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“A-apples and Cider!”

The main problem with writing about Fly Creek Cider Mill (and going to it, talking about it or even thinking about it, for that matter) is that the song from the commercial plays in my head for the next three hours. “A-apples and cider! At the Fly Creek Cider Mill!”

Some might say another problem is that I have written about the place several times before (too lazy to check how many and anyways I’d probably miss one). Well, I’ve said before and I’ll say again, I like to give another shout-out to a place I enjoy. Regarding the song, if I’ve given anybody an earworm, sorry. It goes away eventually.

Be all that as it may, Steven and I made yet another trip to the Fly Creek Cider Mill last Friday. It was quite enjoyable. As usual, I went around trying all the samples. Dips, sauces, jellies, mustard, salsa and fudge. Yum!

Of course we went into the tasting room to sample wine and hard cider. My favorite was the Mill Pond Reisling. Steven was fond of the Montezuma Winery Canvasback Red. It was $4 off three bottles, so we also got Diamond from Montezuma Winery, which I am pretty sure my mother will like. I found the taste reminiscent of Tickle Hill’s Suzy Q, one of her all-time favorites. It also had a very cool label.

After making our purchases, we went outside to visit the ducks. I was sorry I did not have a quarter to get some corn to feed them, especially when a bunch of them swam over hopefully. I could only find a couple pieces of corn on the ground. Usually I can find at least a handful that way (I always say, waste not, want not). I didn’t think the ducks looked too poorly fed, though, so I didn’t worry about it too much.

We always have a good time at the cider mill. We may even make another trip there before the year is out. The Fly Creek Cider Mill is located at 288 Goose St., Fly Creek, NY. Phone number is 607-547-9692. You can visit their website at, and you can Like them on Facebook.

Where I Like to Go for Popcorn

Astute readers may remember that a stop at Dyn’s Cider Mill formed part of Steven’s and my adventures last Friday. I’ve written about Dyn’s before, but I think it’s always appropriate to give a fun place another shout-out.

Dyn’s is located at 7915, Rt. 28, Richfield Springs, NY. It’s a scenic ride with views of water, mountains and farmland. The fall colors were past peak last Friday, but Steven and I saw patches of bright yellow, red and orange. We also scanned for Halloween decorations as we drove by people’s houses.

We walked into the large room and once again admired the country decor. One thing I definitely wanted was a cup of hot cider. The girl working there had to bring out more cups. She also brewed a fresh pot of coffee, which is almost always Steven’s beverage of choice. While the coffee brewed, I found my Dyn’s Popcorn, which was the real reason for the visit, and we debated which of the baked goods we would purchase. I moved my things out of the way of another customer.

“There’s popcorn?” she said, as I moved the bag.

“Really good popcorn,” I said. “I get some every year and love it. Then when it’s gone I make do with Jolly Time till I can get more Dyn’s.”

She got some popcorn, too. Steven and I decided on a half dozen apple cider donuts. I thought about purchasing some gourds to enhance our fall decor but decided against it. I pointed out to Steven that if we had felt like sitting and enjoying our beverages there, we could have used ceramic mugs. We could have played checkers on a rather large board on one of the tables. Perhaps on a future visit.

Dyn’s is open seven days a week, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. They serve breakfast every Sunday from 7 a.m. to noon, and spaghetti and lasagna Wednesdays from noon to 7 p.m. For more information call 315-858-2078.

Fun at Fly Creek

Any place that offers free samples is an OK place in my book. At the top of the list is the Fly Creek Cider Mill.

You can walk around the sales floor and sample dips, sauces, salsas and more. You can also try the hard cider and apple wine, if you’re over 21, which I am. If you’re hungrier than samples will satisfy, there is a snack bar. On a recent trip with a family group, some people in the group were that hungry.

“But if you buy something inside, you can get 10 percent off at the snack bar,” I told them. “You can have some free samples to hold you over.” I was out-voted. That was OK. The snack bar offers some pretty tasty stuff, and I saved room for samples.

