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HALO Hoedown

Sunday Steven and I went to the HALO Hoedown at Silverado, Marginal Road, Herkimer. HALO is the Helping Animals Live Organization, a no kill, no cage, not for profit cat shelter in Little Falls, NY. This was their third annual Hoedown. We had attended last year’s and enjoyed it. When I noticed it advertized again, I made a note.

We had a bad moment Sunday when Steven looked at the Community Calendar in the Telegram and saw the Hoedown listed for Saturday. I was sure it was Sunday. It was Sunday last year or I would not have been there (work schedule). For once, I managed to find something online (when it comes to computers, I am so twentieth century): HALO’s Facebook page (love that Facebook).

Misunderstanding cleared up, we headed over. The Hoedown had been going on for over an hour when we arrived. A large crowd seemed to be having a very good time. A lady at the door stamped our hands with a paw print after we’d paid our admission, in case we stepped out. That was a definite possibility for me, because it was warm in that place. I was foolishly wearing long sleeves. Oh well, who can predict how to dress this time of year?

We fought the crowd to get our tickets for the Chinese Auction. They offered a number of creatively put-together baskets. Two books, two coffee mugs, fancy tea and biscotti; two bottle of wine, cheese and candles; two DVDs with microwave popcorn. The cans you put the tickets in had labels telling the complete contents of the baskets. We passed on the gift cards but put in for a lovely picture of a rainbow. It’s always so fun to walk up and down deciding what you want to try for. I’m sad to report, we did not win anything. Then again, we had just purchased a number of really cool items at garage sales on Saturday. How much junk do we need (apparently more, because we keep buying it).

We found seats at the bar and settled down to enjoy the music. A number of talented musicians had volunteered their time for the event. We heard two groups, but I didn’t catch who they were. I drank a beer and took in the scene. It was quite a cross section of people, all ages, shapes and sizes. I saw a few cowboy hats, appropriate for the Silverado. Some people were two-stepping on the dance floor. I’d like to learn how to two step. Steven is not confident in his own abilities, but I’m fairly sure I can count to two.

We stayed long enough for some door prize drawings (again, we didn’t win), but left early enough to have some more of Sunday afternoon to enjoy. I later saw on Facebook (because of course I Liked HALO) that the fundraiser had been a resounding success. For more information about HALO check out their Facebook page or visit their website:

Pre-Adventure Activities

Saturday I wanted to get an early start on our Fly Creek adventure. I did not go so far as to set my alarm, though. I had done that for the DARE run the previous Saturday (it’s like a game: how many more posts can I mention the DARE run in?). I feel that was perfectly acceptable, but to set my alarm merely to get up and do random fun things on a day off struck me as too much. All this by way of saying, I did not get as early a start as I had wanted.

I went running first thing. Come to think of it, I did a blog post on that. Nothing further to report.

We needed some money for our adventures, so we went to First Source Federal Credit Union, which holds our Mad Money account. I love the Herkimer branch of First Source, because they are dog friendly. We walked down with our dog one time to make a deposit, and Steven stayed discreetly outside with Tabby while I went in.

“Oh, you can bring your dog in,” the teller told me. I immediately went and told Steve. Tabby is, even if I say it myself, an exceptionally adorable dog. The tellers all admired her, a couple even coming out to pet her. They also gave her a treat, of which they keep a supply to give dogs in cars utilizing the drive through. I think Tabby cares more for the attention than the treat, but she liked that too.

Ever since that day, we almost always walk to the bank with Tabby to transact our business, rather than using the drive through, phone lines, or on-line banking, the last of which I don’t properly understand anyways. We like to take Tabby for a walk before we leave her for a few hours anyways, so we put her on the leash and enjoyed the very pleasant morning weather. They almost forgot to give Tabby her treat at the bank, but Steven reminded them.

Consequently, the morning was farther advanced than I had anticipated when we started for Fly Creek. We did not mind. It was the beginning of another fun Saturday in the Mohawk Valley.

