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A Walk for Tabby

I was unable to write my intended post today (no excuses, just the usual reasons). I see it has been two weeks since my last Pedestrian Post, so I submit the following.

I felt I owed our schnoodle, Tabby, something fun. Last night (Wednesday) we went to the laundromat, a new activity for us, as regular readers may recall. Tabby saw us loading the car and got all excited. We must be going somewhere fun! In her defense, that is usually the only time she sees us making multiple trips between the vehicle and the house.

She looked so happy, I wanted to cry. I knew she would forgive us as soon as we were back home, but still. I suppose the operative thing to have done would have been to take her for a walk immediately upon our return. Or even before we left, so she might be tired and sleep while we were gone. One can often see the perfect thing to have done after the fact.

Be all that as it may, Tabby and I went for a nice walk just now. Yesterday gave us the deliciously cool fall-like temperatures that I love (yes, yet anther reason it would have been a good idea to walk yesterday, will you give it a rest?). Today was warm but not stinking hot. I put on my crazy old lady had and sunglasses and off we went.

It was pleasant in the shade, especially when a breeze blew. We walked one of our usual routes, down to Church Street then over towards Tabby’s and my beloved Historic Four Corners. This was also good for me, because I saw how long it takes to get there. I intend to walk to the Herkimer County Historic Society (one of the four corners) later tonight for a program on Wicked Mohawk Valley (preview of coming attractions).

Tabby did her business before we got to the Four Corners, which was nice, because there is a trash can right in front of the 1834 Jail (another one of the corners). I had another bag in case of further need so did not scruple to get rid of what she’d done so far.

On down Main Street we went. As always I admired the historic looking buildings and lamented the closed businesses. I noticed Christ Episcopal Church is offering a free dinner on Sunday. That might be fun and tasty.

We turned at Park Avenue. Burrito Jones is still promising to come in on that corner, but we did not walk past it, so I could not observe current progress. A young lady passed us going in the other direction and said, “Hi, puppies.” There were two rather adorable dogs across the street in front of the Post Office, so perhaps she was talking to them as well. Or maybe she thought I’d like to be a puppy, too. You never know, I might make a good one.

Meyers Park was especially pleasant with the trees and grass making it a little cooler. We went up the shadier side of Bellinger Street. Some people never cleaned off the mud during the flood so now there are thick patches of dirt on the sidewalks. At least it’s a little softer than bare pavement.

We enjoyed our walk. I had been hoping for a little more excitement, since I intended to write a blog post about it, but one must make do. Now to get ready for the program at the Historical Society, Wicked Mohawk Valley. I ought to fit right in.

Prior to Six in the Morning

Here’s one good side effect of writing my blog: I open my notebook and flip through pages and pages of writing. I must be a writer! Look how much I write!

That said, I’m experiencing a little resistance lately and not a little Writer’s Blank. Oh, sure, I’ve got pages of notes from Finger Lakes wineries (we visited a few last Saturday). Yet I am not moved to write about them. Now, let’s not get into that discussion about Never Mind Mood and Motivation Follows Action. It’s boring.

Instead, I offer another Pedestrian Post. This one has something a little different, because I walked Tabby (our schnoodle, for anyone who didn’t know) prior to six this morning.

When we first got Tabby I would roll out of bed, into sweats and take her out on a leash for her first business meeting of the day. At first around the backyard, then down the sidewalk. Eventually, Steven tried just letting her out the back door. She is a good dog who stays where she should, and first thing in the morning she generally wants to do her business quickly and get back inside to hang out. Funny how dogs can’t wait to get up in the morning but very shortly after that are napping on the couch.

This morning we got up a little earlier than we have been, because Steven pulled a rare early shift. Hate getting out of bed, love the extra time. Soon it occurred to me to use a little of the extra time to take Tabby on a short perambulation (like many dog owners, we avoid using the actual word “walk”).

