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Short and Thunky

I had two wonderful long runs this past weekend.  Did I write a Running Commentary post about either one? NO!!!  I had a short, thunky run this afternoon.  Get ready for a short, thunky running commentary post.

The easiest thing to do after working all day is to talk yourself put of running.  However, I did not indulge in such craven behavior today but went straight upstairs to put on running clothes as soon as I got home.  I was going to run my usual weekday run: left on German Street to Caroline, then down Caroline, up Margaret, and down Henry for as long as I can stand it before going up Bellinger to home.  I confess that sometimes I do not get very far down Henry at all.

I really did want to run today,  because Saturday’s and Sunday’s runs had felt SO good.  I thought I had my running mojo back and everything was going to be great.  In fact,  I was not particularly surprised to find out I was wrong about that. What do I think I am, a gazelle?  Of course not. I am an overweight middle-aged lady with creaky bones and a bad attitude.

However, one thing I can do is persevere.  At least for a while.  Right away my run felt thunky.  I felt chunky.  And not very spunky.  Sorry, folks, I just felt like throwing in a couple of rhymes just then.

As I reached Caroline,  I realized I did not want to do the run I had set out to do. Traffic was with me, so I crossed Caroline.  I would run to the end of Caroline, which loops around. I would follow the loop.  Full disclosure:  I did not know how long I would be able to persevere.  I had not set out with a definite goal of how long to run. Naturally I hoped that I would hit the I Can Rock This stage and enjoy a medium or even a long run.  I do not ask myself for miracles.

And I did not get miracles.  I did not even get to rock this.  However, by virtue of making a couple of strategic turns, I managed to run for 22 minutes.  I call that not bad for a Tired Tuesday.  And I am over 350 words.  I call that not bad for a Tired Tuesday post.


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  1. Congratulations! On both the run and the great post.


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