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Saturday Stroll in the Sun

I have been saying and saying I must begin running again, but today was not the day.  However, under the heading Have to Start Somewhere, I took a half-hour walk so make bold to offer a Pedestrian Post on the beautiful Saturday morning.

I am trying to be very faithful with my post-card sending, because I hear from various sources that people like them.  Today I also had a letter to a friend.  Just as a side note: yesterday Steven was on the phone with a friend and mentioned how I had sent a letter to another friend.  She was quite fascinated by the idea that I wrote it on paper, stamped it and mailed it.  I must write her and her husband a letter soon.

But getting back to the walk, I had gotten a later start than normal.  In my defense, we were in a play last night (you had to know I would sneak in a reference to Roxy somewhere along the line).  Also, Steven did not work till 10, and some days I feel I must maximize my husband time.  However, I managed to set out soon after he left.

The sun was high in the sky, but I had taken the precaution of putting on sunscreen. I also put on my crazy old lady hat, which has a wide brim, and my prescription sunglasses.  Love my Rx sunglasses.  They are polarized.  I made sure the postcards and letters were properly addressed and stamped, locked my door, and off  I went.

It was warm in the direct sunlight, but I did not despair of finding some shade along the way.  I sure was missing my little dog, Tabby, but one must carry on. Rocky, a dog across the street, was on a rope in the backyard, barking at all and sundry.  I wanted to go over and pet him, but I am not that close with those neighbors so thought I better not.

I saw a little black and white dog frisking around another neighbor’s lawn.  When I got closer I saw a man and boy on the porch.  I asked if I could pet the dog.  The dog, however, was having none of it.  He ran up to me barking, but when I bent down and offered my hand to sniff he backed off.  The man on the porch said the dog was nice, which I believe, but I also know that some dogs don’t like to be petted by just anybody.

Further down the sidewalk I saw a beautiful retriever-looking dog on a leash.  His guy was talking to another guy while the dog sat by, looking like the best-behaved beast ever.  As I got closer the dog jumped up, apparently interested in checking me out.  I asked if I could pet him, and the owner said I could.

“He’s just a puppy, so he gets pretty excited,” he warned.  The dog was certainly eager to be petted.

“Oh, he’s nice,” I said. “He’s a friendly one!”

“Too friendly,” the owner agreed with a laugh.

“He’s a cutie!”


We parted friends.  After I mailed my stuff at the post office, I continued to walk, going past Main Street to Green and eventually to the nice path over what used to be a hydraulic canal, one of my favorite walks.  The sun continued to beat down on me, making what shade I could find quite welcome.  Still, it was a beautiful day, very summery.  I sure many people were embracing it, especially as fall is not far away.

I saw one more dog in front of a house, his person right at the door.  Alas, he was not into being petted either.  However, the friendly dog was so friendly, I felt he made up for the dogs that snubbed me.

My walk felt pretty good, even if I was quite sweaty by the end (after all, I’m washable).  I shall continue my quest for more exercise in the coming days.  You’ll read about it here (at least, I hope you’ll keep reading).  Happy Saturday, everyone!


Curvy Me

I believe I’ve mentioned in passing that I work out at Curves in Herkimer, NY. I thought it was time I wrote a post about it.

My friends Kelly and Phyllis had been going to Curves for some time. I had noticed they both looked pretty terrific (actually they looked pretty terrific to start with, but you know what I mean). When Phyllis started telling me how many inches she had lost, my interest was caught.

I’ve lost weight through running and the South Beach Diet, but my figure is still not where I’d like it to be (I know, looks aren’t everything, yeah, yeah, yeah). Also, I felt I needed to work other muscles that those used in running. Doing push-ups and sit-ups on my own was not cutting it, especially since I was not exactly maintaining consistency with that program.

So now I go to Curves Monday, Wednesday and Friday after work. It’s an intense workout that lasts about a half hour and seems to utilize every possible muscle (although my knowledge of anatomy is imperfect).

You badge in with a little card that looks like those membership cards all the stores give you these days. Then as you go around the circuit, you put the card in each machine so it can track your progress. There is a little light that shows green for good and orange for not so good. Oh, I hate to see that orange! In between each machine is a pallet that you jog or march or dance on till the lady interrupts the music to tell you to change stations.

Oh yes, the music. They play quite a mixture of music, all of it set to the same beat. I make myself obnoxious by singing along to the songs I know. At least, I don’t know if anybody finds it really obnoxious. I think some folks are amused. Hey, anything to keep myself motivated.

The best thing about Curves is the people that go there. Everybody is supportive and encouraging. We yell remarks or jokes across the room and definitely let others know when they are looking good.

Curves also offers coaching, diet tips and more. Phyllis, Kelly and I may check out the Zumba class one day (that will surely rate a post). I purchased some excellent Curves socks to wear when I work out, and I will probably get a new sports bra or two as well. Perhaps a pedometer, to see how many steps I get in at work every day.

Curves in Herkimer is located at 300 Prospect St., phone 315-866-3100. They are open Monday through Thursday 5:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., Friday 5:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., and Saturday 7 a.m. to noon. For more information, visit their website at or you can like their Facebook page. See you on the circuit!