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My New Short ‘Do

I just realized I neglected a chance to give another shout-out to a local business of note: Hot Spot Salon and Spa in Herkimer, NY.

My hair is a never-ending source of angst to me. I like it short. From short it quickly reaches that in-between stage where I feel it looks awful. Of course it doesn’t look awful every day or even all day on the days it does look awful. So I inevitably start to think abut growing it out. Then I can do something with it. Pull it back, put it up, style it. It might be fun. I might be beautiful.

Eventually I remember: I don’t like fussing with my hair. I’m not good at styling it, and it rarely stays styled when I do manage something. So I start to look at my options. Grow it anyways and finally learn to style it? Get it cut but differently? One option that appeals is to do another St. Baldrick’s Day. You know, you get your friends and family to donate money to children’s cancer research then get your head shaved. It’s fun. You don’t have to have long hair to get it shaved. It’s just more dramatic if you do.

One thing I’ve learned but forget every time is that you have to watch whose advice you ask about these things. One work friend does not like my short spiky ‘do. I remembered not to ask her advice this time, but I did mention to her that I was probably getting my hair done the way she didn’t like. She shook her head in disappointment. I asked another co-worker. She said I have a cute little face and can pull off any hairdo. She, of course, is my new best friend.

As usual with me I did not plan ahead. It was Thanksgiving week and I was pretty sure Clair, my stylist at Hot Spot, would be booked. That was OK, though, I decided. I would leave it to fate. If Clair could get me in, I would get a cut. If not, I would let it keep growing. At least till I could get in.

If you believe in fate, my cut was meant to be, because I got in on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. After some consultation with Clair, I got a similar ‘do to one I’ve had before: clipped on the sides and back, short and spiked on top. We actually went slightly less short, using the number 5 rather than the number 4 clippers. I was delighted.

For more information about the Hot Spot Salon and Spa visit their website at They also have a Facebook page, and so does Clair at Clair does Hair.

Maybe next time I’ll go even a little less short.

Now I’m Pretty

I needed a hair cut, and Steven was nice enough to make an appointment for me at Cuts & Colors for Friday after work.

Perhaps some aggressively self-sufficient reader is saying, “What is he, your husband or your secretary? Why don’t you make your own damn appointment?” Well, Steven happened to be going to Cuts & Colors for a haircut himself. You see, they are good for all ages, shapes and sizes.

Steven had really waited till he needed a cut TODAY (that is, that day that it happened to be), so he did not go to our usual stylist, Jackie W. I think he went to the other Jackie (to us, I’m sure to her, Jackie W. is the other Jackie, but you know what I mean). Steven looked very handsome with his haircut, but I was happy to get an appointment with our Jackie.

Friday, you may recall, was when the weather was really really yucky. I walked out of work to see people scraping their vehicles. I optimistically thought to myself, “Perhaps they came in at 5. I came in at 7, so maybe my car has less to scrape.” Then I laughed at myself for being so naive. “Eight hours or ten,” I thought, “if they’re scraping, you’re scraping.” Imagine my delight when I discovered I had in fact very little to scrape. Maybe that two hours made the difference.

I was relieved that Cuts & Colors is right on my way home. It was not a day to make a lot of detours. I reflected sadly that I might have to brush or scrape again after my haircut, as it was precipitating in a very wintery fashion.

Jackie was glad to see me. She said they had several cancellations that afternoon. I told her I did not blame them; if I had had to go to far out of my way, I might have cancelled too. She assured me they did not blame people either. But I can see where it would be disappointing to a business. Probably disappointing to the customers, too. I would not have wanted to go through another week of bad hair days.

My hair, as usual, looked wonderful when Jackie had finished. We remarked, also as usual, about the ever increasing amount of grey I have. Jackie likes it. I guess I do, too. Normally when I leave Cuts N Colors, I feel so pretty I insist on Steven taking me out somewhere. Friday, I thought, not so much. I was happy to get home and stay there.

And my hair still looked good the next day, so there you have it. I love Cuts & Colors. They are located at 402 Mohawk Street in Herkimer. For more information call 866-8514, or visit their Facebook page.