the only one to use it) was to sprint up hills. My reasoning was, get up it as quickly as possible, so the difficulty only lasted a short time. It was not a good method. Slow and steady wins the race (is that a cliche? Should I have added “as they say” or some other self-deprecating, post-ironic phrase?).

On my way down, on the other side of the building, I saw a lady walking away carrying a large umbrella.

“Didn’t need the umbrella after all,” I called.

“No, it’s beautiful,” she said.

“Oh, it sure is!”

There were still clouds, but as I rounded the corner some sunlight broke through and lit up some forsythia bushes. I love forsythia. It’s beautiful and fun to say. Now the sun was behind me with dark clouds in front of me. I admired the effect. I checked out my shadow on the sidewalk. Still lumpy. Keep running, Cindy.

My run seemed to be taking a long time. I felt that I was running very slowly. That’s all right; you mostly have to run slow on the Boilermaker. With 14,000 runners, I don’t see things thinning out much as we go. I started thinking about the Boilermaker and how I’d wave to people cheering the runners on. I can say silly things like, “My fans, how they adore me.” I mentally calculated how many weeks till the Boilermaker and how long I would be running if I added 10% each week, as recommended by those guys at the Sneaker Store. As long as I’m up to an hour I’ll feel comfortable. If you can run one hour, you can run two. You just don’t stop.

I did not need to put on a sweatshirt for my cool down walk with Tabby. I felt happy about my run and even happier when I thought about running this weekend NOT after a 10 hour workday. So you see, not all my runs are difficult or un-fun. And I bet they’ll get even better. See you at the Boilermaker!

Cool Runnings

Note to self: no more days off running. At least, no more four days in a row off running.

It was that damn pedicure. If I had not been so anxious to have pretty toes for Saturday’s wine tasting tour, I could have run on Wednesday. And it was that damn wine tasting tour. If I had stayed home, I could have run Saturday and felt better Sunday and Monday. But it’s useless to repine. We can’t go back and change things, and if we could go back there’s no guarantee we would make the right changes.

All this by way of saying, I did not enjoy Tuesday’s run as much as I had hoped. I felt better Tuesday than I had on Monday, and I thought the temperature was a little warmer. Not as warm as it could be. I recall at my last difficult run wondering if the difficulty stemmed from the warm humidity or from running after a 10 hour work day. Tuesday I had the chance to find out. Nice 40 degree weather. Good temperature to run in, right?

When I walked out of work in Ilion, it seemed colder than expected. I thought, maybe leggings and a long-sleeved t-shirt. But it was sunny; my truck cab was warm. And Herkimer is often warmer than Ilion. By the time I got home, I thought I could rock the shorts and short sleeves. I do hate getting overheated, which I find can happen when it’s over 40 degrees. I had a slight delay while Steven helped me find a headband. My ears can still get cold while my body overheats. Finally Steven located one.

Apparently the temperature had dropped and/or the wind picked up during my slight delay. Oh dear. But I was not about to go back and change, so I trusted to sunny spots and my own efforts to overcome the cold.

I right away started looking for things to put in a blog post. Different things, so my blog does not become monotonous. I did not notice anything right away, but I remembered two things. The Boilermaker organizers this year are allowing people to give their registration to somebody else if they decide not to run. One of my nieces would like to run the Boilermaker but did not register. Hmmm…. I could give her my registration and go back to leading a sedentary lifestyle. I considered that for maybe half a block. My body sure liked the sound of “sedentary lifestyle.” But I have had the foresight to mention to a good many people that I intend to run the Boilermaker. No easy way out for me! I kept running.

I had turned right onto German Street and managed to cross both Main and Washington Streets despite heavy traffic (I came as close as I can get to a sprint at this point). I made it all the way down to the old factory-looking building that is now owned (I think) by H.A.R.C and houses the Herkimer County Chamber of Commerce (I meant to go to their open house when they first opened and blog about it). I always liked that building, because it makes me think of an army building. When it was vacant I used to run through the parking lot and behind it, till I noticed the No Trespassing sign. I decided to try it again, to see if the sign was still there.

As I entered the parking lot, I saw a sign that said rental space was available, for office or manufacturing purposes. I wondered what kind of business I could start. I noticed a couple of disused loading docks and one that was completely cinder-blocked up. I didn’t see a No Trespassing sign, so I continued around the building and came out on a residential street.

I ran down it, noting as I like to screened-in porches I admire. I saw buds on some trees, a welcome sight. I never reached the “I can rock this” stage, but I got to a neutral point where my body seemed reasonably content to keep going. I did not begin to feel warm. As I ran down Prospect Street, I met a two pedestrians wearing winter coats.

“Makes me feel even colder!” the lady said, looking at me.

“I thought it was warmer when I started out,” I said. “I was wrong!”

