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A Classy Dinner

Steven and I used to eat dinner out more frequently, often so that I would have a topic for a blog post. Unfortunately, we have fallen out of the habit. I think the last time we went was over a month ago, for Steven’s birthday. When our friend, Tracy, visited last weekend, I thought it might be time to go out again.

We decided to go to the Herkimer Elks Lodge, where they serve dinner on Friday nights. As I told Tracy, I think it used to be a Friday Fish Fry, but now it is — no offense to all you real fish fries — classier. The food is by Dominick Scalise of Dominick’s Deli and there is a pretty good menu to pick from.

We found a good parking space right on Mary Street. I didn’t notice if the parking lot was completely full, but it may well have been. These dinners are popular. On the way in Steven purchased tickets for a raffle they were holding.

We were taken right to a table and given menus to peruse. I went into the bar to get a glass of wine. That is another good thing about eating at the Elks, good drink prices. The bartender even let me sample a little of the Riesling, to make sure it was dry enough for me (it was).

Tracy ordered salmon, which looked delicious. I chose baked haddock, which was quite tasty. Under no Catholic obligation to avoid meat, Steven had pork chops, his favorite. The service was great and the food was yummy.

We greatly enjoyed our evening out, and even took home leftovers (so I got to try the pork chops — excellent). The Elks Lodge is located at 124 Mary St., Herkimer, NY. Phone number is 315-866-1439.

Muddled Monday

I was either going to write about Saturday’s wine tasting or resort to Middle-aged Musings. Well, I mislaid my tasting notes, so musings it is.

I’m actually bemused this morning, because my coffee has not kicked in. What’s that all about? I can’t still be tired from Saturday, can I? Am I getting too old to have fun? Say it ain’t so!

I can’t write a whole blog post about how tired I feel. Actually, I could because right now that is uppermost in my mind, but how boring would it be? The sad thing is, I think I have mentioned how tired I am many times in this blog. I know I’ve talked about my desire for an old lady seat so I can shower sitting down. Yesterday I even considered staying dirty.

Actually, there is something else I could blog about (such a silly verb): Friday night. Friday night was to be spent with my husband. I felt so bad that he had to work and could not go on the wine tasting tour. Really, the older I get (ooh, it’s another middle-aged musing), the more I just want to be with my husband. Fun without Steven is just not as much fun. I’ve always felt that way to a point; heck, why would I have married him if I didn’t like to be with him? I may be an independent, take charge kind of woman (and say so in my blog), I may be my own person (others have described me that way), but I like to be with my husband. So there.

Our first stop Friday night was the Ilion Farmer’s Market at Clapsaddle Farm, Otsego Street, Ilion, NY. I just talked about it last week. This week we took our schnoodle Tabby. Tabby loves the Farmer’s Market. The old barn has so many smells for her, and there are always nice people who like to pet a cute dog (which she is). We got into a big conversation with one lady about dogs, cats and skunks.

After the Farmer’s Market we headed back down Otsego Street to Ilion Wine and Spirits, 10 E. Main St. They were having a wine tasting (kind of a warm up for my Saturday). We left Tabby in the car, because she’s not 21. I have some notes on that tasting too, so I guess I’ll write more about it later.

We took Tabby home before we went to dinner at the Herkimer Elks Lodge on Mary Street. The sign out front used to advertise Fish Fry, but now it says Dinner, reflecting their expanded menu. The cooking is by Dominick Scalise of Dominick’s Deli in Herkimer, and everything we’ve had so far is quite delicious. Friday I had seafood stuffed haddock and Steven had baked haddock. I look forward to eating my leftovers.

I’m thinking my musings were more entertaining than my activities, or do I flatter myself? No matter. I’ve written both, I’ll type in both (like last week, I have little time and am too flustered for extensive re-writes). People can like it or not (although I hope they do).

One Last Breakfast

I was a tad bit concerned my posts about the Lady Elks’ Sunday Breakfasts would become repetitious, but yet I must write one last time.

