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Helping the Kitties

I’ve blogged about the Helping Animals Live Organization (H.A.L.O.), the no-kill, non-profit cat rescue based in Little Falls, NY. I briefly stopped by their last fundraiser on Saturday, so I thought I’d give them another shout out.

I had actually wanted to attend the fundraiser. It was a spaghetti dinner and sock hop. I asked on their Facebook page if people were dressing in ’50s styles and had even gone to the thrift store looking for a skirt I could put a poodle on (didn’t find one). Alas, Steven had to work.

The next fundraiser, also being publicized via Facebook, is a Chinese Auction. My favorite kind! I asked if they would like one of my afghans and maybe a few handmade scarves. They would. I emailed a lady named Sandy to arrange pick up. She said if I was at the sock hop, I could just bring the stuff then. It seemed the easiest thing just to drive over to the VFW in Mohawk, where the fundraiser was taking place.

The parking lot looked full till I was already past it on a one-way street (of course). I went around the block. Of course, few blocks in these villages are a straightforward square. I turned right and drove. I wondered if I would be writing a blog post about getting lost in Mohawk, a very small village I drive through almost every day of my life. No, two more right hand turns and I was where I thought I should be. The roads to get there were just a little longer than expected. I parked in front of the VFW and went in.

A lady at the door directed me to Sandy. She was very happy with the donations and disappointed I was not staying for the sock hop.

“I remember you were asking were people dressing up,” she said. I told her of my unsuccessful search for a skirt, and the lady I had first spoken to stood up to show me her awesome pink poodle skirt.

I explained that my husband was working, but I would probably attend the Chinese Auction, “That I can go to by myself; dinner and a dance I want a date for.” Sandy agreed.

The Chinese Auction is March 11 at Silverado, Marginal Road, Herkimer, NY. Bidding is from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. with drawing immediately afterward. Many local businesses have donated goods and/or gift certificates. H.A.L.O. has been posting the various donations on Facebook as they come in. Their page also has some fun pictures of the sock hop. Look up H.A.L.O. (with the periods) to like them on Facebook. Or you can visit their website: