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Oh, the Pain

On the brighter side, it’s been a while since my day off was ruined by a bad headache. On the dimmer side (calling it “the darker side” seems just too Oh-Get-Over-Yourself), I have been having a lot of Bear With Me posts (that’s my new expression for them, do you like it?). However, sometimes there is nothing to be done but to post what I can post and drive on.

I thought I would have a lovely Pedestrian Post when I walked Tabby to the post office this morning to mail my usual post cards (I do love writing post cards). I already had the headache by then, but I thought the fresh air and exercise would help. Unfortunately I reckoned without the effects of the sun on all the snow. You see, it was quite cloudy, so I did not put on my sunglasses. However with the mounds and mounds of white stuff reflecting back what light there was, I was soon in pain. Light sensitivity is a major headache symptom for me (YES, I’m whining about my headache! If you don’t like it, kindly move on to a different blog!).

Returning from the walk I ate a snack and took an over the counter migraine medicine. It did not seem to have much effect and after a while I retreated back to bed. Oh it felt good to lie down and close my eyes. I even slept a little. And woke up still having a headache. I got dressed again and tried the effects of a cup of tea. Tasty, at least.

When Steven came home for lunch we took turns complaining, he about work, me about my headache. That’s what makes a good marriage. Later on we’ll find some things to laugh about together. You know my motto: You can laugh or you can cry; you might as well laugh.

After Steven went back to work I headed to the drug store for a decongestant. The pain seemed to be settling in my sinuses and the stuff you have to go to the pharmacy country sometimes helps. On my way I stopped at T&J’s Fruits and Vegetables, where I found some eggplant, peppers and mushrooms I hope to do something yummy with later.

I am now waiting for the drug to kick in and thought I had better make my blog post before I get the lightheadedness that often occurs (why in the world is my computer underlining “lightheadedness”? Isn’t that a word? It is exactly what I mean). I do apologize for this whiny post. On the other hand, it may give some people that little frisson of superiority, “At least I don’t complain so much!” or “You think YOU’ve got headaches!”

As for me, I intend to drive on. Hope to see you on Wrist to Forehead Sunday.

Did I Mention I Have a Headache?

I started to write a post about a wonderful Mohawk Valley adventure Steven and I had last night. I was writing it at the laundromat, not exactly an adventure, but in the Mohawk Valley so I technically could have written about that. The writing was not going well, because I have one of those debilitating headaches I get sometimes.

I thought no problem, I have all day. A nap will probably fix me right up. It did not. Steven came home from work at 2:30. A cup of coffee would no doubt help. It did not. We went to the Ilion Farmer’s Market anyways, yes, something else I could write a post about. But I still have a headache.

We came home. I fixed supper, which I suppose I could write about, but it was a mere recombination of leftovers in a not especially innovative way. Still, when has that stopped me? Unfortunately, you see, there’s this headache.

So I guess it’s a blogger’s sick day, because I’m not even up to writing about how I can’t seem to write, another subject I have often gotten a post out of.

Many years ago I wrote a paper for a Shakespeare class in which I kept saying things I could have gotten into, but the paper was not long enough. The professor wrote a note that he found it frustrating that all I kept talking about what I wasn’t going to talk about. He still gave me an A on the paper, so you see, I have a long history of being rewarded for folly. I hope to see you again on Wrist to Forehead Sunday.

Bringing It to a Headache

It’s raining, so I can’t do my old standby of go for a walk or run and write about that. Movies take at least an hour, so I can’t watch a cheesy movie and write about that. I have not had a Mohawk Valley adventure this week. I have made no random observations and am fresh out of half-baked philosophy.

In other words, this is shaping up to be the Lamest Friday Post yet.

In my defense, it’s been a terrible week. For one thing, it’s been my first five-day week after two three-day weeks (actually, I worked Saturday overtime last week, so one three-day and one four-day week, but still) (ooh, that means my last weekend was only a day and a half, after two four-day weekends. No wonder I’m beat!). Tuesday I twisted my ankle. Thursday I had a RAGING sinus headache, and we had to go to calling hours for a truly sweet man from our church.