I saw a girl running with a pit-bull-looking dog trotting beside her. She sensibly had on long pants, long sleeves and even boots. Running in boots? When she got to the park she slowed to a walk as the dog started sniffing trees, so perhaps they had merely been hustling to a business meeting.

As I neared home I got past the neutral stage and back to the “I want to stop NOW” stage. I did not stop, however, till I had run my intended time. I threw on a sweatshirt before Tabby and I walked my cool down, but it didn’t help much. The wind had picked up so much, it was making a whistling noise over the top of my water bottle. When we got back to the house, I thanked Steven again for finding the headband, because my ears were the only parts of me that weren’t cold.

I had actually written more observations and happenings from the run, but I see that I am over 800 words. I like to keep my posts short, or at least short-ish. That may be a challenge as my runs get longer, but I’ll see what I can do.

Muddled Monday

I was either going to write about Saturday’s wine tasting or resort to Middle-aged Musings. Well, I mislaid my tasting notes, so musings it is.

I’m actually bemused this morning, because my coffee has not kicked in. What’s that all about? I can’t still be tired from Saturday, can I? Am I getting too old to have fun? Say it ain’t so!

I can’t write a whole blog post about how tired I feel. Actually, I could because right now that is uppermost in my mind, but how boring would it be? The sad thing is, I think I have mentioned how tired I am many times in this blog. I know I’ve talked about my desire for an old lady seat so I can shower sitting down. Yesterday I even considered staying dirty.

Actually, there is something else I could blog about (such a silly verb): Friday night. Friday night was to be spent with my husband. I felt so bad that he had to work and could not go on the wine tasting tour. Really, the older I get (ooh, it’s another middle-aged musing), the more I just want to be with my husband. Fun without Steven is just not as much fun. I’ve always felt that way to a point; heck, why would I have married him if I didn’t like to be with him? I may be an independent, take charge kind of woman (and say so in my blog), I may be my own person (others have described me that way), but I like to be with my husband. So there.

Our first stop Friday night was the Ilion Farmer’s Market at Clapsaddle Farm, Otsego Street, Ilion, NY. I just talked about it last week. This week we took our schnoodle Tabby. Tabby loves the Farmer’s Market. The old barn has so many smells for her, and there are always nice people who like to pet a cute dog (which she is). We got into a big conversation with one lady about dogs, cats and skunks.

After the Farmer’s Market we headed back down Otsego Street to Ilion Wine and Spirits, 10 E. Main St. They were having a wine tasting (kind of a warm up for my Saturday). We left Tabby in the car, because she’s not 21. I have some notes on that tasting too, so I guess I’ll write more about it later.

We took Tabby home before we went to dinner at the Herkimer Elks Lodge on Mary Street. The sign out front used to advertise Fish Fry, but now it says Dinner, reflecting their expanded menu. The cooking is by Dominick Scalise of Dominick’s Deli in Herkimer, and everything we’ve had so far is quite delicious. Friday I had seafood stuffed haddock and Steven had baked haddock. I look forward to eating my leftovers.

I’m thinking my musings were more entertaining than my activities, or do I flatter myself? No matter. I’ve written both, I’ll type in both (like last week, I have little time and am too flustered for extensive re-writes). People can like it or not (although I hope they do).

Tale of my Toes

I’d been wanting a pedicure for a couple of months now. I don’t usually wait for sandal weather; I like a pedicure any time. For one thing, I can’t seem to clip my own toenails properly and so get ingrown ones. And I never do the pumice stone thing right, either. I like to leave these things to the professionals.

Now that we’ve skipped right from spring into summer, it seemed even more imperative to have pretty toes. When I remembered that this Saturday was my sisters’ wine tasting trip, and I might want to wear sandals, my situation seemed dire.

I know, some of you are saying, “Come on! Dire?” (While nice ladies with pretty toes are nodding wisely in agreement.) I’m working overtime, I have rehearsals three days a week, I have a dog to walk a house to clean, laundry to do, a husband NOT to neglect… other people may handle their overcrowded schedules with panache (although I doubt it). I feel… if not overwhelmed, at least 80 to 90 percent whelmed.

Wednesday was the best day to get my pedicure. The operative thing to do was to make a four o’clock appointment and bring my sandals to work, so I could go straight to my appointment and not upset my dog (she hates it when you come home then leave right away). Of course I neglected to make said appointment. Maybe I could call from work. I forgot the sandals. Maybe all of you would see your way clear, but I pondered and dithered. Finally I found Hot Spot’s phone number in the phone book and called during lunch. A 4:30 appointment was open. I could go home, shower and change. I would disappoint my dog, but sometimes these things can’t be helped.