Last Sunday was the final breakfast offered by the Lady Elks this year. I was quite pleased that we were able to attend each one. In previous years work schedules interfered, and that could easily have been the case this year. However, good fortune was with us, and we enjoyed four yummy Sunday breakfasts.

Not much different happened this past Sunday from what I have previously reported. The food was yummy, the service was great, and we supported the Lady Elks’ projects for the year. Once again Steven got his food first. I accused the server of liking him better (can’t blame her, really).

“I don’t cook the food,” the lady defended herself. “And you probably should be just as glad about that!”

Our coffee guy was very attentive. I don’t think I went lower than half a cup the whole time.

Everybody we talked to was as sorry as we were to see the breakfasts end. The Lady Elks promised they’d be back again next year. I’ll be sure to watch the newspapers. Or maybe I’ll hear about it at a Friday night fish fry. Those are still going on, and I intend to go again.

This has been a short post, but I think that’s OK. I’ll make up for it on another day. Maybe one of the times I get silly.

Fishy Friday

As we’ve been going to breakfast at the Elks Lodge on Sundays, we’ve noticed a sign for Fish Fry on Fridays. We love fish fry so decided to check it out.

Now last Friday, regular readers may recall, is the day I had my woozy experience after giving blood. I was feeling much better by the time I left work but still did not feel I should over-exert (like for example by cooking). Accordingly, when I got home I laid down on the couch and called my Mom to tell her about the whole sordid experience. It does not matter how old we get, some of us still like to talk to Mom when we are not feeling well.

I exerted myself to the extent of making coffee for when Steven got home. We had a cup together, which is our favorite way to drink coffee. I had not showered yet, because we had not made a definite plan to go out. I did not want to get dressed twice if I guessed wrong, and I was not into hanging out in my bathrobe till we decided.

We had a slight worry in that I could not remember if the sign said 4 to 7 or 4 to 8. We managed to leave the house by 6:20 so thought we’d be all right. Imagine our relief when we saw the sign said 5 to 9 (I think they changed it). They were doing a booming business. We had to wait while a gentleman cleaned off a table for two.

The menu offered several choices, not just fish. We both got fresh haddock baked with lemon pepper and white wine. We chose baked potato for our side. Steven got ranch dressing on his tossed salad while I asked for Italian. First I asked was it homemade Italian. I always feel a little bad asking; I can see a chef getting huffy and saying, “Of course it’s homemade!” But I like to be sure about these things. It was excellent Italian dressing.

The cooking is done by Dominick Scalise of Dominick’s Deli in Herkimer, NY (another place for Mohawk Valley Girl to check out). It was a delicious dinner. We will probably return to the Elks Lodge on Mary Street in Herkimer for future Friday night dining.

Third Breakfast’s the Charm?

I threatened to write another blog post about the Lady Elks Sunday Breakfast if we went again, and naturally we went again.

Once again, the Lady Elks put on a breakfast on Sundays in January to support various projects for the year. Since I love community events and I love food, it is not surprising I would be there every week, schedule permitting, which it has so far.

I decided to mix things up a little: I got my eggs over medium instead of scrambled and said yes to pancakes. I also got whole wheat toast, bacon, baked beans and potatoes with onion, as I previously did. So Steven and I had identical breakfasts this week, aside from our juice (orange and tomato, respectively). Do I even have to mention we also had coffee? I thought not.

Once again Steven got his breakfast first. The ladies delivering the meals were not calling out the numbers this week, so I did not get the chance to laugh heartily as every number surrounding mine was called first. It wasn’t that long of a wait in any case.

I hadn’t had pancakes and eggs in a long time. It used to be a big favorite. Steven would even fix it for dinner sometimes. Too late I realized I should have asked them to bring me only one pancake. I felt bad to not eat everything I had asked for, but you can only stuff yourself so full.

“Are you not gong to finish that?” Steven asked.

“Do you want it?” Now I did not have to feel guilty. I only left some of the beans. I got up to search for some water to take ibuprofen, and when I got back to the table our plates were gone.

“The lady said if you weren’t finished, it was my fault,” Steven told me.

I made like I was going to pound on the table and holler, just to be silly. I guess they just would have told me it was Steven’s fault, or maybe gotten a big Elk to throw me out.

We left the breakfast and headed to the grocery store, for once doing what the magazine articles advise you to do and not shop on an empty stomach. Just to prove my contrary nature, it was not a successful trip. If I don’t shop at least a little hungry, I don’t buy enough food. But that’s a subject for another post.

In the meantime, local readers have one more Sunday to enjoy breakfast with the Lady Elks: January 29, 8 to 11 am, on Mary Street in Herkimer, NY. Hope to see you there.

Another Elks Breakfast

Steven and I returned to the Elks Lodge on Mary Street, Herkimer, NY, for the Sunday breakfast sponsored by the Lady Elks.

I mentioned when I blogged about this last week that the Lady Elks hold these breakfasts on Sundays for the month of January to sponsor projects throughout the year. I thought at first I did not need to blog about it twice. Then I thought, hell, I ate there twice, I can blog twice. Why not give another shout out to the Lady Elks?

We were a little later this week than last, having luxuriously (or lazily, depending on your point of view) slept in till after eight. We found a parking space with no problem, however. The ladies taking money remembered us from last week. It’s always nice to be a regular.

This week I tried sausage instead of bacon. Again I had scrambled eggs, whole wheat toast, baked beans and potatoes with onions. Steven had the same as last week: what I had, but bacon instead of sausage, eggs over medium instead of scrambled, and add pancakes. If we go again next week, I’ll go back to bacon and maybe add pancakes myself.

We sat at a table with our numbers (they give you a slip of paper with your number on it, and somebody comes out with a plate and yells the number) and said yes, please, to coffee and juice (orange for Steven, tomato for me). Steven’s food came right out. Then every number surrounding mine BUT mine was called. I was hungry! I was also in the kind of mood, it struck me as funny. I started laughing at each number called. At last my breakfast arrived. Yay!

We saw the same folks we saw last week that we knew (so we were not the only ones to return). We chatted with a member of Ilion Little Theatre about spring productions (preview of coming attractions).

It was another delicious breakfast, and we left feeling full and happy that we had supported a worthy cause. I think Steven works later this Sunday, so we may return yet again. Another blog post? We’ll see.

Breakfast with the Elks

I had been looking forward to breakfast at the Elks Lodge in Herkimer since I saw it in the paper over a week ago. Sunday morning we headed to Mary Street with good appetites.

For the month of January the Lady Elks are holding Sunday breakfasts to raise money for various service projects. You can’t go wrong: good breakfast, good cause. We’ve gone the last couple of years, when we see it in the paper and neither one of us has to work.

We walked in, and I paid our $16 ($8 for adults, $4 for children). We also got $5 of 50/50 tickets (10 for $5). I put $1 in the tip basket, but said I’d put in more if the service was good. I said it in an “I’m obviously kidding” voice, and the one of the ladies said $1 was fine.

At a table just inside the door, two ladies filled out our order tickets: mine was scrambled eggs, no pancakes, whole wheat toast, bacon, baked beans, potatoes with onions. Steven got the same, only he took the pancakes and had his eggs over medium. He even got the onions on his potatoes, which he had been undecided about when we left the house. I had never had baked beans for breakfast before the Elks. It’s yummy!

As soon as we sat down, man brought us coffee and a lady offered us tomato or orange juice (I got tomato; Steven got orange). The coffee man asked could he borrow our ketchup for another table and would we need it back. I said I might. I called to the lady at the other table she could just keep hold of it and I’d come get it when I needed it, but she said that was OK. She’d just make the man get it for her again.

We saw and exchanged greeting with a few people we knew — another reason I love these community breakfasts. I also enjoy watching interactions of the people working the breakfast with patrons they know.

“She’s a sweetheart. I hate to say it when she can hear me,” was my favorite overheard line.

When we left, Steven put $4 more in the tip basket. I had said we should put in $3 more, because $4 is typically what we tip a breakfast waitress or waiter, but I agreed with Steven that the extra dollar was appropriate.

The breakfasts are every Sunday in January. I told the ladies as we left we might be back next Sunday. They said they’d see us then.