I really think Thursday’s headache is what screwed me up for Friday, so I will write a little more about that.

It had reached truly nightmare proportions by the time I left work. I seriously considered calling Steven to come get me, but thought I could drive very carefully through village streets (no highways). Luckily nothing requiring a quick reaction time happened.

I walked into the house (slowly, because parts of our driveway are glare ice, but that’s another story) and sat down in the closest living room chair. It is the chair we rarely sit in and is usually a catch-all for coats, bags, etc. It happened to be bare, because Steven had recently moved our newest stuffed Santa from it and it hadn’t catch-alled anything else yet.

Steven, a little worried by my haggard appearance, brought me coffee. It didn’t help much. I took some Claritin-D (the stuff you have to get from the pharmacist by bringing her the little card from the display) and a hot, hot shower. I laid down on the bed.

Eventually I got up and got dressed for calling hours, which were not for another hour. I wrote yesterday’s blog post (which, incredibly, got some “likes” from some obviously generous-minded bloggers). I called to Steven to bring me another cup of coffee while I typed.

I went downstairs and ate a little deli potato salad, just so I would have some food in my stomach before taking ibuprofen. I took 800 milligrams (that is the dose they usually give you in the Army, so I am in the habit).

It was as we drove to the calling hours that I realized the headache had dissipated. Oh, thank heavens. I went to bed early and woke with… could it be? Yes! NOT a headache! I spent the morning tremulously grateful to not be in searing pain. When my sinuses started to twinge again, I obtained some sudafed from a co-worker (I had stupidly forgotten to replenish my own supplies).

“I can’t go through that again,” I told myself. And I didn’t. Let me tell you, that Dollar General sudafed is powerful stuff. Unfortunately, it dopes you up. I apologize for this lengthy, dull post. We can only hope I’ll do better tomorrow. Please, stay with me.

Wrist to Aching Forehead

I checked. A mere three days ago I did a lame post about Why I Can’t Write a Post Today. It’s really too soon for another. Then again, it is Wrist to Forehead Sunday. And I have a headache. I want to write this post and not have it hanging over me for the rest of my day.

I don’t actually have a wrist to my forehead. For one thing, I don’t like to type with only one hand. I learned the two-hands-don’t-look-at-them method back in high school and I still find it fun and a little fascinating. Sometimes I just love to feel my fingers going to the right letters in rapid succession.

I really love writing a blog. It makes me write every day, and I love to write. And it is extremely easy to write. I don’t have to worry about what might this character do next, have I included enough clues but hidden them cleverly enough, is this what the teacher really wanted in answer to the essay question (oh yeah, like I ever worried about that one!)?

Some might say it is lazy, self-indulgent and not real writing (whatever that is). I say, oh, be quiet, it’s fun! You don’t have to read it. (Actually, I think it is the critic in my head who said it and she in fact does have to read it, because she is in my head and I’m reading it. I may have voices in my head, but I am not completely disassociative.)

Now I am being silly (say it ain’t so!). I intend to post this then go begin a marathon of watching old movies I can write blog posts about. When Steven comes home we may have a Mohawk Valley adventure that I can also write a blog post about. If only my headache goes away.

Let’s just chalk up today to another Blogger’s Sick Day. As usual, I will try again tomorrow. Thanks for reading!

Woozy II

I was going to call it Spectacle II, but I thought Woozy II had more of a ring to it.

So there I was going back to work after giving blood, still in a semi-woozy state. I had talked to my manager. I also reported to my nearest co-worker. I figured if I collapsed in a heap, he would be the first to notice.

Lunch was less than a half hour away. I could make it. I was sitting down, I could work slowly. As I had walked from the blood drive place to my area, I had been pleased to note that I felt better. As I worked, I was discouraged to note that I felt worse. Headache, nausea, I could rock this, I told myself.

Putting food in my body would probably help. I had some vanilla yogurt and diced apple with granola. I usually eat it for my 9 a.m. snack, but this day I had gone to the blood drive instead. That went down OK, but nothing else in my lunch box sounded even vaguely appetizing.