I’ve read in dog books that it is a good idea to take your dogs for a walk before you leave them. They might get a little tired and just nap while you are gone. In any case, it is always good to spend quality time with your pet. I try to take Tabby for many walks (and not just when I need a blog post), especially if I am going to take off for parts unknown (at least to her, sometimes to me). After my delightful walk this morning, I shall make even more of an effort to do so prior to the work day.

Part of the reason the walk was so delightful is that it has AT LAST gotten warm out. Fifty-two degrees, according to my thermostat. It felt like heaven. The sun was not completely up, so the world had that half light I so enjoy at dusk but rarely see at down (oh, I’m usually up at dawn, but it’s more a matter of noticing it’s gotten light out than watching it get that way).

I like seeing the tree branches outlined against the grey sky, although I am really looking forward to buds and leaves. I saw some daffodils in one yard. I planted some daffodil bulbs, but they haven’t done much so far. Now I can’t remember where I put them.

Prior to six is a nice quiet time to walk. I heard an empty can blow down the road, then the softer tinkle of wind chines. A sign for some law offices swayed in the breeze but didn’t creak. In the far distance we could hear some traffic but did not see any.

We only went around two blocks, because I didn’t have a whole lot of time, but it was very pleasant. We were headed back towards home when Tabby did her business. Tuesday is trash day, and I thought about how some people do not scruple to put their dogs’ poo in other people’s trash. I decided against such an action. It was not that much further to my own trash can in any case.

So I finished our excursion thinking that walking in the early morning is the Way to Go. I hope to have my act together enough to do it again soon.

Just Another Pedestrian Post

Saturday Running Commentary does not return this week. However, I took a fairly lengthy stroll with my schnoodle, Tabby, and I will write about that.

Regular readers (Hi, Rachel!) know I have not been feeling well lately. Felt like crap Wednesday. A little better Thursday, so took a walk with Tabby. It’s important to walk your dog. For one thing, they like to go for walks. Felt worse Friday (perhaps you read my blog post about it). Felt a little better today. Took a walk.

I went early, before things had warmed up much. Still, the sun was bright. I hoped for the best. I wore my crazy old lady hat. It has a wide brim for shade. I’ve been wearing this large kind of lined windbreaker with huge pockets lately. I got it for three bucks on the clearance rack at Wal-Mart some years ago. I mention it, because I put my prescription sunglasses in the pocket along with a couple of poop bags and the house keys. I didn’t used to lock the door when we went for a walk, but I feel times have changed.

I wanted my sunglasses right away. Some people just wear the sunglasses for a walk and deal with it when the sun goes behind a cloud. I’m kind of funny about that. I’d rather put up with the inconvenience of carrying around the glasses and changing them. I spent about half a block wondering if this makes me a truly weird person. Then I just enjoyed the walk.

We started down German Street and went for three blocks. Tabby stopped and sniffed at as many of the trees and posts as I would let her. I was indulgent, because, after all, the walk was for her entertainment, too. It was early enough that the side of the street we were on was quite shady. That will be a delightful thing in a few months. This morning it was cold. Too much traffic to cross the street easily, so I put up with it. Tabby didn’t seem to mind.

Eventually we turned down the little path that used to be a hydraulic canal. We love that path. It will be even nicer when the grass is green. As we turned onto a residential street, I noticed some crocuses and other flowers sprouting up in people’s yards. Wonderful sight! I reminded myself to check for my own crocuses when we got home.

Two dogs coming from the opposite direction across the street started barking at Tabby and pulling on their leashes. She was absorbed in sniffing a pole and ignored them. Their person pulled on the leashes and told them to behave. Tabby continued her important sniffing. A small group of people walking down the road seemed to be amused by the contretemps.

It was pleasantly warm in the sun as long as the wind wasn’t blowing. Unfortunately the breeze kept picking up and my ears got a little cold in my hat. Not bad enough for me to pull my hood up and really look like a crazy old lady, though.

