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Looking for Halloween

Now I’ve done it. I used up both movies we watched on Saturday for my Monday post, and now I’ve got nothing for Tuesday.

In my defense, Saturday’s movies really felt like a double feature. That, coupled with my inability to recall the plot of one or the title of the other, made combining them for one post seem like a natural. What I failed to take into account was, I get tired by the end of the day on Monday. I did not have the energy to have a Mohawk Valley adventure for Tuesday’s post.

So I sat at work today, cursing my fate. Previously in these situations I have gone for a run after work and written about the run. Was it time to ease my way back into running? My back suggested not. Then I remembered that Steven would be home when I got there. We could take a walk with Tabby, admiring various Halloween decorations around the neighborhood, and I could write about that.

I had some coffee first. A wise woman told me you can’t rush into these things (it was my mother). Tabby was very excited when she saw me putting on my sneakers. I let her run around the back yard barking her excitement while Steven smoked a cigarette (I know, an unhealthy act to precede a healthy one; you tell him). Finally we set out.

We walked up toward German Street, then turned left toward Caroline. Tabby was not best pleased with this. For some reason she always wants to go right onto German. Tabby has such a sweet disposition, though, she graciously agreed to the change in plans.

I specifically remembered seeing some cool decorations on Caroline when I was running (it wasn’t really that long ago, but it feels like it). At first, though, all we saw were a few beautiful trees, one bright yellow, a couple orange and red. I saw some all-season lawn ornaments and said if I had those I would at least cover them in cobwebs. Maybe a vampire cloak for the lawn jockey.

In the next block we saw the house with the lumpy cobwebs and the gravestone in the front lawn that I remembered from my run. I pointed out to Steven how the bunched up spots really looked OK. He had found a bag of the stuff in our attic. I must see what I can do with it later.

We saw a number of pumpkins on various porches. Steven had purchased a little one at the Mohawk Farmer’s Market last week. I said we needed a bigger one, to have lots of pumpkin seeds to roast. Steven said we should get a really big one and put the little one in its mouth, like some pictures he’s seen on the internet (Steven has a major collection of Halloween pictures on his Facebook page).

Twice Tabby wanted to head towards home and we convinced her to go another block. At last we turned back toward our street. She was happy about that, although she couldn’t have been too anxious to get home judging from the number of trees and posts she wanted to sniff.

It was not a long walk, but it was very pleasant. And it made my back feel better. Note to self: walk more. And look for a Mohawk Valley adventure to blog about tomorrow. Happy Tuesday, everyone.

Tripple’s Revisited

Wednesday Steven and I took the scenic route to Tripple’s Produce, 2987 State Route 5, Frankfort, NY. I wanted an excuse to drive down 5S while the fall foliage is at peak. At least, I don’t know how they judge peak or near peak, but the mountains look pretty colorful to me.

We left Herkimer on 5S West and drove to the Dyke Road exit. What views! The day was a little gloomy, so the colors were not as vivid as they are in bright sunlight, but still well worth the drive. This time of year I really feel I should spend all my time looking around and marveling, because the foliage lasts such a short time. I feel so fortunate to live in an area with seasons. You can drive the exact same road and still enjoy various scenery.

Tripple’s has a huge selection of pumpkins. We walked into the building to check out the produce. Mostly we checked out the Halloween decor. There is a big Frankenstein that dances to “Thriller” and a skeleton that sings “Super Freak.”

We purchased some cheese curds by River Rat Cheese in Alexandria Bay and some garlic and herb spread made by Adirondack Cheese Co. in Barneveld. We ate some of the cheese curds on the way home. We drove home up State Route 5, which is of course the more direct way back to Herkimer. We enjoyed seeing Halloween decorations on a number of houses. I used some of the garlic and herb spread this morning on an egg sandwich (pronounced “sammich”). Very tasty.

We will possibly return to Tripple’s for our Halloween pumpkin, unless we check out a pumpkin farm. I hear Cackleberry Castle is back in business. Goody!

Fall Fest on the Canal

Saturday afternoon we attended Fall Fest at Gems Along the Mohawk, 800 Mohawk St., Herkimer.

Gems Along the Mohawk is a fun store to visit in its own right. They gather the best of local businesses and tourist attractions. You walk around the store admiring the goods and/or saying, “Oh yeah, we have to go there!” The showpiece is a large glass display case in the center of the store full of jewelry made with Herkimer diamonds. I point out to Steven all the things he can buy me when he has lots of money. I’m sure he’s taking notes.

Saturday’s event featured various booths in the parking lot. We admired some farm animals from Salamone Farms. A little kid was petting a calf. We wanted to pet it, uh, I mean him or her, too, but by the time we got over there, he or she was laying in the shade and looked as if he did not want to be disturbed. I imagine he had been petted a lot.

There were some adorable kittens, a bunny and a couple of chickens as well. The lady told us they often went places where children had seen very few animals.

“I once had a kid ask, ‘Can I pet the sheep?'” she said. “I said, ‘You can pet him, but he’s a calf.'”

“It’s good to see animals,” I said. “It makes us more human.” She agreed.

At the other booths we sampled some mustard made with maple syrup. Yum! I foolishly did not write down the vendor. We purchased some garlic from Lifson’s Garlic Farm of Rome, NY (he gave us a card). I was glad to have the garlic, as we watched a vampire movie later.

We had missed our chance to go on a canal cruise. We were also too late for lunch at the Waterfront Grill, which is located in the same building. That’s OK, though, Denny’s is right across the street. And now we’ll just have to return to the Waterfront Grill for a future blog post.

Looking Forward to Fall in the Mohawk Valley

Autumn is my favorite season. Although we are still almost a month from the actual equinox, we’ve been getting a preview in the form of lower temperatures and higher pollen counts.

I have suffered from seasonal allergies since I was a little girl. Spring and fall I keep the tissue companies and antihistamine manufacturers in business. That being the case, you would think I would dread the first sight of a red leaf (or that first bud, but that’s a blog post for another season).

No so. That tickle in the back of my throat, although annoying in and of itself, translates to a tingling of excitement all over. I’m sure other people feel the same way. I’ve read commentators who say fall, however ironically, represents new beginnings. I agree (and I have no problem with irony).

Perhaps it is a holdover from school days. Naturally one was sad to see summer end. Sleeping in and doing pretty much what you felt like all day every day (with a few notable exceptions, but never mind that) is clearly superior to dragging ass out of bed at 6 am and having one’s movement controlled by bell and buzzer till 3 pm. And yet. And yet. Another school year was another chance. Maybe this year I could be cool and popular. Maybe this year I would get my papers written ahead of time and not after midnight the night before they were due. Maybe this year I could finally get it right. Whatever it was.

I don’t have anything as definite as the school year to mark time by, but the feeling of new beginning remains. Perhaps it’s the lower temperatures. I have a difficult time doing much in extreme or even moderate heat. Cooler temperatures mean more comfortable runs in the afternoon or long walks with my dog and husband.

The colors of fall are invigorating. It’s too early for many leaves to be changing, but once they start, this area is a feast for the eyes. I love when people decorate with scarecrows and hay bales. And then there’s the whole harvest thing. How about the taste of a fall apple? Yum!

I hope to find many fall things to blog about in the coming months. Stay tuned!