I told my co-workers about my woozy experience. They told me I still looked a little woozy and advised me to report back to the nurses. I told them that every time they used the word “woozy” I felt a little more woozy. I have a very suggestible nature. For the rest of the day, one guy made it a point to use the word “woozy” in every sentence he spoke.

“You look as if you don’t feel too good,” another fellow said, too tactful to say I looked like crap, which I believe is what he was thinking.

At one point I stood up to go join a couple of guys who always work on the crossword puzzle in the newspaper during lunch. I changed my mind and sat back down. Co-workers expressed further concern, but I assured them I was fine.

“You just stood up and immediately had to sit back down, I don’t think you’re better,” said the guy who had told me I didn’t look too good.

“I didn’t have to sit back down, I chose to sat back down,” I told him, and hoped he didn’t notice I said “sat” for “sit” after “chose to.”

Another co-worker gave me some pretzel rods, which did help settle my stomach. She said she would keep an eye on me during the afternoon. “If I see a grey-haired speed bump in the aisle, I’ll know it’s you,” she said.

“But you won’t see her legs,” a guy said, referring to my camouflage BDU pants.

“Does Cindy even have legs?” someone asked.

“I got legs,” I told them. “ZZ Top wrote a song about it.” I sang a little of it, in case they didn’t know what I meant.

“You’re not planning on quitting your day job any time soon, are you?”

I gave him my saddest look.

“Are your feeling hurt or are you feeling woozy?”

“My feelings are so hurt, it’s making me woozy.” I took my unloved voice back to work.

I’m pleased to report that no grey-haired speed bumps (really an inspired description) caused anybody any hazard. After a while I got myself a blue Gatorade out of the machine. Miraculously, I began to feel better. Words cannot describe the happiness I felt at not having a headache.

So that is my story about giving blood. I signed up to give blood again in June. I put myself down for 12:45 p.m., right after lunch. We’ll see how much a hearty meal immediately beforehand helps.

I Make a Spectacle of Myself

I promised a post explaining yesterday’s brainless state (I truly felt I had none), so here it is.

My place of employment had a blood drive. I had neglected to sign up before Thursday afternoon so did not have an assigned time. Accordingly, I made my way to where the drive was being held at 9 a.m., their purported start time, in hopes they could take me as a walk in. They could.

Now I know from giving blood. I used to work blood drives with my service sorority in college, and I gave numerous times while in the military. I did not drink wine the night before, and I made sure I ate a healthy breakfast (banana with peanut butter and cottage cheese with walnuts). I had eaten breakfast prior to 6 a.m, but I ate a fiber bar while waiting my turn in line, so I really thought I would be fine. Full disclosure: I had a headache, as I have been having a lot lately (concerned readers will perhaps like to know that I have made a doctor’s appointment to address this problem). However, I knew the headache was not due to a cold, the flu or anything else contagious. So I thought it would be OK to give blood.

Actually, I thought I might ask one of the nurses about the headache and if it would be a good idea to give blood. I figured when they were asking me all the questions: do you feel good, did you have sex with a prostitute, etc. But they didn’t ask me the questions: they sat me at a computer by myself and I had to click on yes or no with the mouse. I suppose this ensures privacy for the sex questions. I confess I did click “yes” for “do you feel well and healthy today,” but they did not offer “as well as I have been feeling lately” as a choice. Don’t judge me.

I don’t like to pick, but the folks doing the blood drive were a trifle unorganized. It took a while to get me on the table bleeding into a bag, but I finally made it. The gurneys were kind of old and flat. The folks giving double got to be on the nice reclining tables, which I used to enjoy at a blood giving place in Georgia some years ago. I’m still not clear on what “double” is. I asked but found out I do not qualify. Females must weigh at least 175 lbs. Let’s hear it for the South Beach Diet!

So there I was sitting at the table, drinking juice and eating crackers. Other people finished their drinks and snacks and got out of there, but the volunteer kept pressing more juice or water on me. She didn’t think I looked so good. When I put my head down on the table, she was sure of it. I observed that they did not have the cot behind the screen for passers out. Merely an observation, I didn’t feel about to pass out, I just felt like crap. The lady hollered at some people to set it up, that I needed to lie down.