When we got home I looked for crocuses. None, front or back! I was sad about that. Every year I think I will put down more bulbs in the fall and every fall I forget till the snow flies. Still, I usually get a few blooms from the original bulbs Steven and I planted our first fall in the house. Perhaps they will yet make an appearance. I’ll keep you posted.

No Spring in My Step

So there I was, having Wrist to Forehead Sunday. I had managed to grocery shop, do dishes, put in a load of laundry. Where, I asked myself, was the Mohawk Valley adventure in that? Then my husband Steven came home from work and graciously agreed to go with me and our schnoodle Tabby on a walk. I decree that it is perfectly acceptable to write a blog post about a walk.

It wasn’t bitter cold out; in fact, it was above freezing. This was evidenced by the fact that the snow was melting and making some major puddles. Still, I wished I had remembered my mittens. I compensated by pulling my hands into my sleeves. Unfortunately, I was wearing the coat that fits, not the insulated sweatshirt where the sleeves are way long, so this was not as helpful or as comfortable as one could have wished. Did I mention it was Wrist to Forehead Sunday?

As we walked down the sidewalk (can’t trust the cars around here to be careful of a cute little doggie after all), we saw a major lake of a puddle up ahead.

“Let’s not plow through that,” I said. “Let’s cross the street.”

The other side of the street had been neglected by the sidewalk plow, but there was a beaten path. Mushy snow offered less moisture to penetrate our sneakers. Tabby didn’t care either way: wade through water, plow through snow, she was happy.

We spent the rest of the walk skirting large puddles, crossing the street to avoid larger puddles, and walking through small puddles. It felt good to walk, and I did feel grateful that, after all, melting snow means spring is on the way. As happened on my run, though, I was not able to enjoy the scenery as well while watching where I could put my feet for the least soaking possible.

Then Steven got the bright idea to leap over a puddle. He got a running start. He leaped! He made it!

“I am not going to try that,” I said. And me the athlete of the family. I hang my head in shame as I type.

As we walked down Main Street, we came to a long expanse of bare sidewalk. Awesome! We sadly observed closed businesses. Less awesome. There are some signs of life. Pete’s Tavern still does a business. Collis Hardware is still around. Crazy Otto’s Empire Diner is a going concern. The lady in Hummel’s Office Plus waved at us as we went by. Tabby likes to go in and say hello sometimes, but I thought her muddy paws were best kept outside. Belly Up Pub was open too.

We went through Meyers Park and started up Bellinger Street. I saw a puddle up ahead.

“Are you going to jump that one?” I asked. Then as we got closer, “Oh, no, that one’s bigger now that I look at it.” Steven attempted it anyways. He got a running start! He leaped! He didn’t make it! I should perhaps mention that he had not changed out of his work pants before we started out. “Oh, no, and I already did laundry,” I lamented.

“Water dries,” Steven pointed out.

“Mud doesn’t,” I said. “At least, it does and then it’s dirt.”

I did enjoy our walk, even though I am SO looking forward to warmer temperatures and no snow. For one thing, it gave me a 500 word blog post. Unless I read the draft to Steven and he insists I take out the part about him jumping the puddles. Some of you are probably still thinking I should have attempted it, too (you know who you are).

Tabby at the Theatre

This post is in the nature of Preview of Coming Attractions at Ilion Little Theatre. However, since to me the most interesting aspect of the evening was the extremely cute behavior of our exceedingly cute schnoodle I thought I’d put her name in the headline.

Tuesday night Steven had an appointment to listen to a possible accompanist for Dirty Work at the Crossroads, the play he is to direct for May performances.

We have been feeling a little discouraged about Dirty Work lately. Regular readers (Hi, Mom!) might remember that the play was originally to have been presented in October but ran into problems. When we postponed it to May the cast which we had FINALLY assembled seemed to think it would be OK. Turns out not so much.