The fellow at the wine tasting bar was very knowledgeable. I learned that true ice wine is made when the fruit has frozen before being picked. Some unscrupulous winemakers freeze the fruit after picking and fall it ice wine, but the Apple Wine we sampled was the real thing. Very sweet, definitely a dessert wine, in case you wanted to know.

After some sampling, we went upstairs to admire gifts and decorations. I’m not exactly ready to think about Christmas yet, but they sure do have some pretty stuff.

One of my favorite things to do at the cider mill is to feed the ducks, geese and chickens. Several vending machines dispense a handful of corn for a quarter. I also gathered some corn from the ground, where people had dropped it. Waste not, want not. I especially like to go up on the deck and toss corn into the pond for the ducks to dive for.

I usually go to the Fly Creek Cider Mill several times a year. For more information you can visit their website at You can also Like them on Facebook. I did.

Fun at the Mill

I thought I would write a little bit more about Sunday’s visit to the Fly Creek Cider Mill.

It is always an enjoyable drive from Herkimer to Fly Creek, over mountains with great scenic views. I looked at farmland, lakes and more. Luckily, Steven was driving.

We went into the main building while we waited for my sister and two nieces to arrive. I thought it couldn’t hurt to get a head start on some sampling. That is one thing I love about Fly Creek Cider Mill, lots of free samples. They have dips, sauces, spreads and more. My favorite this past Sunday was a spinach and artichoke dip, which they had heated up. We bought a jar of that.

We also tried a few of the wines. Hard cider was also available for sample, but I didn’t want to be greedy. The Mill is part of the Cooperstown Beverage Trail, which a lady gave us a booklet about. Could be a future blog post (or posts).

After the others had arrived, we had some more samples and wandered upstairs to look at the many gifts and decorations available. I almost feel it is too early to think about Christmas decorations, but, oh, I love all the Santas! Of course, it is never the wrong time for Halloween, as far as I’m concerned, so I thoroughly enjoyed looking at those things.

When we had browsed and tasted our fill, we made our purchases and went outside to see the animals. There are chickens, ducks and geese, walking around a fenced in area or swimming in what I think is Fly Creek. We fed them some corn, available in gumball-type dispensing machines for twenty-five cents. Note to self: bring more quarters next time.

Steven and I try to get to the Mill at least once every year. I hope to go again in a couple of months, when the drive down will be enhanced by the changing leaves.

Fly Creek Cider Mill is located at 288 Goose St., Fly Creek, NY 13337, phone number 607-547-9692. Their website is You can also Like them on Facebook.

Cider Mill Sunday

Because Steven had a rare Sunday off, I suggested we make our annual trip to Fly Creek Cider Mill. I had made the suggestion before suffering the back pain that’s been plaguing me and cluttering up my blog posts, but I was determined to let nothing interfere with a fun day with my favorite husband.

I love the drive out towards Cooperstown. Twisty — not too twisty — country roads through the mountains with incredible views. There was still plenty of color in the trees, although some areas were what they call past peak.

We listened to our Halloween CD as we drove. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned our Halloween CD before. It started out as a cassette tape Steven made when he worked at a radio station up north in the ’90s. It was for use as pre-show music for a play our community theatre was presenting. When we lived in Georgia, a friend who had equipment transferred the songs onto CD, adding a few we had acquired since. It is a fun CD.

Fly Creek was a little crowded, but people were mostly polite and good-natured. Of course I went around and tried all the free samples. We purchased some wine, wasabi peas and treats for Tabby. Then we wandered outside to feed the ducks.

On the way back to Herkimer, we stopped, as usual, at Dyn’s Cider Mill. We discovered Dyn’s some years ago, on our first trip to Fly Creek. It is smaller and much lower key but quite charming. We each got a freshly made donut, and Steven had a cup of coffee while I enjoyed some hot cider. I purchased, also as usual, some Dyn’s popcorn. I will enjoy that on some not too distant Sunday with crime shows or cheesy movies.

We rounded out our Mohawk Valley morning back in Herkimer with a late breakfast at Crazy Otto’s Empire Diner. Then we went home so I could rest my back prior to implementing our afternoon plans.