Actually I had to pee, and the ladies room was not close. The volunteer lady nicely escorted me down in the elevator. By the time we got back up, the cot was set up and they made me lie down. I guess I had to. I stayed there for a long time, occasionally sipping from a bottle of water and feeling really stupid. I saw two co-workers from my area. I was pretty sure they saw me, so my absence from my machine would be explained.

After a long time I felt like sitting up. I ate some more cookies and crackers, drank some more water. I kept saying I had to go back to work, and the volunteer ladies kept telling me I needed to stay right there till I felt better. When I stood to throw away my garbage, I seemed a little steadier on my feet. I thought I would be OK to go back to work. After all, I sit at my machine and work at my own pace. And by now it only lacked a half hour till lunch.

I found my foreman and said, “Don’t be mad at me.” See, we had just had a safety briefing the day before in which he said he had to know if for example we were on medication which made us sleepy. I thought feeling woozy from giving blood qualified as something he ought to know. I told him I didn’t think I was a danger to myself.

“How about others?” he asked.

“Well, it depends,” I answered. “As long as they don’t piss me off.” So you see, I was feeling more myself.

I’m looking at my word count and see I’ve gone over 800 words. That seems a little long for me, so I’ll stop here. I did have further woozy adventures, though, so tomorrow’s post may be Spectacle II. Stay tuned.

Cold Walk

Once again on a Saturday morning, I would like to blog about walking my dog. However comma (that is an expression I got from a sergeant I knew in the army), I did not take my dog for a walk this morning.

I tried to walk Tabby every day this week. I want to start running again, with an eye to the Boilermaker and my waistline, but it’s just been too cold and snowy for me (only those who go out and run themselves are allowed to roll their eyes, point and laugh or call me names). Still, walking in the snow is good exercise. It’s definitely more effort than bare sidewalk.

Tabby has definite ideas about how long or far she wants to walk, especially on very cold or very hot days (guess which we’ve been having lately). Monday she pulled me around our block and only around our block. It was a slightly longer walk, though, because twice we crossed the street to walk where the sidewalk was more bare. And, as I said, we had plowing through the snow going for us. Tuesday was another short walk.

Wednesday I had the bright idea to see how long it would take me to walk to Wal-Mart. See, on Thursday Steven and I had a dinner meeting of Ilion Little Theatre Club, and Steven had to work till 6:30, which would make us a little late. I had this elaborate idea that I would get home, walk Tabby to Wal-Mart, get the car, drive back home, put our dish to pass and plates in the car, then drive to pick up Steven at 6:30 to get to the meeting in a more timely fashion. So Wednesday was in the nature of a dress rehearsal (see my theatre background asserting itself). It was the coldest day yet, with wind chill. I had for once remembered my scarf, and it was not the miracle I was hoping for. We got a little more than halfway (I think; didn’t measure it on a map) when Tabby stopped short and looked at me. I know that look. We turned around and went back home.

Thursday, I made her walk all the way to Wal-Mart. She tried the stop short and look trick, but I assured her it was quicker to keep going. As soon as she saw the car, she felt better about everything.

I have been suffering from some bad headaches, so I have been keeping a headache diary, noting that I have had a headache every day in 2012. I noticed my headaches were often worse in the evening, so thought walking in the cold might have something to do with it. Friday, I made the experiment of not going for the walk. Tabby did not mind so much, because Steven was home and she likes to hang with both her peeps. Also, she had been to the groomers, which is very exciting for her and excitement tends to tire her out. Lo and behold, I had no headache. Could the fact that it was Friday also have been a factor? Hell, I’m no scientist.

Be all that as it may, I have a headache now. I did not take Tabby for a walk, but I did go out and help shovel the driveway. Tabby ran around in the snow while I did that, so she did get some exercise. I’ll probably break down and take her for a walk this afternoon if she cares to go, headache be damned. If it’s exciting, I’ll blog about that on Sunday.