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Fashion and Philosophy at Linda’s

One of my stops during my brief bout of ambition on Saturday was at Linda’s Consignment Shop in Herkimer, NY.   I thought I would use today’s post to give her a shout-out.

I love consignment shops in general, because you never know what you will find.  Saturday I was hoping to find shoes and handkerchiefs.  If you read my Scattered Saturday post you may remember that the shoes I had planned to wear for Roxy (that play I WILL keep mentioning) are no longer wearable.  I had not mentioned handkerchiefs, but my character carries one.  I have handkerchiefs of my own (so much better than tissues if you have a tendency to leave them in your pockets when doing laundry), but sometimes you can find the old fashioned ones with lace edges.

I found neither shoes not hankies at Linda’s, but the visit was enjoyable nonetheless.  Linda’s has a wide variety of items.  It was fun to browse.  I was fortunate, too, because Linda herself was behind the counter.  We chatted about all kinds of things, but I did take away two rather profound thoughts that I will share.

First, we must not wait for the proper occasion to wear our fabulous clothes but make our own occasions.  I already do this to a point, taking care with my ensemble whether going to rehearsal or to Crazy Otto’s to grab a bite.  I may take things a step further with gloves, hats and other accessories.

The other thought is we must love our bodies as they are.  I know this is not a new thought, but it does bear repeating.  Linda said it when I mentioned how I would buy some new things after I lost that last five pounds (or was it ten? I fluctuate).  She waxed eloquent about loving the body you are in, and I believe she is right.  I intend to continue striving towards my weight-loss goals, but I will concentrate more on the health aspect of the endeavor and less on the, “I’m such an ugly tub” side of it.

I did make one purchase, a very sweet hat.  It will come in handy next year, when I plan to participate in a St. Baldrick’s Day event and get my head shaved to raise money to fight cancer.  It was on sale.  Score!

Linda’s Consignment Shop has two locations, 152 Main St., Herkimer, and 27 Main St., Fort Plain, phone number 518-844-3051.  You can also find her on Facebook.


Going Green for the Purple Dress

I’m on a mission for style. I mentioned purchasing tickets for next week’s Wine and Beer Tasting sponsored by the Herkimer and Mohawk Police Departments to benefit K-9 Ape memorial and the Special Response Team officers and team members who responded to the tragic events of March 13-14, 2013. Naturally I am concerned about what to wear.

I have a fabulous purple dress I have never worn. It is my sister’s fault that I have it. We went to Dress Barn almost three years ago (eek! has it been three years?) to get me a good dress for her daughter’s wedding. I had not purchased clothes since my major weight loss, so it was quite fun (I wonder if I wrote a blog post about it? I’ll have to check). I got a little carried away and bought two dresses. I wore one dress once, to the wedding, of course. Both have been hanging in my closet since.

Could it be that I need to get out more?

Both dresses are sleeveless. Early March is probably not the best time of year to go sleeveless in the Mohawk Valley. However, I thought that with a jacket or a shawl, the purple dress just might do for next week’s event.

To that end, I began my search at the Salvation Army, sometimes known as Salvation Armani, in Ilion, NY. I found not one shawl and I stared at many jackets, quite unable to picture any of them with the dress in question.

I have a few other possibilities. In Herkimer, there is the HARC Goodwill store and a consignment store whose name escapes me. There is the New 2 You consignment store in Ilion, if it’s still open, as well as Cornerstone Consignments (I think that’s what it’s called), which I’m pretty sure is still open. Oh, and a consignment store in Frankfort whose name also escapes me. Will I have time to check out all these possibilities?

Side note: I wrote the above paragraph on my lunch break at work, fully intending to find out the names of the unknown consignment stores before typing in and publishing this. However, I was unable to do this due to a dreadful headache which I quite thought would be gone by now. Therefore, in the spirit of Lame Post Friday (which is today), I let the paragraph stand and hope to supply the information in a later post.

In addition to the sources mentioned, I THINK a dear friend of mine MIGHT have a shawl I could borrow. I’ll have to ask.

Retail minded readers may be asking, why don’t I just go to the mall or any number of respectable first-run clothing stores in the area? Well, I’m trying to be frugal. Since the dress (purchased new) has hung in my closet unworn for three years, I’m not sure how many clothing investments it is really practical for me to make. Besides, reduce, reuse, recycle. The dress is purple, but I always like to go green.

Bargain from the Basement

I believe I mentioned going shopping with my sister last Saturday in hopes of finding a fabulous outfit for this Saturday’s projected wine tasting tour. One of the best stops was at The Village Basement Consignment Shoppe in New Hartford, NY.

The Shoppe is located in the basement under Joette’s. It’s one of those buildings built into a hill. The entrance is in the back of the building, where the parking lot is. We could already see some cute clothes through the window.

I love consignment shops, because you never know what you might find. They are a little problematic, though, because you might not find it in your size. Then again, I tend to shop the clearance racks, where there is no guarantee your size will be left.

What I found Saturday fit me perfectly: a silk-looking shirt in royal blue and white. And it was only four dollars! What a bargain!

