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Going Green for the Purple Dress

I’m on a mission for style. I mentioned purchasing tickets for next week’s Wine and Beer Tasting sponsored by the Herkimer and Mohawk Police Departments to benefit K-9 Ape memorial and the Special Response Team officers and team members who responded to the tragic events of March 13-14, 2013. Naturally I am concerned about what to wear.

I have a fabulous purple dress I have never worn. It is my sister’s fault that I have it. We went to Dress Barn almost three years ago (eek! has it been three years?) to get me a good dress for her daughter’s wedding. I had not purchased clothes since my major weight loss, so it was quite fun (I wonder if I wrote a blog post about it? I’ll have to check). I got a little carried away and bought two dresses. I wore one dress once, to the wedding, of course. Both have been hanging in my closet since.

Could it be that I need to get out more?

Both dresses are sleeveless. Early March is probably not the best time of year to go sleeveless in the Mohawk Valley. However, I thought that with a jacket or a shawl, the purple dress just might do for next week’s event.

To that end, I began my search at the Salvation Army, sometimes known as Salvation Armani, in Ilion, NY. I found not one shawl and I stared at many jackets, quite unable to picture any of them with the dress in question.

I have a few other possibilities. In Herkimer, there is the HARC Goodwill store and a consignment store whose name escapes me. There is the New 2 You consignment store in Ilion, if it’s still open, as well as Cornerstone Consignments (I think that’s what it’s called), which I’m pretty sure is still open. Oh, and a consignment store in Frankfort whose name also escapes me. Will I have time to check out all these possibilities?

Side note: I wrote the above paragraph on my lunch break at work, fully intending to find out the names of the unknown consignment stores before typing in and publishing this. However, I was unable to do this due to a dreadful headache which I quite thought would be gone by now. Therefore, in the spirit of Lame Post Friday (which is today), I let the paragraph stand and hope to supply the information in a later post.

In addition to the sources mentioned, I THINK a dear friend of mine MIGHT have a shawl I could borrow. I’ll have to ask.

Retail minded readers may be asking, why don’t I just go to the mall or any number of respectable first-run clothing stores in the area? Well, I’m trying to be frugal. Since the dress (purchased new) has hung in my closet unworn for three years, I’m not sure how many clothing investments it is really practical for me to make. Besides, reduce, reuse, recycle. The dress is purple, but I always like to go green.

What All the Cool Villainesses are Wearing

Yesterday (Saturday) was the Superhero Sprint, sponsored by Herkimer Now, a group looking to revitalize downtown Herkimer, NY. I am completely behind that mission, so if I can help by looking foolish and having a few laughs, I definitely will.

Two days before the event, Steven and I went up to our attic and looked through some of our Halloween stuff. I easily found my big black cape, although I was skeptical of how comfortable that would be in the bright sunlight. Also, it looked a little vampirish. Then I found a large rectangle of blue and silver shimmery stuff and a piece of filmy white fabric. I could not find the small red cape I thought Tabby could wear, but I found a Christmas bow I could attach to her harness. I figured she would wear that without too much complaint and it would at least be costume-like. The rules stated all participants must be in costume, but I was sure they would use a generous definition of the term. Besides, who would tell a cute little dog she couldn’t run?

Steven preferred the blue and silver material for my cape. He said I could use the white, “But, remember, that’s the bowling pin’s Halloween costume.” Well, what does your bowling pin wear for Halloween?

I took a large pink t-shirt and drew a big C on it with fabric pen. I took another color and wrote “Evil Woman” over it and “CinCin” under it. I found a pair of shorts to go with it. Maybe real super villianesses wear tights (I’ve seen pictures), but perhaps they have a higher tolerance for eighty degrees in the sun.

My hair was more problematic, because it is growing out and has reached that annoying in-between stage where you can’t really do anything with it (I’ve been wearing a do-rag to work). Finally I put a headband on, then fastened to that the large white flower I wore a few weeks ago to the H.A.L.O. Luau Party. Pink running socks and blue running shoes completed my ensemble.

I pondered my eyewear for a moment. Generally when I run I wear a pair of old plastic glasses I got for cheap specifically for the purpose of running. Still, I didn’t think I’d be running very fast for this event. For one thing, I didn’t think Tabby would want to. And that sun was bright. I put on my purple prescription sunglasses. I thought they went with the outfit. I slathered on lots of sunscreen and put a couple of Tabby poop bags in my pocket. I was ready to go.

And I think I’ll sign off here, because I see I am over 400 words. Not a huge amount, of course, but I think I’ll find a LOT to say about the actual event. Stay tuned.

Getting Ready for the Weekend

I started my weekend, as reported, with a Valentine Wine Tasting at Vintage Spirits in Herkimer, NY.

Now, I could have gone straight from work. The tasting began at 4 p.m., I usually hit Herkimer by 3:50. That’s only ten minutes I would have had to dawdle or otherwise occupy myself. Then I could have tasted wine all blue collar in my steel toed work shoes and BDU pants. I opted to go home and shower first.

I confess, I dressed a little fancy for the occasion. Not exactly on purpose. See, I don’t have many clothes that fit and not all of those are clean at any given time. The only covering for my legs I could find were fancy pantyhose. I can’t hide fancy pantyhose under a long skirt. I put on my red Lands End t-shirt dress, which is knee length. It’s short sleeved, so I sought a pullover sweater to wear.

That entailed pulling down numerous sweaters from the top shelf of the closet in the second bedroom. We really need a step stool, I thought, for just such an emergency. Then I thought about how seldom I wear my sweaters and decided not to bring up the matter to Steven (he’ll read about it here, but I can’t worry about that now). I left the rejected sweaters in a semi-neat pile (and by “semi-neat pile” of course I mean “in a heap”) for later straightening.

I put on some black beads and found three earrings I liked (I have three holes and my earrings almost never match) (I wore the black elephant, purple spangly cat and twisted Black Label beer can, in case anybody was wondering). My wedge heeled black clogs completed the outfit, and I found my teal raincoat to wear over it. A warmer jacket might have been more appropriate, but I figured as long as I was looking pretty I might as well go all the way. As it turned out, I was actually plenty warm (I know some of you nicer readers were concerned).

As I got into my truck (cautiously due to the skirt and heels) (I love the image of driving a pick up truck in skirt and heels), I reflected that some might think this an elaborate get-up considering I was going to a liquor store taste wine and straight back home afterwards. As I write about it, I reflect that some may think it is a silly thing to write a whole blog post about. However, I am equally sure that some of my readers will find this fun and perhaps get a chuckle out of me and my fancy pantyhose (I have another pair to wear today). To those people, I blow you a kiss. To the others, folks, this is me. What you see is what you get. I’ll talk about the wines tomorrow.