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Fun at Fly Creek

Any place that offers free samples is an OK place in my book. At the top of the list is the Fly Creek Cider Mill.

You can walk around the sales floor and sample dips, sauces, salsas and more. You can also try the hard cider and apple wine, if you’re over 21, which I am. If you’re hungrier than samples will satisfy, there is a snack bar. On a recent trip with a family group, some people in the group were that hungry.

“But if you buy something inside, you can get 10 percent off at the snack bar,” I told them. “You can have some free samples to hold you over.” I was out-voted. That was OK. The snack bar offers some pretty tasty stuff, and I saved room for samples.

The fellow at the wine tasting bar was very knowledgeable. I learned that true ice wine is made when the fruit has frozen before being picked. Some unscrupulous winemakers freeze the fruit after picking and fall it ice wine, but the Apple Wine we sampled was the real thing. Very sweet, definitely a dessert wine, in case you wanted to know.

After some sampling, we went upstairs to admire gifts and decorations. I’m not exactly ready to think about Christmas yet, but they sure do have some pretty stuff.

One of my favorite things to do at the cider mill is to feed the ducks, geese and chickens. Several vending machines dispense a handful of corn for a quarter. I also gathered some corn from the ground, where people had dropped it. Waste not, want not. I especially like to go up on the deck and toss corn into the pond for the ducks to dive for.

I usually go to the Fly Creek Cider Mill several times a year. For more information you can visit their website at You can also Like them on Facebook. I did.

Fun at the Mill

I thought I would write a little bit more about Sunday’s visit to the Fly Creek Cider Mill.

It is always an enjoyable drive from Herkimer to Fly Creek, over mountains with great scenic views. I looked at farmland, lakes and more. Luckily, Steven was driving.

We went into the main building while we waited for my sister and two nieces to arrive. I thought it couldn’t hurt to get a head start on some sampling. That is one thing I love about Fly Creek Cider Mill, lots of free samples. They have dips, sauces, spreads and more. My favorite this past Sunday was a spinach and artichoke dip, which they had heated up. We bought a jar of that.

We also tried a few of the wines. Hard cider was also available for sample, but I didn’t want to be greedy. The Mill is part of the Cooperstown Beverage Trail, which a lady gave us a booklet about. Could be a future blog post (or posts).

After the others had arrived, we had some more samples and wandered upstairs to look at the many gifts and decorations available. I almost feel it is too early to think about Christmas decorations, but, oh, I love all the Santas! Of course, it is never the wrong time for Halloween, as far as I’m concerned, so I thoroughly enjoyed looking at those things.

When we had browsed and tasted our fill, we made our purchases and went outside to see the animals. There are chickens, ducks and geese, walking around a fenced in area or swimming in what I think is Fly Creek. We fed them some corn, available in gumball-type dispensing machines for twenty-five cents. Note to self: bring more quarters next time.

Steven and I try to get to the Mill at least once every year. I hope to go again in a couple of months, when the drive down will be enhanced by the changing leaves.

Fly Creek Cider Mill is located at 288 Goose St., Fly Creek, NY 13337, phone number 607-547-9692. Their website is You can also Like them on Facebook.

The Adventure Continues

This post is a continuation of my posts on Steven’s and my Fly Creek Adventure last Saturday. We had just left Fly Creek Cider Mill and intended to check out the community wide garage sales.

We picked up a map of garage sales at the cider mill. I learned how to read a map in the army, so I looked at the map, and Steven drove. While I was still trying to orient the map, Steven found a couple of garage sales that looked good.

I found a Book of Days with Monet paintings and a murder mystery by a writer I like. Steven found a lovely ceramic Santa. We have quite a large Santa Claus Collection, but we can almost never resist adding one more.

We did not hit too many garage sales before heading down Route 28 back towards home. We made a stop, as planned, at Dyn’s Cider Mill, two miles south of Richfield Springs.

We discovered Dyn’s en route to our first visit to Fly Creek. It is smaller and lower key than Fly Creek Cider Mill, but it is a charming place, well worth a stop.

They serve breakfast, which we have never arrived in time to partake of. They have yummy baked goods, coffee and hot cider available all day. I usually enjoy a cup of hot cider, but Saturday we both opted for coffee. Some ladies were ahead of us purchasing cider, so we walked around admiring the gifty things for sale. Luckily the coffee and cider are serve yourself, because I really wanted that coffee.

The lady working there excused herself in the middle of the transaction to bring out the next batch of donuts. My ears perked up at that. When it was our turn, we both enjoyed a donut so fresh it was still warm. I also purchased some popcorn. I almost always get a bag of Dyn’s popcorn. I do not buy microwave popcorn, and I do not own an air popper. I make popcorn the way my Mom taught me, on the stove with oil. I melt real butter to put on it. I don’t care if this is not the healthiest way to eat popcorn. It is the way I like to eat popcorn.

Dyn’s Cider Mill is on Facebook, and they have a website at Or you can call them at 315-858-2078.

Fun at the Cider Mill

I had been wanting to go to the Fly Creek Cider Mill for a while. It’s one of those places I can just keep going back to. We picked Saturday, Aug. 27, because Steven had noticed they were having an engine show and inventory reduction sale. Fly Creek was also holding village wide garage sales.