Well, they do say life happens while you are making other plans. Our leading lady was forced to drop out by unexpected circumstances (I feel I must emphasize beyond her control, because in general the woman is the most reliable of actresses and wonderful to work with) (I do hope her circumstances will allow her to participate in future productions), and we have not gotten confirmations from three other cast members. On the brighter side, I know at least one cast member has been looking over his script (I go to Curves with his wife) (What, you thought it was me?).

Julianne Allen, who is directing the current production, The Crazy Times, highly recommended a young lady who is one of her piano students to be the accompanist for Dirty Works. Accordingly, we headed to the theatre to meet the young lady and hear her play. I guess technically only Steven needed to go, but Tabby and I went along to offer out input.

Tuesday, local readers know, is the day the weather got a little dicey in the evening. It actually was not too bad in Herkimer and Ilion. The snow was heavy and wet when I drove home from work around quarter to four, but it had stopped by the time we headed to the theatre for six.

Once we got into the theatre I let Tabby off the leash, and she delightedly ran around, sniffing everything and being petted by everyone there. I can’t say she sat quietly and enjoyed hearing the pianist though. She wanted to see what was going on so jumped up to sniff the keys. Steven called her back. It did not seem to phase the player at all, so I thought that boded well.

She is a very talented young lady, and her name completely escapes me. She also has experience accompanying vocalists, which is obviously important. So we were very pleased to add an accomplished pianist to the Dirty Works team. Now if only we can fill out the cast!

Regarding Julianne’s play, everything seems to be going well. We did not stay for rehearsal, but the set is looking good. Julianne showed us the latest addition, two doors stage left.

“This one opens in now,” she said, demonstrating. Tabby walked through the door, helping with the demonstrating. Julianne closed the door to show that the other one opened the other way.

“Tabby’s going to be scratching at the door,” Steven said.

However, while Julianne was describing the other things planned for the set, Tabby walked around behind the flats and emerged from the open door on stage right, looking extremely pleased with herself.

I suppose by now my readers are divided into two camps. Some of you are smiling and saying, “Oh, what an adorable dog.” Others are shaking their heads saying, “That dog should have stayed quietly at heel or on the leash. Or at home. Sniffing the piano keys, indeed!” Do I really have any readers who would say that?

Steven even contemplated giving Tabby a role in Dirty Work at the Crossroads. I play Mrs. Asterbilt, a fabulously rich society matron. Wouldn’t it be appropriate for me to have a French poodle? Tabby is only half poodle, but she could act, couldn’t she? I would call her “Tabitha” in the play, which is her real name anyways. Our only worry is that during my big dramatic scene, Tabby would leap to my defense with a crescendo of barking. Well, a life in theatre isn’t for every dog.

For more information on production dates and times for The Crazy Times and Dirty Work at the Crossroads, go to or the Ilion Little Theatre Club Facebook page. If you are interested in piano lessons from Julianne, visit the Julie’s Music Facebook page.

A Walk in the Dark

My plan for today is to get my blog post out of the way early, then spend the rest of the day having Mohawk Valley adventures or watching cheesy horror movies so that I can write more scintillating blog posts (I like to pronounce it “skintillating’). To that end, I took my dog Tabby for a walk this morning.

I’m sure some long time readers (if any) miss my Saturday Running Commentary, and I mean to get back into running. Eventually. Today I enjoyed my walk.

We left shortly after Steven left for work, which was before 6:30. All I could think of was, “It was quarter past dawn, all the Whos still abed…” But I could not think of a good way to transplant that poem to Herkimer. I did write a take-off on The Grinch once, by the way. It was “How the Lynch Stole Christmas,” written for a Sergeant Lynch I used to work with (he’s a Sergeant First Class now, I think). But I digress (wait a minute: Stream of Consciousness Saturday? Something to think about).

It was still dark, but I think the sun was up somewhere, somewhat. Too cloudy to tell. Too bad; I had hoped to catch last night’s full moon. The sidewalks were semi plowed. That is, they had been plowed and were navigable, but still had stuff on them to contend with.

