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Look, Everybody: Thursday’s Post ON Thursday!

So what is it with me?  Last night I stared at a blank WordPress Add New Post screen and my whole body said, “No.”  This morning it said nothing: all was blank.  I managed to type something  so, yay, me, I guess (perhaps you read it, if so, thank you and sorry).  Right now I am sitting at a break table in my place of employment and the blank page of my notebook stared at me accusingly, still I started writing in it (this nonsense which I now type into the blank WordPress Add New Post screen; I feel quite self-referential).

My script for Morning’s at Seven (you may remember, the play I’m in at Ilion Little Theatre) is mocking me:  “You’ll never learn these lines!”  Well, I can ignore the script, at least.  My brain has never failed me in that way. Knock wood.  At least, I can’t ignore the script if I am going to learn my lines, but I can ignore the mocking.

I thought I might write about how I got myself into this mess, but the more I think about it, the more I think that it really does not put me in a good light.  Apparently it is possible to reach middle age (if in fact I live to be 110) and still not know how to manage one’s time.  Can an old drama queen learn new tricks?  I hope so.

In the meantime, I have got to stop making these blog posts in which I meander on about how I can’t make a blog post, I have to much to do, etc. etc.  I don’t now how soon I can get to that.  After all, tomorrow is Lame Post Friday, and thank God for that!  However, I am typing in Thursday’s post ON Thursday (at least according to my watch if not my WordPress timestamp), so perhaps I am showing signs of improvement.  As always, thank you for playing.


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  1. I have meandering days too. Its okay to just accept them. It just makes you crazy to try and always fix them.


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