A note to my readers: If you read all my posts (and I don’t flatter myself that many people do), you may notice that the events in today’s post actually preceded the events in Sunday’s post. Well, I started out to write about the Cider Mill and got a little sidetracked. I thought it would be OK, and I hope to finally get to the Cider Mill tomorrow.

Can You Bear a Little More About DARE?

Friday I thought I’d better register for the DARE 5K since I had it in my head the price when up after the 12th. Of course I neglected to do anything about it Thursday the 11th.

I called Steven from work about 7 am and got the number of the Herkimer Police Department. I know they are very polite there. I called and said I wanted to register for the DARE Run. They immediately called someone to the phone. I neglected to ask if it was Officer Steven D. Elwood, the DARE officer. I asked if I could stop by the police station after work with the registration money.

“Will there be somebody there?” I asked. “Well, obviously there will be somebody there, it’s a police station. But will there be somebody there to take my DARE registration?” He assured me there would.

I got home around four and after I changed we put Tabby on the leash and in the car and rode over, first discussing exactly where the police department was. See, we don’t usually get in trouble with the cops. The worst Steven ever does is get a parking ticket for not putting money in the meter. He pays those by mail. Steven wondered if we should bring Tabby inside. I thought the police would be OK with a dog and might even try to recruit her for their K-9 unit. OK, I didn’t really think they’d try to recruit her, but don’t you think my jumpy dog would make a cute cop?

The sergeant at the desk (I didn’t get his name, but I knew by his stripes he was a sergeant) actually didn’t know anything about the DARE run, but found me the registration form and went to ask somebody what to do with the money. I filled out forms for myself and my nephew and paid the money. I noticed I actually had till August 15th before the price went up but was glad to get it taken care of.

Once, again, the DARE 5K is Saturday, Aug. 20, Jr. Fun Run at 8:30 am, 5K at 9:15. For more info, contact Officer Elwood at 315-866-4330, email or Herkimer Dare at See you there; I’m registered!

Going to the Dogs

Steven noticed that the Herkimer County Humane Society was selling Mutt Strut t-shirts for $5. We had regretfully missed the Mutt Strut for reasons I can’t offhand recall, but we thought purchasing a t-shirt would be a good way to support the organization. The shirts could be purchased online, but we thought it would be more fun to drive out, plus making for a better blog post.

Steven is Facebook friends with the Humane Society and so knew they need such things as pet food, kitty litter, etc. When he stopped at Hannaford, he picked up some Purina Kitten Chow (their preferred brand).

Once I was home and showered, we put Tabby on her leash and in the car and drove out Route 5S in Mohawk. As usual, I noticed a walking/biking/running path to one side I’d like to explore one day. I think that is where they sometimes take the dogs for walks from the Humane Society. It is right across the street.

We got out of the car to the usual cacophony of barking. Tabby was instantly delighted with the place, because there were many good places to sniff. When we walked into the office, a little foxy-looking dog in a cage started yapping at us. Tabby graciously went up and sniffed noses with him. He stopped barking when she did that but began again as soon as she stopped. She’s such a flirt.

We bought our shirt and noticed some other fun stuff for sale like buttons encouraging pet adoption. I picked up a card and a couple of fliers: a list of household hazards for pets, some advice on training your dog, and the Humane Society Wish List for Christmas. I said I would put the wish list on my blog.

Christmas isn’t any time soon, of course, but the society could use any of these things at any time: blankets/sheets/comforters, cat litter (unscented, non-scoopable only), new carpet remnants, towels, antibacterial dishwashing liquid, brooms, Clorox bleach, garbage bags, hand soap, laundry detergent, paper towels, sponges, canned dog food (no gravy), cat treats, dog treats, Iams canned dog food (special diet, special request), cat toys, dog toys, postage stamps, rubber gloves, thank you cards, volunteers/foster homes.

Well, that added to my word count. The Humane Society is open Monday through Friday 11 am to 5 pm (closed Tuesday), Saturday and Sunday 12 to 4 pm. Phone 315-866-3255, fax 315-866-8086. Their website is or Email You can also like them on Facebook.