I love walking in the winter. Years ago, when I was young and carless (yes, carless not careless, although I was that, too), I used to hate walking in the winter. At that time I was walking to get somewhere and that slight delay when your foot slides back a little in the snow used to weigh on me disproportionately. Now I walk for health and entertainment, and the extra effort needed clearly burns more calories.

So on we walked, enjoying the cold, fresh air and the feeling of not being on any kind of a time schedule. Lots of houses had their Christmas lights on. I like to see that. I even saw a couple of blow up displays, although some were not at full inflation. Santa was leaning out of the outhouse as if he had been partying a little too heartily. Oh well, his job is over for the year. He’s allowed.

One house with lots of decorations was not lit. I admired the hard plastic Santa and snowman they had. They looked old. I purchased my plastic Santa because he looked old-fashioned, but you can somehow tell he was purchased in recent years. This one looked as if he had been in the family for a while.

Tabby wanted to stop and sniff even more often than usual. I suppose it must be more difficult to pick up an odor in the snow (I always scoop up a little snow when I pick up her poops, another reason to love walking in the winter). I tried to keep a look out for poops left behind by other dogs. I don’t need her sticking her nose into poo.

When walking in the dark, I like to see houses with lights on inside. In the morning I like to think of people having coffee and getting ready for the day, you know, in a contented sort of way, not in an “oh crap I have to go to work” sort of way. I was feeling pretty contented myself, and my legs felt as if they had done some work. We’ll see how they feel once I start running again. Stay tuned!

Around the Town with Tabby

I would have like to do a Saturday Running Commentary, but I cravenly decided not to run. I have a show to do and a dog I’ve been neglecting. I decided a pedestrian post was more in order.

It was a beautiful day for a walk (or run, for that matter, but that ship sailed, quit pining), in the 50s, partly cloudy. I felt I didn’t need my knitted toque (rhymes with “spook”) or my crazy old lady hat. My schnoodle Tabby was completely happy to join me (most of you know my dog is a schnoodle; I just like using the word).

A block from the house, the sun came out from behind the clouds and I felt the absence of my crazy old lady hat. I was too far to go back and get it, though, so I sucked it up. I could always cross the street in search of shade.

Tabby seemed to feel the need to sniff every post, tree and sign, as well as several random patches of grass with no attraction visible to the human eye. A couple of times I noticed the attraction was a patch of poo, blending in with dead grass or fallen leaves. I tried to keep her away from those. She doesn’t need to be sticking her nose in other dogs’ poo.

“You know what poo smells like,” I tell her as I pull her away. Then I let her sniff the next harmless-looking choice.

When she pooed herself, I picked it up in a plastic bag. Now I was on the lookout for a trash can. I had taken the precaution of placing an extra poo bag in my sweatshirt pocket, in case I threw out this poo and she pooed again. Such a thing does not happen often, but one likes to be prepared.

Of course we walked by Tabby’s favorite, Herkimer’s Historic Four Corners. Naturally a dog of mine would be a local history buff (she also likes crime shows and jazz music). I don’t know why they moved the trash can that was in front of the 1834 Jail, but that wasn’t the only reason I like to walk that way. We continued down Main Street.

We had to walk around some yellow caution tape in front of Sam’s Grocery and Deli and Sacred Eagle Tattoo. It seems they are painting the storefronts. It certainly looks nice. I complimented the men working. I’m always glad to see people making improvements in our village.

I found a trash can in front of Basloe Library, another of my favorite spots. I remembered the guitar people would be playing. Every Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. I would have like to go in to listen, but I wasn’t sure if they like cute little dogs in the library. Anyways, Tabby would have just wanted the musicians to pet her.

On down Main Street, sad to see closed businesses but encouraged by some signs of life. People were working in the store that is to be a Burrito Jones. I like burritos. I noticed a T-Mobile store I hadn’t noticed before. Doors at Pete’s Tavern were open, but Tabby isn’t 21 so we did not go in. Soon I could smell burgers coming from Crazy Otto’s Empire Diner and remembered I was hungry.