Saturday Adventure II

When we last saw our Mohawk Valley couple (um, that’s me and Steve), they had just left the Christmas Extravaganza at Ilion Elks Lodge in search of further adventures. We were armed (I’m not keeping up the third person POV for the whole post), not sensibly with the newspaper that listed area events, but with my sometimes reliable memory.

“Don’t forget,” Steven said again, “at some point we have to get a loaf of bread.”

I had forgotten. I suggested we go by the Ilion Farmer’s Market at Clapsaddle Farm on Otsego Street. It runs year round on Fridays and Saturdays. They usually have a Dilly Bread that is quite yummy.

“Oh, yeah, there’s a Christmas sale at that church,” I said, as we passed it. See what I mean about my sometimes reliable memory? We thought we’d check it out after the farmer’s market.

When we got to Clapsaddle Farm, we saw signs saying the Parker Cider Mill was also open. We had never been in the cider mill, which is on the same farm as the Farmer’s Market, so we went there first.

It is not a huge, elaborate place, but it is a pleasant, pretty room. Steven bought me a Halloween mug with a spider on it for a very good price. We had a nice chat with Jim Parker’s daughter. We are huge fans of his art, and he is such a cool, fun guy to talk to. I mentioned my Mohawk Valley blog. The daughter told us that the Sunday morning show Mohawk Valley Living was coming back on the air on Sunday, Dec. 4, with Jim Parker as their first guest. I’ll have to set my DVR for that.

Before we left, she asked did we want to purchase any cider.

“Oh, I don’t drink much sweet stuff,” I said.

“Well, would you like a free sample at least?”

Why not? After one sip, I said, “I think your evil plan is working.”

Steven said, “We could get a half gallon.”

Real cider, I find, is not the same as what you get in the super market. It is not too sweet, and it doesn’t gunk up your throat. I drank a big old glass on Sunday, which watching movies on TCM and munching popcorn (incidentally, the popcorn was purchased at Dyn’s Cider Mill of Richfield Springs, now sadly closed for the season).

Steven and I went on to the Farmer’s Market for our Dilly Bread. We resisted the pumpkin roll and a really delightful looking strawberry rhubarb pie. We headed back toward the church I had noticed earlier. I’ll save that for tomorrow. Let’s see how many blog posts I can get out of one adventuresome Saturday.

The Adventure Continues

This post is a continuation of my posts on Steven’s and my Fly Creek Adventure last Saturday. We had just left Fly Creek Cider Mill and intended to check out the community wide garage sales.

We picked up a map of garage sales at the cider mill. I learned how to read a map in the army, so I looked at the map, and Steven drove. While I was still trying to orient the map, Steven found a couple of garage sales that looked good.

I found a Book of Days with Monet paintings and a murder mystery by a writer I like. Steven found a lovely ceramic Santa. We have quite a large Santa Claus Collection, but we can almost never resist adding one more.

We did not hit too many garage sales before heading down Route 28 back towards home. We made a stop, as planned, at Dyn’s Cider Mill, two miles south of Richfield Springs.

We discovered Dyn’s en route to our first visit to Fly Creek. It is smaller and lower key than Fly Creek Cider Mill, but it is a charming place, well worth a stop.

They serve breakfast, which we have never arrived in time to partake of. They have yummy baked goods, coffee and hot cider available all day. I usually enjoy a cup of hot cider, but Saturday we both opted for coffee. Some ladies were ahead of us purchasing cider, so we walked around admiring the gifty things for sale. Luckily the coffee and cider are serve yourself, because I really wanted that coffee.

The lady working there excused herself in the middle of the transaction to bring out the next batch of donuts. My ears perked up at that. When it was our turn, we both enjoyed a donut so fresh it was still warm. I also purchased some popcorn. I almost always get a bag of Dyn’s popcorn. I do not buy microwave popcorn, and I do not own an air popper. I make popcorn the way my Mom taught me, on the stove with oil. I melt real butter to put on it. I don’t care if this is not the healthiest way to eat popcorn. It is the way I like to eat popcorn.

Dyn’s Cider Mill is on Facebook, and they have a website at Or you can call them at 315-858-2078.