As we drew closer to the cider mill, I began to regret we had not gotten an earlier start. Traffic was slowed considerably as many cars were parked on the side of the road. Was this the overflow from the mill? Yikes! Turns out it was people stopped for garage sales. There was plenty of parking at Fly Creek Cider Mill.

Inside the store it was busy but not so busy you had to inch your way through, as it was on the first occasion we went there. The first occasion was another Event, so I’m always a little worried about fighting a huge crowd. It doesn’t really matter. Even if you have to inch your way through, the Fly Creek Cider Mill is a fun place to go.

Of course I tried every free sample: dips, sauces, jellies, mustards. I did not try all the wines they were tasting, but I tried a couple as well as both flavors of hard cider. Upstairs we admired all the Christmas decorations, and I tried some hand lotion that had a tester out.

We got some wasabi peas for me, some dog treats for Tabby, and three post cards to send to my soldiers. I was pleased to find the post cards, because on the previous cards I sent I had mentioned we were going to the cider mill, where I hoped to purchase post cards.

Outside, we looked at the engines on display, then checked out the Inventory Reduction Sale in an outbuilding. We got two fancy serving forks, one with a snowman, one with a Santa; and a Halloween decoration.

“You realize this means we have to have a Christmas party,” I told Steven. We almost always have a Halloween party anyways.

We looked at the chickens and tried to answer some questions about egg production on a board. You would think I would remember the answers from the last visit. Then we strolled along the boardwalk watching the geese and ducks in the water. Steven got some corn to throw to them.

We did not partake of anything from the refreshment stand, but I admired some honey buns in a display case. A man whose wife was making a purchase asked if it was his buns I was talking about, so I almost got into trouble there. It seemed like a good time to take our leave and continue our Fly Creek adventure.

Pre-Adventure Activities

Saturday I wanted to get an early start on our Fly Creek adventure. I did not go so far as to set my alarm, though. I had done that for the DARE run the previous Saturday (it’s like a game: how many more posts can I mention the DARE run in?). I feel that was perfectly acceptable, but to set my alarm merely to get up and do random fun things on a day off struck me as too much. All this by way of saying, I did not get as early a start as I had wanted.

I went running first thing. Come to think of it, I did a blog post on that. Nothing further to report.

We needed some money for our adventures, so we went to First Source Federal Credit Union, which holds our Mad Money account. I love the Herkimer branch of First Source, because they are dog friendly. We walked down with our dog one time to make a deposit, and Steven stayed discreetly outside with Tabby while I went in.

“Oh, you can bring your dog in,” the teller told me. I immediately went and told Steve. Tabby is, even if I say it myself, an exceptionally adorable dog. The tellers all admired her, a couple even coming out to pet her. They also gave her a treat, of which they keep a supply to give dogs in cars utilizing the drive through. I think Tabby cares more for the attention than the treat, but she liked that too.

Ever since that day, we almost always walk to the bank with Tabby to transact our business, rather than using the drive through, phone lines, or on-line banking, the last of which I don’t properly understand anyways. We like to take Tabby for a walk before we leave her for a few hours anyways, so we put her on the leash and enjoyed the very pleasant morning weather. They almost forgot to give Tabby her treat at the bank, but Steven reminded them.

Consequently, the morning was farther advanced than I had anticipated when we started for Fly Creek. We did not mind. It was the beginning of another fun Saturday in the Mohawk Valley.

A note to my readers: If you read all my posts (and I don’t flatter myself that many people do), you may notice that the events in today’s post actually preceded the events in Sunday’s post. Well, I started out to write about the Cider Mill and got a little sidetracked. I thought it would be OK, and I hope to finally get to the Cider Mill tomorrow.

On the Way to Fly Creek

Saturday Steven and I headed to Fly Creek, hoping to have another fabulous Saturday that would generate multiple blog posts, as our trip to Little Falls did a couple of weeks ago.

We drove through Mohawk and out Route 28 South, a road we haven’t taken since the last time we drove out to Fly Creek. We got stuck behind an RV and a semi, but we didn’t mind much. We were in no hurry, and there is a lot to look at on that road.

First we drove up Vickerman Hill, and congratulated ourselves once again on not buying a house we looked at out that way. It was a nice house, although smaller than what we wanted, and living in a more rural area has its charms. However, fun as it may be to drive that hill on a dry, bare road, I can’t help but imagine doing it in a snowstorm. Yikes!

The views as you drive down Route 28 are incredible. You can see for miles over wooded hills and farmland. Lovely green this time of year, and we promised ourselves to drive this way again when the fall colors are at their height.

We saw a few businesses we’d like to check out sometime, notably Mr. Shake. There is a Mrs. Shake in Mohawk, and I’d like to ask if they are related. I foolishly did not make a note of the other business names, but there is another ice cream/lunch place I know is good because I stopped there once with my mom and sister Cheryl. There is also a nursery we stopped at. We didn’t stop Saturday, though. Too late for additions to my container garden now!

We also passed some cool looking barns and beautiful stone church, which I believe is actually called The Old Stone Church. And we noted some wonderful waterfront properties along Schuyler Lake. I wished we were friends with some of them, so we could visit and sit on their decks and look at the water. So peaceful.

We soon came to Fly Creek, where we were ready to take on part two of our adventure. So at least I will have gotten two blog posts out of the day.