Of course getting couldn’t be easy with me. I wanted to go down Washington Street. I wondered if I really wanted to go by the courthouse, which at this time of day would probably have a lot of car and foot traffic. I reasoned that I would have time to make it through and it was the least complicated way to go. Then I got so absorbed in maneuvering through four way stops on German Street that I missed the turn. Now it was complicated. I turned right at the next opportunity and hoped for the best. I hope everybody realizes that missing a turn in Herkimer is not always easily fixed by a drive around the block. The blocks are not the squares and rectangles we expect. But my walking and running in the area stood me in good stead. I came out on Washington below the court house. Yay me. I can never do these things on purpose, but sometimes they work out.

I found a parking space a little ways down from the Hot Spot. Of course, as I walked to the door I saw at least three closer spots, but you can’t count on these things.

As soon as I walked in, Claire greeted me and said she’d be right with me. Then I turned around and walked back out, because I realized I had left my book in the truck. It’s the kind of day I’d been having (as you can tell). No matter. Once I had my feet in the warm, bubbly water, I knew I had done the right thing. Claire said she had an eyebrow waxing but would be right back.

“Take your time,” I said. “Now that I’m soaking, I’m happy.”

I opened my book about the Last Woman Hanged: Roxalana Druse, but part of me wanted to stare at nail polish colors and ponder my choice. A paragraph in, the book had my full attention. I was hoping to finish it by this weekend, because my mother and at least one sister want to borrow it.

Once Claire was working on my feet, though, it was more pleasant to chat. I told her about wine tasting and showed her my book. This led to a discussion of murderesses in general and the show Snapped. A lady and her daughter were also getting pedicures, and the girl doing theirs (I foolishly did not get her name) said she watched Snapped all the time.

“My fiance tells me, ‘Don’t get any ideas!'”

Claire brought up the movie Conviction, about a man wrongfully accused. The young girl who was getting a pedicure had heard a talk by Steven Barnes at her school. Barnes, in case you didn’t know, is a local man who served 18 years for a crime he did not commit. He was exonerated, but the real murderer has not been caught.

When it came time to pick my color, I first thought a neon pink which had been considered by the lady next to me. Then Claire pointed out a purple, which was also new.

“That seems more like you,” she said.

I felt so pleased by the recommendation, because it showed that Claire remembered me from previous visits. In fact, it’s been at least a year since I’ve been to the Hot Spot. I certainly won’t wait that long again. It was a great recommendation, too. I love my purple toes. I did not make a note of the color name. Something Plum, I think. It doesn’t really matter, because I never do the same color twice in a row.

I was sorry to put on socks and shoes for work this morning (not too sorry, though; safety first). Even if the temperatures cool off on Saturday, I will probably try to wear sandals for at least part of our wine tasting tour.

Hot Spot is located at 121 E. Albany St., Herkimer, NY, phone number 315-866-9113. You can also find them on Facebook.

Return of the Crazy Old Lady Hat

I was going to call this post Blogger’s Sick Day, because I was too ill all day at work to write during my breaks. I was not too ill to work, just too ill to feel happy about it.

My plan after work was to return home and scramble into bed to nap before tonight’s rehearsal (have I mentioned I’m in a play at Ilion Little Theatre? Oh well, preview of coming attractions). I carefully set my watch alarm to wake me in time to shower and type three sentences, because, as regular readers know, I have challenged myself to post something every day for one year.

Well, I sucked on Zicam all day (I usually buy generic, but the name brand was all they had at Kinney’s last night). It seemed to help. Or else the cold is just running its course. Who can tell about these things? In any case, I did not feel as knock-down, drag-out awful as I did yesterday driving home from work.

I had also spent the day watching the light outside fade and brighten. Now it looked like a storm, now it looked sunny. As I drove home to Herkimer, sun had won. Hmmm, no walk for Tabby yesterday. Me and Steven both going to rehearsal tonight. I saw my way clear: I had to walk my dog. I realized, too, it was warm enough to make wearing my crazy old lady hat appropriate. Score! A plan and a blog title!

What a long introduction, just for a post about a walk with my dog. Oh well. I relaxed for a few minutes with my steel-toed work shoes off, then put on running shoes and got my hat and Tabby’s leash. I found my prescription sunglasses, too. I find the sunglasses/hat combination to be ideal on sunny days. I should mention, perhaps, that my crazy old lady hat is khaki canvas with a wide brim. I love it.

Other than the running shoes and hat, I still had my work clothes on: BDU pants and a black t-shirt from Melfe’s Shoes (where I got my steel-toed work shoes). Yes, it was a crazy old lady outfit, even without the hat. No matter. When you’re walking a cute, friendly little schnoodle, people tend to smile at you regardless.

We turned down Church Street toward the Historic Four Corners, Tabby’s favorite way to walk, because a lady was walking two dogs in the direction I would have taken. They seemed very interested in Tabby, and I didn’t want to cause trouble. Tabby did her business in somebody’s lawn, which I usually try to prevent. I try to get her to poop in the strip between the sidewalk and road, but this time she was too quick for me. Of course I picked it up in a plastic bag I carried for just such a purpose.

