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I’m Still Calling it Wrist to Forehead Sunday

Who gets the hiccups peeling carrots?  Not eating them, mind you, PEELING them.  This is another  “What the Hell, me?” moment.

I thought that was a better lead than what played in my head while I was peeling said carrots,  something along the lines of, “It is becoming increasingly clear that I need a new approach.   To blogging, to writing,  to life.”

I’m sitting here making my Sunday post early Monday morning,  on my Tablet,  because, although I greatly prefer typing with all ten fingers, I cannot bear the unreliability of my laptop (good job, predictive text thingy;  it’s fun not to have to type in the whole word sometimes).

Where was I?  Ah yes, a new approach. What could it be?  Sometimes when I want to feel like a whole different person,  I wear lipstick.  That sort of random change can be helpful.  Like any cure (for example working on a hated chore “for just ten minutes” or taking ibuprofen for a headache), it doesn’t always work.

I don’t think I’ll try that one today.  Too obtrusive, especially if I pick bright red,  which is really the best color for the purpose. Somebody at work is likely to say,  “Ooh, you’re wearing lipstick, ”  or, which would be really awkward,  “How come you’re wearing lipstick? ”  My co-workers have come to expect weirdness from me, but there is no point in hitting them over the head with it.

Well, I will have to work this out for myself.  If I get it figured out,  I will no doubt make a blog post about it (once again,  thank you,  predictive text thingy).  By the way,  the hiccups did not last long, and I got the carrots peeled.


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