Earlier that day I had found on a clearance rack (of course) at Burlington Coat Factory a pair of black pants. I have not tried on the two pieces together yet, but I’ve kind of got my hopes up.

The Village Basement also has furniture, books and all kinds of stuff. I only checked out clothes on Saturday, so I must make a return trip soon to look at other things. When I do, I will probably venture upstairs to Joette’s, which has all kinds of wonderful jewelry and accessories.

Full disclosure: I am writing this post on Monday. I am trying to lessen my stress from having so much to do as the week wears on. I thought at least I can get ahead on my blog posts. Now if I could also work on laundry during my breaks at work, I would be all set.

And having typed this post in on Tuesday, I will disclose: still stressed. Also, I tried on the pants and shirt together: don’t like them. I still like each piece separately, so that’s good, but I am still without a fabulous wine tasting outfit. Stay tuned for further developments.

The Village Basement is located at 70 Genesee St., New Hartford, NY 13413. Phone number 733-4794. They are open Wed. to Fri from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Sat. 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Saturday Shopping

Steven’s and my Saturday Mohawk Valley adventures included an indoor garage sale at the Baptist Church in Ilion, NY. I figured it would be as good as a rummage sale.

The blurbs in the paper I had seen had only said Baptist Church without including the address. I felt sure we would be able to find it anyways, but I was still happy to see an address of Second Street in Saturday morning’s paper. Then as we drove to Ilion I could not remember if it was Second Street or Second Avenue (don’t get me started on street names!). Steven thought we would still be able to find it. He was driving.

“We’ll probably say, ‘Oh yeah, that church’ when we see it,” I said. We go to a lot of church sales.

It was easy to find. Getting into the parking lot was a little trickier, but we managed to get a space.

I noted by a flier on the door that Indoor Garage Sale meant that vendors paid the church to set up a table. Individuals as well as professional dealers were displaying their wares. It was fun to look around, but we did not find anything to buy. I admired a vintage Saltines tin one of the antique dealers had. Steven checked out some decorative plates, one by Normal Rockwell.

As we left the church, I noticed Cornerstone Consignment Shop not even a block away. I’ve been there a couple of times. Steven has not, although he does remember browsing their outdoor display during Ilion Village-wide Garage Sales a few years ago.

It is a very well-stocked shop with multiple rooms on two floors, all filled with stuff. Steven found a shot glass from Rosamund Gifford Zoo in Syracuse. We have been to that zoo but not recently. Perhaps another trip there for a blog post is in our future. Or maybe one to the Utica Zoo. I like zoos.

While we were looking at things upstairs, I found a furry fedora, such as an old man who lived across the street from my family in Rome used to wear many years ago.

“Steven,” I said, “now that you are in your 50s, maybe you should have an old man hat.”

Another shopper promptly took me to task for so designating the hat. It turned out to be a friend we had not seen in a few years (how the time flies, especially when you are in or approaching your 50s). We had a nice chat during which he assured us it was a hat he would not scorn to wear himself.

The hat was too small for Steven or me, so anyone hoping for a picture (if and when I eventually learn to post photos) is doomed to disappointment.

So a sale and a store netted us one shot glass and the renewal of an old acquaintance. Not bad for a Saturday morning.

The Cornerstone Consignment Shop is located at 68 Morgan St., Ilion, NY. Phone number 315-894-0477.

Consignment Find

I like getting multiple blog posts out of one Saturday adventure. For one reason, it’s difficult to have adventures every day of the week when you work full time, even without overtime (and I love my overtime).

Continuing our Saturday meanderings, Steven and I left The Bistro on Main Street in Frankfort, NY and walked almost next door to a consignment shop we had notice earlier. Regular readers may recall how much I love consignment shops.

Good As New Consignment Store occupies two rooms, both of which are packed full of stuff. We made our cautious way amongst the racks. I walked around two round racks full of jeans, but did not find quite what I was looking for (since what I’m actually looking for is to wear jeans two sizes smaller than I currently do and still breath, that is not surprising). We admired a number of chicken things: glasses, canisters, a hard-cooked egg tray.

Then Steven spotted on a high shelf a decanter in the shape of a soldier. A dragoon, 17th Regiment, 1812 to be exact. It is a fine, upstanding, elegant soldier from a time when soldiers had a certain style (this is not to say anything against our current soldiers, who have a style all their own which is a bit more appropriate to this century). Steven has always wanted just such a fancy bottle, but they are not easy to come by, unless you buy them new and full of booze for a considerable price.

I discouraged Steven from getting it down himself to check the price. I did not want that soldier to fall on the floor. A nice lady that works there reached it for us in a quite fearless manner. She had to consult the owner for the price, which was one we didn’t mind paying (I don’t like to mention the actual price, because I have found that there is always some wise ass to tell you you paid too much). I fortuitously remembered that I owed Steven a Valentine present, so we were all set. The soldier now stands on our dining room table, waiting for us to select his permanent place in our decor.

Good As New Consignment Store is located at 108 W. Main St., Frankfort, NY. Phone number is 315-868-0772.