As we went by Herkimer Reformed Church, Tabby wanted to sniff some dog poo in the church yard. Who let their pooch poo in the church yard and didn’t pick it up? That shows a lack of respect. I saw another pile of poo in the sidewalk. Really, some dog owners.

Tabby pulled me across Main Street, no light-hearted task, and toward our church, Christ Episcopal. Nobody was there, but Tabby has been there a few times when nice people have petted her, so she often wants to check it out.

We continued on Mary Street then down Washington past Carney’s Corners, where we had walked with Tabby the other day. Steven went in and bought us a sub while Tabby and I hung around outside. Tabby looked with interest at the store today. I thought briefly of going over and putting her poo in their outside trash can but decided against it.

We walked on. We passed Lorraine Bills School, which has been closed for some years. There is a FOR SALE sign on it, saying it is a brick bonanza and has a large lot. I guess that means the building is no longer any good. I hate to see these old buildings go to waste.

I noticed a sign for a chicken pot pie dinner Wednesday the 21st at the church on the corner of Green and Washington. Tabby pulled me around the corner and down Green before I had a chance to look at which church it is, but corner of Green and Washington, you can’t miss it.

We luckily made it back across Main Street and made our way toward Meyer Park. Ah, here was a trash can where I could deposit the poo. It was starting to smell in the warm sun. I was feeling a little hot in my black t-shirt. It seems as if we skipped spring straight into summer, but I hate to complain about the warm temperature. The brim of my crazy old lady hat started blowing up, letting the bright sun into my eyes, which aggravated my headache (did I mention I’m not feeling 100% better yet?), so I crossed to the shady side of the street.

As my hat continued to blow up, I wondered if I looked like one of the Bowery Boys, either Sach or Mahoney. I don’t properly remember the Bowery Boys, only that we used to watch them on Saturdays when we were little. I seem to remember one of my sisters turning up the brim of her hat and saying she was either Sach or Mahoney. I guess I should get these childhood memories straight before I share them.

Well, I’ve rattled on a good long time about a short little walk. All this with a headache. Guess I didn’t need Blogger’s Sick Day after all.

Two Days Running

I wondered if my readers could bear yet another post on running. Then I thought, nobody HAS to read it. But some people might LIKE to read it. Anyways, it keeps me going.

Friday at work I rashly said, “I’m going to run up the hill to H Triple-C on Sunday.” I figured saying it would make it happen, and it turns out I was right. I started out early, before the warmer weather that is expected later. The sidewalks were bare and the sun was shining. What wasn’t to like?

As I ran toward the road to Herkimer County Community College (HCCC), I wondered if I would regret my rash words. I pictured people at work asking me did I run up that hill. I would answer, “Not very fast.” Then I reflected on my own ego: I not only think people listen when I talk, I think they remember what I say. Well, just in case somebody did, I started up the hill.

“You have all day to get up that hill,” I told myself (I often talk to myself in the second person). “Just look at your feet and shuffle on up.” That is a trick I learned in the army: you don’t feel so overwhelmed if you don’t keep looking up, up, up. I peeked a few times anyways.

What a long hill. I saw a cigarette butt in the road and thought that my run would be much more difficult if I smoked. So I had that going for me. In the army I knew several excellent runners who smoked. I’d even heard of one fellow who stopped in the middle of a PT test to smoke a cigarette and still made his time. That kind of wise-assness is rampant among the lower enlisted. I suppose in the upper ranks, too, but I didn’t hang out with them much.

I started to have a little trouble breathing. I tried to take deep breaths and hoped I didn’t sound like I was doing Lamaze. Then again, I don’t think anybody was listening.

At last I made it to the top! If only somebody was around to sing the chorus of “We Are the Champions” while I walked around with my fists in the air! Well, I wasn’t ready to walk yet anyways. Still, I could run with my fists in the air. Nobody was looking, and if they were they would just think I was stretching to get rid of a stitch. They wouldn’t know I didn’t have a stitch. I put my fists in the air. Oh, that made it easier to breathe. I had forgotten that trick.

My legs were feeling pretty smug. “You were so worried,” they said. “We could do this all day!” A short while later they indicted that although they could keep going all day, they were by no means inclined to.

I ran down by the back way, a gentler slope. Ahhh, when gravity is my friend. I turned left where a sign said “No Left Turn,” just to be that way. I ran through a residential area where last summer I ran by people sitting on their front porches. Ah, porch sitting. That weather will get here!

I was as usual glad I had run. I even enjoyed the run itself. When those warmer temperatures arrive, I bet I can get my dog to go for a nice walk with me. That might be good for Monday’s post. Stay tuned.