Turning the corner we went by Hummel’s Office Plus. They were having an open house, but for once Tabby did not pull me towards the door. She was more interested in sniffing every available lamp post. The beer lights were not yet let for the Belly Up Pub. Then again, it was before noon. I think they open at four. Not that I was looking for a beer (despite the earlier mention of Pete’s Tavern).

We walked for almost a half hour, and my legs were grateful for the exercise. I think Tabby enjoyed it, too, although I did not let her do all the sniffing she desired. And my post is a respectable length, if not as exciting as some. Well, I do my best. At least my dog is happy.

Happy Birthday, Tabby!

I have mentioned our beloved schoodle, Tabby, in many posts. I even seem to remember telling the story of how she came to us. If that is true, I shall now repeat myself in honor of her birthday: How We Got Tabby.

Back in 2007, Steven worked with a fellow whose mother worked for the Velvet Dog, a dog grooming place we still patronize (and sometimes blog about). The mother was fostering this little dog whose original owner could no longer care for her. She would have kept the dog herself but had “five dogs too many” as it was. Did Steven know of anybody in need of a dog?

“Steve needs a dog,” piped up Steven’s other co-worker.

“She’s a sweet dog,” said the first co-worker. They cleverly showed me a picture of her when I stopped in.

“Oh, she’s part poodle,” I said right away, and they explained “schnoodle,” schnauzer-poodle mix. It’s fun to say, and it turns out fun to live with.

Hmmm… this story does not seem nearly as exciting to me now that I’m typing it in. It is much more interesting to me to take Tabby for a walk and write about that.

Oh, but that makes me remember to say a word about her name. Tabby. Steven and I did not name our dog after a cat. Her original owner named her Tabitha. I think the only person who ever calls her Tabitha is a neighbor of ours, a very nice older gentleman. Obviously one would call her Tabby. Or Tabbers. Or Tabber-dog. Or, as my mother calls her, Tabbykins. More formally one may call her Tabby-Tababbby the Schnitzel Schnoodle, but I don’t think anybody has.

And now I’m getting silly.

For her birthday, Tabitha received Schnausages in a Blanket (Schnausages for a schnoodle! Steven is a genius!) and a squeaky pig. She likes them very much. She wagged her tail when I informed her that I had written a blog post about her. Happy Tabby’s Birthday, everybody!

Looking for Halloween

Now I’ve done it. I used up both movies we watched on Saturday for my Monday post, and now I’ve got nothing for Tuesday.

In my defense, Saturday’s movies really felt like a double feature. That, coupled with my inability to recall the plot of one or the title of the other, made combining them for one post seem like a natural. What I failed to take into account was, I get tired by the end of the day on Monday. I did not have the energy to have a Mohawk Valley adventure for Tuesday’s post.

So I sat at work today, cursing my fate. Previously in these situations I have gone for a run after work and written about the run. Was it time to ease my way back into running? My back suggested not. Then I remembered that Steven would be home when I got there. We could take a walk with Tabby, admiring various Halloween decorations around the neighborhood, and I could write about that.

I had some coffee first. A wise woman told me you can’t rush into these things (it was my mother). Tabby was very excited when she saw me putting on my sneakers. I let her run around the back yard barking her excitement while Steven smoked a cigarette (I know, an unhealthy act to precede a healthy one; you tell him). Finally we set out.

We walked up toward German Street, then turned left toward Caroline. Tabby was not best pleased with this. For some reason she always wants to go right onto German. Tabby has such a sweet disposition, though, she graciously agreed to the change in plans.

I specifically remembered seeing some cool decorations on Caroline when I was running (it wasn’t really that long ago, but it feels like it). At first, though, all we saw were a few beautiful trees, one bright yellow, a couple orange and red. I saw some all-season lawn ornaments and said if I had those I would at least cover them in cobwebs. Maybe a vampire cloak for the lawn jockey.

In the next block we saw the house with the lumpy cobwebs and the gravestone in the front lawn that I remembered from my run. I pointed out to Steven how the bunched up spots really looked OK. He had found a bag of the stuff in our attic. I must see what I can do with it later.

We saw a number of pumpkins on various porches. Steven had purchased a little one at the Mohawk Farmer’s Market last week. I said we needed a bigger one, to have lots of pumpkin seeds to roast. Steven said we should get a really big one and put the little one in its mouth, like some pictures he’s seen on the internet (Steven has a major collection of Halloween pictures on his Facebook page).

Twice Tabby wanted to head towards home and we convinced her to go another block. At last we turned back toward our street. She was happy about that, although she couldn’t have been too anxious to get home judging from the number of trees and posts she wanted to sniff.

It was not a long walk, but it was very pleasant. And it made my back feel better. Note to self: walk more. And look for a Mohawk Valley adventure to blog about tomorrow. Happy Tuesday, everyone.

Paltry Pedestrian Post

Readers who pay attention to that sort of thing may have noticed that I did not have Saturday Running Commentary yesterday. I still felt under the weather from giving blood on Friday. I suppose by now I’m going to have to begin running all over again, as I have done many times in the past. But I won’t be doing it today. Instead I took my schnoodle, Tabby, for a walk. A Pedestrian Post will have to do.

Steven left for work about quarter to nine, and I went to the grocery store (NOT worthy of a blog post). When I returned, I thought, “Oh dear, now what?” In fact, while I drove to the store I thought I probably could go running. It would not be too hot. It might be a good idea. I couldn’t talk myself into it. I could not talk myself into all the cleaning and other household chores that awaited. Well I’m sure to Tabby, a walk was the most important activity I could undertake.

I put on my crazy old lady hat. It was not particularly sunny out, and I did not expect rain. But I would feel a little more incognito in the hat. Not that I expected to run into anybody I knew, and if I did they would probably recognize me with the hat if not by the hat. It still made me feel a little better.

Then I was glad I wore it, because the sun came out. I suppose I should have expected that, with our Wait Five Minute Mohawk Valley Weather. I could even have used my sunglasses. Never mind, the hat would have to do.

We walked to Tabby’s favorite Historic Four Corners, as usual. When we started down Main Street, however, I saw a dog sitting in front of a Sam’s Deli. He was just lying there minding his own doggy business, but I could hardly count on him remaining still as another dog walked right in front of him. I could not see if he was on a leash or if his person was nearby. I convinced Tabby to cross the street.

This put us right near our church, Christ Episcopal, which, I’m sorry, I was not attending this Sunday. I was afraid Tabby would pull me right up to the door, certain there would be someone inside wanting to pet her (there probably would be; lots of dog lovers in my church). Instead we walked back up Main Street, giving me the opportunity to admire once again the old courthouse, a lovely red stone building.

Then Tabby wanted to cross right back over Main Street and go back the way we came. Oh come on, Tabby! I don’t like walking right back the way I came. She was insistent, though, so we crossed in front of Herkimer Reformed Church. Tabby spent some time sniffing the iron fence around the cemetery in the church yard. They recently re-painted the fence black, so it looks nice, although still a little bent in places. It is an old fence, and an old church (hello! Historic Four Corners; I guess the church would be old!).

I managed to talk Tabby into going up Prospect Street and down German, so we did not walk back exactly the way we came. Not much of note happened on the walk. We met a dog named Sasha, who was more interested in sniffing Tabby than in having me pet her. And I saw a lady who from a distance looked a little like Maxine from the comics. I mean this as a compliment, of course, but I’m not sure it would be taken as one, so I leave out any identifying characteristics of where this happened or who the lady may actually be (I don’t know her, but she seemed nice; she said good morning).

I had meant to have more Mohawk Valley adventures this weekend so as to have a better quality of post today. Sorry about that. Still, it is a nice day for a walk, and Tabby and I enjoyed it. We may take another walk later with Steven. I may write another blog post about it. Just so you know.